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I have got Marathon Resurrection for my copy of UT but I can't get it to show up in the "mod" option on the main menu. What do I do?
Here's a cool item, a mod full of food-based weapons. It came out last year, dunno how multiplayer is yet though.
Do someone knows where to find Chaos UT ?!!
It was sooo cool :)

DOM-BauhausRocks64 Standalone Package

a modded Domination map scenario for UNREAL TOURNAMENT
with custom weapons - player skins and more - all designed
after the MUTANT CHRONICLES DOOMTROOPER roleplay universe!

New on ModDataBase!!!


The Bauhaus commander lowers his field glass
and immediately shouts the orders in the microfon.
The surrounding army slowly advances to the Dark Legion
positions using huge artillery craters as cover.
Bauhaus jet crafts shoot through the clouds
only without goaling any effect since the
Dark Legion anti-air cannons remain firing.
The troopers bravely squat in the trenches but the
rock tunnels keep spewing out their filthy inhabitants.
Leaders command to keep down and hold the positions!
The hour of heroes has come as they climb up
to the top covered by their comrades ... .
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TMO-Minos: Do someone knows where to find Chaos UT ?!!
It was sooo cool :)

At the Chaos site obviously
Dr.Flay: At the Chaos site obviously
Thx!! :)
DM-BauhausFlashPoint Standalone Package

a modded Team-Deathmatch map scenario for UNREAL TOURNAMENT
with custom weapons - player skins and more - all designed
after the MUTANT CHRONICLES DOOMTROOPER roleplay universe!

New on ModDataBase!


The Rangers in the small fort outpost somewhere on Venus get in some smalltalk:
"Its so freakin warm on this planet and now this continuous warhead explosions!"
"Wait - not long and the undead horde returns giving us some good shootings."
"Oh yes - youre so freakin right - i am indeed already spotting them - Aleert!!!"
"Keep cool soldiers - dont shoot before you see the red in their eyes!"
The commander in order quickly inspects the fort to see all spots
manned before calling his best troopers to follow him outside.
"This is quite a onrush again today so lets get our job done!"
katakis: So let's have a list topic.

<span class="bold">ChaosUT</span> - black holes appearing everywhere, huge sword melee, turret placement, new weapon modes. Chaos.
[url=]Nuclear Flak Rabbits[/url] - It makes the alt fire of the flak cannon fire a very explosive rabbit. Enough said really
<span class="bold">Unreal4Ever</span> - alternate link here
<span class="bold">Dark Magic</span> - a mod that replaces weapons with a large number of spells.
<span class="bold">NextGen weapons</span> - incidenary bullets, walls of fire, akimbo rapidfire Shock Rifles and more!
<span class="bold">Weapon Mage UT</span> - over-the-top weapons for UT
<span class="bold">Portal Gun</span> - a... portal gun.

<span class="bold">UT Bonus Pack #1</span> - all bonus packs are a MUST have. New maps, new skins, new mutators.
<span class="bold">Bonus Pack #3</span>
<span class="bold">Bonus Pack #2</span>
(NOTE: Bonus packs 1-3 are already included in GoG's UT GOTY)
<span class="bold">Bonus Pack #4</span>

<span class="bold">Oldskool Amp'd</span> - a nice mod that allows you to play Unreal and RtNP through Unreal Torunament's superior engine. Also required for Operation Na Pali. (note: you need to have Unreal and copy its maps, and music manually)

<span class="bold">Operation NaPali</span> - a large single player mission pack for UT with voice acting, squad control and flying sections.
<span class="bold">Nali Chronicles</span> - a single player campaign in which you play as a Nali mage.
<span class="bold">Excessive Unreal</span> - huge amounts of ammo, huge ammounts of health, huge amounts of powered up enemies, GIGANTIC firepower.
<span class="bold">Excessive Unreal 2</span> - what if EXU was even more insane, off the hook, chaotic and supid? Check it out.
<span class="bold">Xidia and 7 Bullets</span> - two awesome single player mods
<span class="bold">Marathon Resurrection</span>, a total conversion of the Marathon universe into the Unreal engine.
<span class="bold">Silent Assassins</span>, another fun experience.
<span class="bold">Thievery</span> - A Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age multi and single player mod.
<span class="bold">Monster Hunt</span>, a team based mod
<span class="bold">Infiltration</span>, a realistic combat mod
<span class="bold">Killing Grounds</span>, a zombie mod
<span class="bold">Forward Edge Battle Area</span>, a futuristic partial conversion mod

<span class="bold">UTGLR</span>, an enhanced OpenGL driver. There's also a new DX 9 driver available
<span class="bold">DX10 driver</span>
I guess it probably doesn't matter a whole lot, but most of these links are now dead.

Proudly presenting:
Version 2 of my bonecrushing skin-mod-map BAUHAUS-ROCKS!
Now with even more stuffs like German botchat and Announcers
plus berzerk super weapons mutators and what not else .. .

New on ModDataBase!
roxbanner.jpg (498 Kb)
TMO-Minos: Do someone knows where to find Chaos UT ?!!
It was sooo cool :)

You can find ChaosUT (sick mod btw, classic) at
TMO-Minos: Do someone knows where to find Chaos UT ?!!
It was sooo cool :)

The mod is still available if you google for ut99 chaos UT.
Hello fellow persons.

I am seeking all the UT 99 2k4 files I can get my grubby mits on.
I want to put skins and models up ala skin city.
I want to make sure the maps for these don't go the way of the dodo.

I am also hoping to finish and polish my own 99 and 2k4 files.

Also, there was UT 2003, or the tourny patch for unreal 2. Anyone know how that works?
How come nobody here mentioned Nali Weapons 3 ?
it have full pack up good weapons and more than ten super weapons
it also have next gen effects, item and weapon looks and this mod is fully customizable in menus
link goes here
you people should atleast watch its trailers there before deciding

here is prewievs of features
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Links in the first page are broken. Any chance of getting them updated?
Some links I found:;-Conversions