New release: Constructor

Bet you weren't expecting this. Part tycoon game, part social satire, please give a warm welcome to SimCity's evil twin and the newest addition to our catalog - Constructor.
At its core, Constructor appears to be just another tycoon game in which you build another city. What makes it special is the humorous exterior - not-so-politically-correct, but at the same time managing to be inoffensive. You see, you're not just placing pretty buildings here and there in a sterile, virtual environment. You become a cruel, shady landlord who isn't afraid of throwing people out into the street, greasing the palms of the local police, or sending thugs to destroy his opponents' assets. At the same time it's in your best interest to cater to the needs of your tenants and make your competitors' tenants' lives as unbearable as possible. How can it possibly get any better than this?