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Hello everyone,

please post your feedback in this post :)

Best Regards,
I really like the game so far. The combat does feel very good and the sprites are fantastic. A few things I would still like to mention.

1. When you hump a wall the character should make some "ompf" sound
2. The text on the screen after one episode is done should be appearing a little bit faster
3. The level exits could need a little sign or something so you know its the level exit. I walked into the exit a few times thinking it's just a door to another room on the level.
4. When you recieved the sprinter perk for higher movement speed it would still be nice to be able to use a button to toggle between running and walking.

That is all for the moment. Great game. Worth every cent.
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Well after 3 levels completed I can say that it's a must have game for any doom, heretic-hexen fan.
- some kind of FOV slider would be awesome!
- bob heading option to turn of and on while moving
- weapon shortcut binds
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Option to replace spiders and insect type enemies or turn it off
Liking the game a lot so far, but have a small suggestion about a thing that kinda bugs me:
Some kind of statistics screen (or just a small text line in pause menu) during gameplay that shows how many secrets you found on the mission ("X out of Y" like on mission end screen).
And same kind of option for "Stage Select" menu, for example when you hover cursor over the certain stage there is a popup that shows X/Y secrets.
Also - please don't place enemies where player spawns so they instantly start attacking when you just loaded into a level.
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Completed few levels, so far game is really good but i have few suggestions.

-framerate is very poor, please enable smooth 60 frames per second
-better automap, with map hotkey showing all level, also make doors visible in map(colors too)
-better damage indicator, optional subtle directional arrow or something
-wierd sound balance, i almost cant hear hero voice
-quicksave feature, yes i know, game has lives system but maybe new difficulty with normal saving?
Biggest gripe is some audio choices so far.
Many guns like the chaingun, machine guns, etc. sound a bit err...
Bit Crushed.

It's like they have too much bass, it's very grating to the ears.
It seems that the "display HUD" checkbox doesn't do anything?
I upgraded my pistol to the 50 cal only to discover it inexplicably uses more ammo, depriving me of my most useful weapon, as I only have enough ammo for a few shots with my "upgraded" gun. The weapon upgrades could use more information about its cost and what it does
This is a very solid game, I am having a great time so far. I'm finding some of the backtracking be be frustrating and the minimap isn't much help. It would be useful if the map showed doors with key colors (as other comments have mentioned). It would also be nice if it filled in as you explored, so it was clear areas you haven't visited.

I have also noticed some frame drops in areas with reflective surfaces and lots of particle effects (sewers a good example). I turned those off in the graphics settings and its running very smooth without.

This is a great game overall, you all should be very proud.
Extensions / Enhancements...
->Stats for number of enemies, secrets as you play the level
->Mouse movement is Choppy
->Minimap with Door colours
->Minimap with grey fill for area's you haven't been in yet

Other than that very satisfying. Well done Devs!
Enjoying it so far. The awkward melee pauses are a bit strange though. Not sure why the character goes "Hwah" after swinging the ax though.

A warning that you are 'killing yourself' and losing a life when you exit to workshop.

Great stuff!
belial007: Enjoying it so far. The awkward melee pauses are a bit strange though. Not sure why the character goes "Hwah" after swinging the ax though.

A warning that you are 'killing yourself' and losing a life when you exit to workshop.

Great stuff!
Him shouting means you can swing again I think. There's a delay. Wish there was a visual indicator.
* Performance improvements. Game runs hotter than most AAA titles and still feels choppy. (GTX 980, i7 8700k, 3200mhz DDR4)

* Full range of resolution selection beyond 1440. You can't select greater than 1080p in the menus and the game seems to hard code the max resolution to 1080 if you edit in the settings.