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Added all links from this topic :)
Thievery: A Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age multi and single player mod.
Oh, and with the Strangelove mod is there a custom taunt where you yell "yeehaw" and wave your cowboy hat in the air? If there isn't I will be sorely disappointed.
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Xoanon: Thievery: A Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age multi and single player mod.

Sweet! Added.
Also, I couldn't find the original NextGen .umod so I've packed NextGen.u and and uploaded it to my 4shared account. It's worth checking out IMO: not often you can set entire level on fire with your plasma rifle :)
An enhanced OpenGL renderer for Unreal Tournament : [url=][/url]
sorry, wrong thread. please delete.
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Monster Hunt
My favorite mod! I was always more team oriented.
Shadowcat: Alien Swarm
Free top-down co-op awesomeness from the team at Black Cat Games.

That's an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. These are for the original UT.
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Anyone know which Bonus Packs come with the version of the game we get here?
katakis: <span class="bold">ChaosUT</span> - black holes appearing everywhere, huge sword melee, turret placement, new weapon modes. Chaos.

Note, that Chaos includes a King of the Hill mode (team or every man for himself).
The original post in this sticky should be updated with this information, imo. Just remove the links to bonus packs 1-3 and put a line saying something like "Bonus packs 1, 2, and 3 are already included in GOG's UT GotY. Bonus pack 4, ChaosUT, Rocket Arena, and other mods are not."
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I wasted so much time on this mod when I first got UT. It's huge and very professional.
Here's the download page;name=Diner_Wrapper&amp;file=index&amp;req=ShowFile&amp;file_wrap=html/29.html
Heaven of Relics
For those who liked the relics in UT 99
How do you install the .umod files for the bonus packs? They don't appear to be executables; when I double click, it asks what program do I want to open it with.
*EDIT* Ok, well I found a UMOD extractor so I got that taken care of...
Anyway, here's a mod I just found and downloaded. Haven't played it yet, but it looks to be good.
Killing Grounds 2, zombie mod for UT99
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I like Junk War mod for UT 2k4, it adds mainly melee weapons like scythe, lead pipe, hammer, screwdriver and such.
Rockets UT: Replaces all weapons with rockets from the Descent series of games.Get it here.
Crotch Shot UT: Adds location specific damage bonus to shots to the groin, as well as new announcer voice clips and funny death messages.
Get it here.
Weapon Mage UT: Adds some very over the top weaponry. Expect high kill counts.
Get it here.
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