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nokturnus: So far I very like the game (except for the performance issues I have with a 1080GTX but hope it will be patched) the only thing that bother me is with the axe. The recovery time is not really clear So I really expect to slash when I see the axe repositioning. It's quite disturbing to see the axe ready to slash in the UI but when you click nothing happen. Guess I just have todeal with it.

Anyway, the game is fucking awesome :)
BuckshotSoftware: It's all going to be fixed within the next patch. Promise <3

Best Regards,
Twood1130: It would be nice to be able to view the epilogues again after I have unlocked them too.
BuckshotSoftware: Okay, but they would cover the nice Artwork in the gallery. What's your recommendation then?
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Normally I don't post (which explains the textwall) but I'd really like to thank the developers of this game. While a little rough, it sits right around the sorts of games I enjoy a lot, and I'll probably revisit it for some time.

First, I'd like to congratulate you guys on making a game with the D3 flashlight mechanic that doesn't feel anywhere near as frustrating; after the BFG edition rollback on that design element, I wasn't sure anyone would ever explore that particular balancing act again. There were definitely places where I was alternating between being able to see what was running toward me and trying to put the bullets in it, and it was tense in a way I liked!

Second, I'd like to point out that I noticed the canceling. It makes the axe feel a lot better (especially compared to whatever unreliable cooldown boost it gets from hits), but you might want to look at how it interacts with the coachgun; I was canceling the flak cannon's firing sequence early enough that I think it wasn't updating the counter for loaded shots, and even with the raise sequence adding some slowdown it still ended up just feeling straight better than the semi shotgun (I did notice that the regular shotgun's reload was being appropriately applied when canceled).

I'd also like to suggest that a way to test out the different weapon upgrades and spells and get a feel for what they do before committing to them completely would probably make everyone's life easier, though I get the sense that this uncertanity was intended to be part of the experience; I do get that every upgrade and spell can probably do whatever since there's such a vast amount of different ammo and enough ammoless options that you probably always have something that might do the job.

On that note, it's worth pointing out that the weapons that arrive later in the game I ended up leaving by the wayside for many reasons;
-The earliest weapons I had the most time getting to know and getting used to. You do what you know works.
-Weapons spread down at the far end of my number row were so out of the way that it was easier to pull out, say, the shotgun as a panic response instead of the flamethrower even though the latter is purely stronger
-For some reason almost every single game defaults to the mousewheel running through the buckets backwards of the way I intuit them and thus that stopped being a reliable way for me to change weapons early on, seeing as that particular control seems hardbound.
-I try to use ammo I see so I can go back and get it if I need it, but the crossbow kept giving me back my bolts and while this was greatly appreciated and interestingly unique I actually started ignoring its very common ammo because I never seemed to need it and therefore forgot the weapon was even there to an extent.
-I didn't immediately understand what made the laser gun better than, say, the crossbow or the magnum for example, and while I eventually figured out that it seems guaranteed to put painframes on nonbosses this came way too late for me to be attached to it.
-Once upgraded, early-game weapons compete much better with late-game weapons that aren't upgraded and would take much more resource to upgrade, and sitting on that much unrealized potential power would end up very uncomfortable; add in that spells are also competing for the same upgrade resource, and it's easy to excuse away a late-game weapon as seeming unremarkable even though it didn't get a fair chance.
Much of this does come down to just how I play, however, and it's fair to say others would express themselves very differently in this subject. For contrast, it's also notable that I ended up using your dynamite way more frequently than most of the games I've played that have hand grenades in them (even games with offhand use!) and as late as the rockets were introduced I felt they were strong enough to warrant infrequent use (though the lightning staff really makes Quake look kinda weenie in comparison so it was my go-to murdercannon).

Difficulty seemed spot on even though I finished the game with about 30 lives, and while it personally irritates my completionism a lot that I probably missed about a third of the game's secrets it definitely seems like the game would be fairly beatable passing up every one (though I also feel like you'd have to do that intentionally considering how some secrets are telegraphed or even just placed).

Before I forget, the workshop level selection doesn't seem to serve much purpose if you can't go back to levels you've already beat and can't jump around to levels that aren't directly next. If there's no choice in the matter, save the level blip art for the loading screen and/or the single stage selector and just let me get to the action faster; there has to be a better way to deliver "this level is coming up" than having to poke a menu before you can go (the teleporter is already fairly out of the way of the other shop elements so it's not even like accidentally entering is a big hazard, though I get you want to make it clear that that leaves the workshop).

Actually, on the topic of the single stage selector, it just dumps you in with whatever your current run has equipped. If you don't want to add any stop-ups to fast entry and play, you should probably make play outside of a campaign extremely standardized i.e. if I just started a new game, I can still select the final boss stage for single stage play and give him a what-for with more than just the knife and the axe. The other option would be to open the single stages to your game's pretty expressive system of upgrades (maybe based on what the player has already experienced equipment- and skill-wise to match the single stages being pickable based on what has been experienced), but what you have at this particular instant seems to be a bit sketchy.

Last, a couple not-so-glaring bugs. The BFG ammo didn't seem to be capping properly; I could have a normal maximum of 10, use 1, and pick up a large ammo for a total of 13 (and remain unable to collect ammo again until at 9 or less). Additionally, after completing a playthrough, I started a new game immediately, and lo and behold because the game (rightly so) detected that I had failed to retrieve my autoturret before leaving the last stage (technically true!), it gave me a minigun in the next one... to fight bats with. Which worked because the loot drops gave me SMG ammo. Heh.

Again, this game is so much of everything I like and forgoes so many of the things I do not, while still challenging my expectations and keeping me from being completely and placidly comfortable. I deeply appreciate your hard work.
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Some feedback about the bosses in E2, E3 and E4

E2: I noticed that in the trailer the Great Old One would emerge from the ground when the player has entered the arena. In the final game however he is already emerged once you entered the level. It would be kinda nice to make him and his tentacles (the small attacking ones and the big ones that are more decoration) emerge not before the player has entered the circular arena. It would add a nice "wow wtf is this thing" moment to the boss fight for first time players.
Maybe for phase two make the big tentacles disappear and emerge from time to time so the fight becomes a little bit harder.

E3: For the Sphinx it would be nice if that boss would start attacking you once you get closer to it. At the moment he doesn't do anything until you shot it at least once. Also on phase two the boss will often turn his back towards the player. He shouldn't be doing that.
I'm not sure about this but I think during the boss fight there where no mummies on the area. Would be nice to have some of the tougher enemies appearing too during the fight for the little extra challenge

E4: The Tank should be way more aggressive with shooting his gun at the player. Maybe add some normal enemies to the fight too. Oh and make him chase the player faster and faster the more damage he has taken.
Couple of ideas mostly related to the minimap. The ability to view the whole thing via saying the tab button would be amazing. In addition a secrets counter would also be amazing. As while combing for them I spent about 30 minutes for some of the E1 levels just combing for stuff only to find out there was a grand total of 1 secret. And thirdly more feedback on the minimap would be nice such as having the location of key doors show to have some landmarks on the more labyrthian maps. Just my 2 cents as I do my hardcore playthrough :D
sinder87: Please allow me to invert the mouse wheel for weapon selection!
Yeah, scrolling is useless as is. Up for next weapon just doesn't work for me.
I love the game and i would love to see 3 things: Save slots, weapon upgrade switching and using the un-upgraded version, and if possible a level editor would be awesome!!!
Okey so first of all i want to state that i just finished the game and it is absolutely amazing, great work. but i would like to see some more replayabillity. The single maps option is fun to do but it would be nice if you could still go into the workshop after finishing the game and just mess around and maybe try out the upgrades you didn't get yet or something along those lines.
I also read somewhere that between episodes there would be a page of text explaining the lore and i don't think i had any of those except for the ending, this might just be an issue only i am experiencing .
The lighting in some of the maps was really dark which on the one hand made it really tense and kept you on edge but on the other end it can also be really tiring to the eye. besides those things this is an amazing game and worth a buy keep up the great work! (if any of my statements are false please correct me)
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I beat the game on normal difficulty and I mostly enjoyed it with some reservations. The biggest issue is normal mode was really easy. I died to damage once throughout the game and a few times from the lava pits (which I'm not a fan of.) The next hardest difficulty is ironman mode, which I'm not interested in trying. Imagine getting to episode 5 and accidentally falling into a lava pit and having to start all over...

I'd really like a proper hard mode with no ironman aspects. The devs have already mentioned addressing the dark lighting which is the next biggest issue. There's also the one-way-only elevators that easily create unwinnable situations if you forget a key (such as the ones in highrises.) The trial-and-error teleporters are another frustration. They should be 2-way. Several of them port you to the end of the level with no way back.

Melee enemies almost never hit you. I think you'd almost have to be standing still. One of the reasons that you're mostly only in danger from pitfalls or bosses.

The first episode is much simpler and less engaging than the following ones. It seems to have been made much earlier and is missing a lot of interaction features. A lot of the secrets are pretty uninspired. They're usually unmarked and just have an extra life. I found most of them on my first run.
Didn't know if this have been adressed already but would be nice to press TAB and see Kills, Secrets, etc on Doomish style.

Also as pointed before in the middle section of the game maps are pretty hard dark, dont mind dark areas but the whole map... is pretty annoying to keep pressing the light to navigate an entire map and even more if it is the first time.

Also would be nice like a new game plus with all the unlocked weapons and spell just to complete the ones that you dont have or something.

Otherwise, really enjoyed the first playthrough, did find easy on normal diff as I ended up with 38 lives or so and only die from enemies once.

Keep up the good work and cheers from Spain.
It would be nice to be able to select empty weapons so we can actually use Sammoner on them.
I think the game does a very good job of capturing the age it was meant to. The guns feel nice, the aesthetics are pleasing, and I personally enjoy the smaller level layouts as a guy who tends to game in small bursts. The way that items change their sprite depending on location is a nice touch.

I like the overall look of the enemies though they could stand to be more varied in their function, it's generally just another guy that fires a fireball. But I admit I'm not far into the game so perhaps I'll see more varied attacks later?

I would also like to be able to actively choose to leave a level instead of just doing so when I walk over the exit trigger. It caused me to leave prematurely more than once, leaving behind secrets and what not. I might also suggest easing up on some of the darkness, it makes me not want to select anything other than the Magic Light spell and also contributed to accidentally walking into an exit I couldn't see. However one thing I would like to note is that I enjoy the way the exits are rendered, with a rather unconvincing wall texture, reminds me a lot of Blake Stone.

Or and just another little thing? I like the little messages when you try to quit the game, very nostalgic but I might suggest making up some original ones, as I definitely recognize these wholesale from DOOM.

Those are just some general things, I'll try to save more technical issues for the Bug Report thread.

Overall I'm enjoying this quite a bit.
I just beat the game on Normal mode in 11 hours and 25 lives by the end with a gun-only build. It's a fun game, but a few flaws drag it down a bit.

1. The early levels are quite claustrophobic and it's very hard to dodge enemy attacks.

2. The Antarctic and Hell episodes are by far the best in the game due to their amazingly creepy atmosphere. Warlock's Hell is probably the only Hell in a video game that's given me the creeps (thanks to the music because it's usually just plain heavy metal in other games).

3. The music is phenomenal, especially in the Hell episode where it starts out creepy but kicks up in rocking intensity as you are near the end.

4. Spritework is great and animation is smooth. Although, enemy rockets always look like they are fired at an angle.

5. Episode 4 has the 2nd best city stages I've played in a 2.5D game (best being Duke3D, worst being Doom 2). It's even more impressive since this one has no room-over-room and yet you can somehow fit a skyscraper level into it. However, there's just one major problem: I can't see shit for most of the episode, particularly the later levels where things become more open-ended (starting with the Skyscraper level). In Skyscraper, the outside area is pretty much pitch black with a blue walker right in front of where you spawn and you'd think the lightbulbs would light up the inside, but they only light the small area of the ceiling above them while the rooms stay dark. It gets even worse in levels like the Hangar where I literally cannot see what I'm shooting at and what's shooting at me especially with those Evangelions with their railguns. Episode 4 is also disproportionately hard compared to the other episodes for some reason (due to all the soldiers and multi-phase enemies that fire can't kill quick enough because most engagements happen at long range).

6. Rocket-launching enemies are a bit cheap not because they shoot rockets, but because they shoot multiple rockets in rapid succession. The blue walkers from from Episode 4 is the worst offender in this regard for being a bitch to kill compared to Episode 5's rocket launching enemies.

7. Episode 4's boss is a bit pathetic; he has a huge gun but prefers to run me over instead. Also, Episode 1 and 5's bosses can be quite ridiculous at times because their attacks are nigh-impossible to dodge (especially Satan's, where not even Sprinter + strafing behind buildings can avoid his projectiles since they're so fast and he's big over to shoot over buildings).

8. Some episode starts are bit bullshit because the enemies are right in front of you and immediately attack you as you load. I don't see how anyone playing on the hardest difficulty can survive this.

9. Enemy spawn placements can be quite dumb at times, particularly a few times (usually when the player pass through a detector or pick up something or presses a button) where they spawn directly behind the player for some reason (tube worms are very guilty of this).

10. Some enemy fights can be quite ridiculous. In one of the later Episode 4 levels, you press a switch and you become immediately surrounded by a bunch of Evangelions with nowhere to hide and running is kinda useless at this point since they're all around you shooting their machine guns. Also a few points where this happens with the Terminators.

11. Mapping is quite inconsistent. Some levels have no maps (E2M5 and a few others I forgot) or have sections where there's no map (the sewer part in the penultimate level of Hell). Some sections that are required to pass the level does not have lines around them. I think there's one level in Antartica where you have to use a secret passage to get the Red keycard in an unmarked area. Also, the maps sometimes differ from the level layout.

12. A lot of switches and triggers in Episode 5 play the secret jingle despite not being secrets. Also, I somehow got 10 secrets out of 4 in the penultimate Episode 5 level.

13. Some weapons are outclassed by other weapons in terms of usefulness even with upgrades. There's pretty much no reason to use the crossbow since it's weak, a rather slow-moving projectile, and has few ammo when you can either use the Magnum or Slugshot for long range attack with plenty of ammo. Dynamites/Grenades are only useful in one or two extremely specific situations because they are hampered by their windup animation time. The Laser Gun is pretty much useless since they do about the same if not less damage than the Magnum while being a projectile. Railgun would be useful in Episode 4 but it isn't since you get it so late into the episode and it just fell out of use in Episode 5 where the Flak Double Shotgun just wrecks everything (and is also surprisingly weak for a railgun). Chain Reactor should also do the chain reaction explosion when it hits walls/floors rather than just enemies. Flamethrower is also not very useful since you rarely get ammo for it, has low ammo capacity compared to Flak Double Shotgun, and the Flame Lance upgrade just chews through ammo while only being powerful enough to need almost all of its ammo to kill a single multi-phase enemy like the Evangelions and Spider Mechs. Axe could swing a lot faster.

14. In Episode 3, it can be a bit hard to tell which vase is explosive and which vase is a loot box (I know they're black and red respectively, but it's a bit hard to tell the difference in the dark).

15. Episode 2's slime enemy is kinda pointless since there's already the Snow Spider who fills the same niche (melee enemy that can hide in loot boxes) but is more annoying because of how small they are.

16. Warlockman talks a lot in the trailer but he barely speaks at all in-game. I think the only time I heard him is when he gets hurt.

17. The game could use an introduction cutscene to explain the premise (like the ones that play after each episode).

18. Some secret teleporters that let you skip the whole level brings you past a point where you can't return to the previous areas.

All in all, the game is great as it is but needs more polish to be replay-worthy.
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What would be great would be also to have a status screen during the game by hitting tab or so, so we know if we still have secret to look for
In continuation of my crusade about exits...

The exits must be better distinquished or, as I said before, require a button confirmation. I know the skull-gate thing denotes that the exit is nearby but usually it's the actual exit graphic on the wall that that has the trigger next to it. I was just now trying to peak around the corner beyond the skull gate to see where the exit was exactly and I ended up leaving the level. I wasn't nearly finished exploring and gathering items. It's very irritating.

Also, it might be worth while, if possible to prevent the wall graphics for the exist from getting covered in blood. I've nearly missed them as a result of that.

Sorry to keep sticking on this but unexpected level exits are a HUGE pet peeve of mine.
Uberskunk: In continuation of my crusade about exits...

The exits must be better distinquished or, as I said before, require a button confirmation. I know the skull-gate thing denotes that the exit is nearby but usually it's the actual exit graphic on the wall that that has the trigger next to it. I was just now trying to peak around the corner beyond the skull gate to see where the exit was exactly and I ended up leaving the level. I wasn't nearly finished exploring and gathering items. It's very irritating.

Also, it might be worth while, if possible to prevent the wall graphics for the exist from getting covered in blood. I've nearly missed them as a result of that.

Sorry to keep sticking on this but unexpected level exits are a HUGE pet peeve of mine.
Good ones!