New release: Betrayal at Krondor

Not long after giving you a chance to play its sequel, we're happy to present to you Betrayal at Krondor - one of the greatest and most memorable RPG titles ever made.
Betrayal at Krondor is a role-playing game created by Dynamix in 1993 and the prequel to Return to Krondor. Based upon Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar saga, and later novelized by the author, it is universally accepted as part of the world's canon. The plot is set ten years after the third and final book of the Saga. You take the role of Siegneur Locklear, a skilled swordsman who has just saved Gorath, hero of the Riftwar, from an assassin. You agree to take him to Krondor, as he brings tidings of his leader's impending, treacherous invasion of that land. It's also worth noting that the game used footage of live actors to represent the various characters, also during combat.