GOG's Third Annual Screenshot Scavenger Hunt

It’s a holiday tradition! We’ve decorated a Christmas Tree in the GOG.com office. Random people are running around in holiday hats and singing along the winners of the Holiday Songs Contest.
We think that our website deserves some holiday touch of its own and we will deliver that! During our 50% off Xmas Sale we already had four big publishers join forces with us. EA helped us with the the EA Crossword Puzzle, Interplay in the Interplay Caption Contest, thanks to Activision for the Activision Holiday Song Contest and last but not least Ubisoft motivated you guys to write some Ubisoft themed New Year’s Eve Resolutions.
So it’s finally time for the Third Annual GOG.com Screenshot Scavenger Hunt to start! Here are the rules: From now until Friday the 30th of December 2011 we’re going to have some Holiday themed screenshots up on our website for you to find. ;) They will be hidden in our game cards, surrounded by all of the regular screenshots. The trick is (as you can see below) that some of them will be “spiced up” with some holiday themed devices:
Click on selected thumbnail to enlarge
When you find a holiday themed screenshot (there are 20 of them in total), be sure to write down the name of the game. When you’ve got them all, list them all in an email to "contest@gog.com" with the subject line being "GOG.com 2011 Scavenger Screenshot Hunt". From every valid application we will pick 10 winners who got all the games right and gift them two games from the entire catalogue (excluding The Witcher 2). The contest ends on Friday December 30th 2011 11:59 GMT