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xMrSunshine: Had a problem where after starting a new game and after finishing the first level I'd get to the level end screen and when prompted to click to go to next level it would start at the beginning of the first level over and over instead of moving to the second level. Reinstall fixed it.

Also the stuttering while moving the mouse while you're running is really bad. The stuttering is making me feel ill after about 15 minutes forcing me to stop playing. I suppose that's an improvement because pre-patch headbop and stutter would make me feel sick in about 5 minutes... still less than ideal.

I am really sorry that you are experiencing such issues. I am trying my best and future patches and fixes are going to include more improvements in this area.

Best Regards
The stuttering is most probably tied to framerate and refresh rate since the stuttering changes if I go between 60 Hz and 120 Hz. On 60 Hz the frequency of stutters is smaller but the stutter is larger whereas on 120 Hz the stutter frequncy is higher but the stutters are smaller. Too bad I can't figure out how to limit the framerate since for whatever reason Nvidia control panel or profile inspector both do nothing and the framerate is still above 170.

I found that disabling the crosshair helps a little with feeling ill if anyone else has that issue. Good thing that was fixed in the latest patch. It helps a little and I prefer to play without a crosshair anyway so it works out. It's not a fix to the stutter though.
I like that the Tank is now faster but still when you shoot at him he will not fire back. Seems like he gets stunlocked through being shot. Imo that should be completely removed so he can use his big cannon once in a while.
I think you might have overcorrected a little on amping up the brightness, haha, but overall I'm happy with this patch! It's definitely a major step in the right direction toward polishing the game's more bumpy edges. :)
Excluse Fullscreen seems to have improved my performance, but you have to put "-window-mode exclusive" in the launch parameters.

Devs can you please add an in-game toggle for exclusive fullscreen, or make it default from the start? It's a common issue with Unity, all games are by default in Borderless Fullscreen, and it use more ressources, so less framerate, more stuttering and it add input lag.

Can you please add better controller support for the menu (like hiding the mouse cursor when using a pad), and the perks/stats/etc menu? Can you add an always run on/off toggle in the menu or make the run toggle remember it's been enabled between each level please. It's tiring to activate it at the start of each level.

Thank you!
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xKeiro: Meanwhile I really like most of the changes that the recent patch brought, I'd really like to have a manual way to set a FPS limit and/or to have the ability to use V-SYNC.
Sure, I encounter same issue. No way to lock at 120 or 144 fps, and active VSYNC. Even if I force it in nVidia control panel, VSYCN doesn't work. I think because it's not full screen, but borderless windows maximized.

Could you send procedure or patch to enable vsync option please Buckshot ?
Many thanks !
-Option to make the map bigger with tab key
-Change the run perk description, I though I needed to purchase the perk to be able to run
-Change the default run button to shift, H is not intuitive
-Option to test the weapons/spells before purchasing it (I regret some choices, I did because the lack of information)

After the feedback I just want to say thanks to Buckshot Software. I hope you make enough money to develop a new game (maybe a 3D shooter in the line of Unreal, Quake or Chasm the Rift since PW, although being a 3D shooter itself, it was made as homage to Doom, Hexen, Wolfenstein... that used sprites and were not really 3D enviorements)
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next update is coming soon, includes lots of improvements in area of resolution, refresh rate, fps cap and other technical issues. We're sorting it out :)

Best Regards
BuckshotSoftware: Hi!

next update is coming soon, includes lots of improvements in area of resolution, refresh rate, fps cap and other technical issues. We're sorting it out :)

Best Regards
This sounds great. Can't wait to test it. :)
Alright, after finishing my run on Hardcore I would like to give a little feedback about enemies.

1. It would be nice if enemies that spawn in would make some noise so you know they are actually there. I had it a few times that I was attacked from behind and didn't realised that there was an enemy behind me, just because I didn't hear it.

2. Enemies in general could need some footstep sounds. Especially the bigger ones should have some stomping sound when walking. Feels a little weird seeing them walk towards you without making any noise.

3. Some rooms and doors in E2, E3 and E5 are too low for bigger enemies. When they walk into these rooms their heads are often clipping into the ceiling. Increasing the height of these rooms could fix this. The other method would be to make it impossible for bigger enemies to walk through doors that are too small for them.

4. The Tank still feels too easy imo. Maybe make him resistent to certain weapons (pistol, shotguns, etc.) as he has a big strong shell that should be able to eat many shots before getting damage. Also he still doesn't fire his gun very often when under constant fire. Feels like he is getting stunlocked and therefore not able to fire back.

5. I like how all the other bosses feel on Hardcore. A good challenge but not impossible when you play your cards right.

6. Since you added fire resistance to the Mad Flamers I would like to see some resistance on other enemies (and maybe bosses) too to give the game a little bit more depth.

That's all for the moment. Great game. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next patch(es) will change in/add to the game.
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Thank you for fixing the lightning issue! the game now runs perfect at high settings and I don't need to hold the light spell 90% of the time :)

Game is awesome and will complete my run!
Is it possible to invert the y axis for the controller? Can't find anywhere to set this, even in the registry.
Enemies need a pause moment before initially attacking when they activate. Right now, as soon as an enemy spots you they attack instantly. This is VERY problematic on levels where you are dropped in with enemies immediately there as you have zero chance to move or attack (such as on the first level of the Egypt missions). If you start a map with low health you can end up instantly dead.

Enemies should have a few seconds before their first attack when they aggro. Take original Doom for example, zombies would activate but they wouldn't attack immediately. You'd have a brief few seconds before they'd start to fire on you. This gives the player opportunity to react. Especially necessary for enemies with fast or hitscan attacks like the soldiers or the mad explorers.
I'm loving the new update. The game runs so much more smoothly for me now.

I was wondering if you had any plans to release a noob-friendly level editor? I'd love that. :)
It would be nice if there was a difficulty selection for playing Single Stages. At the moment the difficulty seems to be the same as the one you used on the last playthrough. Being able to switch to a different one would be a nice addition.