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katakis: <span class="bold">Oldskool Amp'd</span> - a nice mod that allows you to play Unreal and RtNP through Unreal Torunament's superior engine. Also required for Operation Na Pali. (note: you need to have Unreal and copy its maps, and music manually)
<span class="bold">Operation NaPali</span> - a large single player mission pack for UT with voice acting, squad control and flying sections.
DukeNico: Highly recommended!
Will you add the other solo mods?

Project Zephon and Legacy are good as well...
get the here: w
NamelessFragger: Where's the Strangelove mod?
To the uninitiated: The Strangelove is basically a Redeemer with a slightly-altered alternate fire. Instead of remotely controlling your mini-nuke, you're RIDING it. It's also chock-full of sound clips from "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb", as the name would imply.
Once riding your rocket, you have a startling amount of control-you can adjust the throttle, hit your afterburner, change the warhead's arm state (auto = disarmed while riding, armed after bailing, armed = will explode Redeemer-style when damaged, disarmed = can take a few hits, but when destroyed, will not explode), and even take a friend along for the ride as a gunner! However, it should be noted that you only have so much fuel available, which especially gets eaten up fast with the afterburner. You may be carrying some fuel cores that will automatically be used when the rocket runs out of fuel, though, so it's not too much of a concern if you stock up on them beforehand.
CTF matches were made much more interesting with this weapon since you can swipe the flag while riding, and there were even Assault maps specially designed for it that basically consisted of obstacle courses that you'd have to try and navigate as fast as possible without splatting yourself on something. (I wonder where to get some of those Assault maps, since I can't seem to find them anymore.)

Another good one is Nemesis XF. Same as strangelove, but has an AWESOMER sec. fire: Fires a spaceship thingie, with machine guns, etc.
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Hi all !
Did any of you managed to get this mod working on our GOG version of UT ?
UT Onslaught
It should be a port of UT2004's Onslaught game mode (the one with the nodes and vehicles) on UT99. I downloaded the mod, extracted it as instructed, but the game mode does not appear in the game menu.
Concerning umod files, I found all the solutions pointing to "beyondunreal" links didn't work, and opening the umod file with UnrealTournament.exe and Setup.exe just gave "what the flock are you doing" errors as though I was trying to start a fire with a fork.
If anyone else is having problems opening umod files, you might try the Umod Extractor tucked in away in the third column of []this page[/url]; it solved my problem after an hour of trawling through dead links and abandoned sites.
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...while i've never bought an Unreal title from, i have Unreal, Unreal RtNP (expansion), and UT GOTYe original boxes.
On UT GOTYE: boxed, it DOES NOT COME with Bonuspack 4, wich you have to find and download anyway you se it. Also don't forget to hunt down some bonus pack 4 fix for the Nali, Xan and Warboss fixes about voices and skins IIRC. UT GOTYE boxed DOES COME with RocketArenaUT and CHAOS UT mods altougth they are NOT the last versions,meaning you'd still want to go on their sites and either hunt the last patch/or download the full install instead althogether.
On the UMOD issue, some might experience diferently, but i have always had issues with the UMODs working as soon as i had more than one Unreal product installed on same PC, wich means, if i had UT and then installed Unreal (or vice versa), the UMOD thingy would get confused and would not recognize it anymore as to open it properly. There are some workarounds to such situation but i've never really bore myself with it much. Just saying that some of you that might have got Unreal GOLD from as well as UT, might be experiencing this too.
On mods in generall, i'd recommend SinglePlayer goddness @ Very good small site where the SP scene for UT is being 'commandeered'. Home of some very talented people wich gave birth to such community SP packs as Operation Napali, Deja Vu, Project Zephon, Xidia, 7 Bullets, and upcoming such as THe Chosen, Firestorm, Residual Decay, and so. Go visit :)
Portal Gun
This thing is so fun...
Direct3D 10 renderer for Unreal Engine games. Allows for autoscaling FOV and automatically enables detailed textures, 32-bit color, etc.
I don't see a link to this:
"So you're sick of the old two-forts maps? Well how about four forts? That might spice things up a little! Having four teams can change the CTF gameplay a lot - when you're carrying a flag, there are three teams of enemies trying to stop you!"
Out of Hell TC Mod
download :
A mod inspired by the Thief-series. A team of thieves vs a team of guards. You can also play solo against bots.
mods are the things that keep mee playing ut iam already playin it 5 years XD
A small heads up, I've finally updated the list, including new mods and hopefully fixing lost links. I haven't added UT2004 mods though, at least not yet.
I feel the need to corrupt your souls with a link to Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane, which surpasses Excessive Unreal in both utter chaos and sheer firepower.
On a less mind-raping note, don't miss out on Forward Edge Battle Area. I've spent many of my UT hours playing this over the past decade or so.
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Strange that Tactical Ops is not in your list. It was so successful that there even was a commercial version. Played it endlessly with friends.

Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror (This is the commercial version, but you can also download a free version with less maps)
Tactical Ops 2.2 (last version before it became commercial, probably the most successful version)
Just wanted to make sure. I got this version of UT (GoG) as a gift. Is the installation of mods the same as the standard UT from back in the day?

So far I've tried to install some old mods I had from back in the day and they don't seem to work right.

Edit - NVM - Found another thread with the solution :)
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Hello! Do someone have the Minions of Destruction mod??? I just can't find it on google, since every single link goes to planetunreal and a 404 page with nothing... =/

Anyway, the mod list is very good, but the links are widely broken... =/ just search for them in ModDB and you should be happy!