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I downloaded these two mods the enslaved mod and the monster hunt mod I placed each file in the correct folder and for the life of me I can't find the mods when I boot up the game may be a dumb question but do I have to type a command in the console?
This site is a collection of maps that should have very little crud.

I suggest the Community Tribute packs, the FoT (Frags of Time etc, all start with a different F word) packs, the Unreal Tournament Classic packs (DM maps from Unreal slightly tweaked to work better with UT; better weapon placement, bot pathing, things like that), UT99 Community Map Pack 2, and the UT99 Chaos Mapping Contest. A couple on this list have Jailbreak and Monster Hunt maps in the pack, so keep that in mind.
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Max number of DeathMatch maps in game maps folder?
UT2004 installed with 44 DM maps in the maps folder. I have added 19 custom DM maps so now there are 63 DM maps
in the maps folder which are all playable. So far so good but now when I add more DM maps in the folder they do not show up in the game.
So is there a limit on the number of maps that can exist in the game folder and do I have to delete some?
Thanks, David
darkredshift: I have got Marathon Resurrection for my copy of UT but I can't get it to show up in the "mod" option on the main menu. What do I do?
Install using the UMOD installer for it in stead:
hi !!


here a map i made, in alpha2... :


it's a orbital base... it's unfinished but cool to play vs bots : 16-32 recommended, bots AI keep some defensive spots, order DEFEND ALL to test...

demo video here :

it's a 2004~ map i remade for UT3.

Hope you like it... (i'll finish it later, busy with job atm)


edit : i also found this one >>>


dunno if it still works, try...


Both maps inspired by 2003 MMOFPS "PlanetSide 1" :D
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