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I must admit my favourite mods for UT were
OldSkool Amp'd Allowed you to play the original Unreal and other maps as single player games.

Freezetag great team based mutator, rather than dieing you're frozen solid, teammates standing beside you could thaw you up quicker

SlaveMaster Nifty modded free-4-all deathmatch. But when you died you went incorporeal as the one who killed you's slave. Picking up items (which your master got) or tagging an opponent (causing them to be visible to the master even through walls) granted you favor. With enough favor you would buy your freedom and respawn. So the aim if you died were to be useful enough to become free before your master enslaved everyone else, but not useful enough to make your master unstoppable.

(Note: these were the ones I really played a lot earlier, the links were searched and pasted, haven't tested the mods lately)
All the links I've come up with for OldSkool Amp'd are dead (except a lite version, and as I don't know what it lacks, I'd prefer a full one.) Is there anywhere to still get this? And is there anything similar for the UT2004 engine?
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Here you go the full version

Have no idea about anything for ut2004 though.
cpc464: Here you go the full version

Have no idea about anything for ut2004 though.
Just saw this and thanks. Do you happen to know if there is a change log or how the full 230 version differs from the lite 239?
Nevermind, looks like that file includes 239, just doesn't say so in the filename.

Not very good instructions:

"Step 4: If you have unreal installed and the music set up (info in main text file), extract the file into the unrealtournament\system directory" Main text file??? What the heck is that??? Music set up??? How?

I think it just means setting the options from UT's menus, still, badly worded and not clear.
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*How annoying for me and you, I can't post links, so they are included in picture form*
*Damn no, it won't even show the picture*

Loads of those links are dead or obsolete in the first post. Chaos for example has its own site.
Some of the old stuff from dead sites can still be found in the Web Archive.

OldSkool Amp'd is a good example.
Here is the original site.
All the files are still in Game/Filefront even though you can't browse them. searching Google etc for the file-names finds them.
If you have the patience you can use Atomic gamer (at least you can browse the mirror for file-names)

Use the page here *LINK HERE* to update your links
There is also a page dedicated to finding dead pages (request are taken).

BTW. The replacement video renderers are not "Patches" they are updates and should be listed as such.
New beta versions of video and audio renderers are currently being tested.
The previous stable updates are available from the UT99 page linked above.
The betas are available from *LINK HERE*

UT2004 players should visit *LINK HERE* for a run-down of updates and mods.
The entire Beyond Unreal list of essential updates and addons has also been found (their DLs are broken) and expanded on with a few extras I thought useful.

Also I notice Nali Weapons 3 is not in the list of mods here (Wow are you guys living under a rock!)

Check this page for the worlds largest Unreal news aggregator *LINK HERE*

*Most of the links point to stuff on the site "Your Unreal" just go there and browse*
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Question about Nali Chronicles: does anyone know how I can see what level of spells OTHER spellbooks besides mud magic have? It seems to be stuck at that and I can't figure out how to change it.
Hey there, all of you interested folk! I just wanted to point out that, while some of the single player campaign links on this page are dead, you can find updated mirrors on [url=][/url]. We have a smaller community (possibly due to people just not knowing where best to go to talk and learn more about Unreal/UT and the content that's being developed for both games), but if anybody wants to find these, go to UnrealSP's forums, introduce yourselves, and find the links. also has several reviews of all of the SP packs, and if anybody is interested in helping out on the few large single player projects that are CURRENTLY in development or learn about the tools to make your own content, you're more than guaranteed to get help on just about everything!
I somehow found that site the other day. Awesome stuff. I'm actually kind of surprised at how fewish packs there are in general.

Any that you would personally recommend? The only one that I've managed to play so far was Nali Chronicles, which I thought was great.
ShadowWulfe: I somehow found that site the other day. Awesome stuff. I'm actually kind of surprised at how fewish packs there are in general.

Any that you would personally recommend? The only one that I've managed to play so far was Nali Chronicles, which I thought was great.
and [url=] are both good sites to check up on in regards to Unreal and Unreal Tournament if you're looking into single player for either of the two games, namely the former since that is their focus over there. They've been around for a long time but since most people who are new to the older games end up joining forums related to retailers (like GOG and Steam), the specialized sites go unnoticed. It's good to see some people showing interest, and it's a treat when people find some of the older community forums and stimulate the discussion and interact with the modding community.

As far as the packs available for Unreal/UT, I would strongly recommend the existing releases in the Jones Saga, Xidia Gold and Seven Bullets, which both offer well-crafted locations and robust stories, as well as fun gameplay (although Xidia is quite difficult compared to the well-balanced Seven Bullets). Download Xidia Gold and Seven Bullets [url=]here.

I would also recommend Operation Na Pali due to its beautiful level design, and for its imaginative expansion of the world of Na Pali (32 levels sweet jesus). Just be warned: the voice acting is awful. If you're willing to accept that, and maybe even laugh at how ridiculous it is, then you'll find the whole experience to be a fun, arcade-style playthrough. Download here.

Deja Vu is definitely worth a playthrough if you want to play something that feels like the original Unreal. In contrast to the packs listed above, this pack uses very few visual/stylistic and gameplay changes from Unreal, but is otherwise well built and enjoyable. Download here.

If you're want my personal favorites, I would rank Seven Bullets as my top choice, followed by Xidia, Deja Vu, ending on Operation Na Pali.

As far as other smaller map packs, there are a couple: Attacked!, The Tower of Shrakith'a. For single-maps: The Last Fortress (hard but amazing), Na Pali Haven: Redux (actually part of the Jones Saga, taking place just before Seven Bullets), Ortican (made by Hourences of The Ball fame), and Vacillations of a Victorian Vagrant. Review links can be found on this page, and download links can be found here.
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Awesome! Thanks for the recs. I had found the mod recs at the top of this thread to be a little on the light side.

Looks like I'll have my plate full.
It's nice to see that people still do modding. I'm always afraid places like ModDB will go belly up and all of the download links to all that add-on goodness will be lost forever.
Unreal Badlands is a Western-themed mod which I remember having a ton of fun with years ago.
For those looking for alternative sites/databases to download the mods, I found out that modDB has a good selection for UT: (can't post links apparently, but just google ModDB and search for the game)
Can we get an updated list of links? A lot of them appear to be broken except for the Moddb ones.
Here is a working link for most of the stuff on the first page.
Now if only I can get umod for Bonus Pack 4 installed on Linux's Wine version of UT99 GOTY!