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Looks like we'll need this after all.

GENERAL INFO (EE Source Port):

- SSEESP (System Shock Enhanced Edition Source Port) is a source port of the original game, it's based on the Mac source code that has been acquired and updated by NDS, and is intended to replace the original EE that used a custom wrapper to get the game running on modern computers. It features:

- native modern OS and hardware support
- modern resolution support (up to 4K)
- full mouselook support
- rebindable keys
- hardware rendering (OpenGL and D3D)
- adjustable FOV
- integrated mod/fan mission loader, and more


- if the game refuses to start (a message about missing dlls or DX11), check whether you have the following updates installed:
* Win7 platform update, if you have Windows7.
* Windows SDK and KB4019990, if you have Windows8.
* Net Framework 4.7 (may need KB2813430 to permit install)
* VC++2015
- the game may not start at all if the path to the exe, or to the mods and cfgs contains special characters, see a fix here.
- if you want to use old saves, they need to be moved to %APPDATA%\Nightdive Studios\System Shock EE\missions\archive (this is not recommended though).
- a clean install of the latest build is generally a good idea.
- if you don't like the Mac portraits, enable the DOS faces mod in the Modifications menu.


- to install mods, you need to place their folders under %APPDATA%\Nightdive Studios\System Shock EE\mods (each mod has to have its own folder with the data and script files inside the \mods folder), and activate them in the Modifications menu.
- all custom SS1 content can be found here.
- the Enhanced text mod is highly recommended, this matches the mail/log text to the voiceovers.

- you can take out an item from a container or a corpse by simply doubleclicking on it.
- fullscreen map can be enabled by clicking on the automap tab (lower right or left side of the screen), then clicking FULL. locations on the map can be marked and notes added.
- there is no falling damage. no need to be scared of heights.
- you can destroy stuff with explosives and beam weapons. don't worry, quest items are indestructible.
- the HUD assistant will get disabled once you leave the starting area. go options and enable on-line help to get HUD hints again.


SS1EE SHLink (the old windows wrapper version):

IMPORTANT: the official "I'm crashing, help" topic is here (read the post and provide the required info/files).

things to try if crashing (any/all):
- apply the RC patch exe.
- set VideoMode=3 in sshock.ini (edit with notepad)
- set WindowWidth=640 and WindowHeight=480 in sshock.ini (edit with notepad)
- set FullScreen=No in sshock.ini (edit with notepad)
- set SoftRenderer=On in sshock.ini (edit with notepad)

you can also try to:
- set the exe to winXP or win7 compatiblity
- disable your antivirus
- turn off Raptr or similar applications (anticheat, AMD gaming evolved,, special mouse and keyboard utilities etc, basically anything unimportant that is running in the background and might be interfering)
- do not use MT32 emulator
- reinstall DirectX9 ( and Visual C++ 2013 SP1 Redistributable (

GENERAL INFO (original EE):
- the Enhanced Edition is based on the CD (music and voiceovers) release of SS1, and uses an improved version of Malba Tahan's SHLINK mod/loader (runs natively under windows, allows higher resolutions, mouselook and more), this means it runs faster and plays smoother than anything that has been available up to this point.

- mouselook mode can be enabled/disabled by hitting the E key. think of this as being able to switch between action mode and inventory mode, much like in SS2. mouselook will auto-disable when interacting with items, if you don't like this, it can be turned off in sshock.ini (UseModePicking).

- controls can be changed by editing controls.cfg file (notepad).

- custom resolution (and other advanced options) can be changed by editing sshock.ini (notepad). do be careful, anything above 1024*768 may be buggy or not run at all (back the file up before editing so you would be able to restore it in case things go bad). also, the cpu requirements skyrocket with higher resolutions.

- if you have special characters in your windows account name, and the game is not starting, see a fix here.
- Audio and Video tweak guide (video)
- the final bossfight is too fast (Shodan face covering the screen and ending the player way too soon).
- the game may not start at all under win10, possibly an issue with a live account.
- running on linux.
- using bassmidi to improve the music (might help with music related issues).
- using virtual midi to improve the music (might help with music related issues).
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mouselook = E ... thank you BIG time :)

quick other question

is there a way to show what bersek packs etc do ingame or do i need the manual for this ?
how do i open the map ? :D

i have played system shock 2 but never played the first one

is there a way to mark and write on your map ? ... i pressed M and the whole keyboard but it doesnt seem that there is a panel for that :/
enable the small map by clicking on the automap tab (lower right or left side of the screen), then click FULL. you can mark locations on the map and add notes to them.
okay awesome :) .. thank you :)

now i can mark all healing stations etc :)

since you know this game ... are there any other crucial ingame funktions a first time player should be aware off ? :)

thanks for this kickstart faq thread btw ... iam playing a little while now and iam pumped :D ... looks like a real immersive and rewarding experience ... i cant stop playing :D (the midi music rocks socks!)

but yeah i really love system shock 2 so i should party hard at this experience too right :D
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adding stuff to the first post as it comes to my mind.

also, if a mod is reading this, please sticky, at least for the moment.
sorry for bothering you :/

i just found out that i can vaporise stuff ... there is nothing new showing up in my inventory

is this option just to delete items ?
Does this release include the additional audio / cut scenes from the CD release? If not can i add those from my own original CD?
yes you can vaporize stuff. it's fun, isn't it?

EE is based on the cd version, so yes, all the audio is included (and enabled by default).
voodoo47: yes you can vaporize stuff. it's fun, isn't it?

EE is based on the cd version, so yes, all the audio is included (and enabled by default).
Thanks! can't wait, have been trying to get this running for years. This edition works on my win10 install - awesome!
First of all, thanks for the FAQ, much appreciated!

Can I somehow make the EE version user a different sound font than the default one (or even Munt)? Setting that up with the DOS version is pretty easy but I have no Idea where to start here.
try this.
I'm very pleased with SS:EE so far!

That said, there's a few things in regards to controls that puzzle me.

First, how would I go about rebinding the fullscreen toggle button?
And according to the EE controls spreadsheet, the number buttons 1 through 9 as well as 0 are bound both to the weapons and to the "hardware" you pick up in the game (things like view control aka. fullscreen, the navigation unit, the data reader, etc.). Only the latter seems to be true - that is, you can't use the number buttons to select weapons, only to swap between hardware.
I'd vastly prefer the latter. How do I go about configuring it like that in the controls.cfg file? The only hardware button I care to have mapped is the fullscreen toggle.

Just out of curiosity, is the Enhanced version so much smaller than the Classic version because of sound and video compression or something?
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Are there plans for versions on Mac and Linux? And is there a Steam release planned?