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Please give us some info on the new patch
Hi there. Just a bit of feedback for the latest update to Project Warlock.
Every time you release a new patch I noticed that the graphics settings change here's what they currently look like.

With default settings you can only just see the background.

With a little extra brightness you can't.

Default with medieum graphics settings. Not sure if it looks better but it defiantly looks different.

I just want to bring these changes to your attention so you are aware of them and can decide what you, the developer would like to do.

Just a follow-up to my previous post. The game is almost perfect in its current state. Almost.

One thing I would ask for would be a secret counter - something that would show the total number of secrets available and secrets found in each level. I know people have been saying 'muh Doom never got no secret counter' - but Doom never had any items that affect your gameplay as much as PW does (e.g. upgrade points). In Doom, if you miss a megasphere or a plasma gun, it's no big deal - you can always get it in another level. In PW, if you miss an upgrade point, that's it - you're never getting it back. Plus, in some levels, certain secrets are a bit erratic (e.g. a secret room with two entrances and each entrance counting as a separate secret) so it's really hard to keep up. Right now I got a physical printout on two A4 sheets with number of secrets on each level (srsly) and every time I play the game I mark secrets with pencil. And I have been coming back to PW more than most games. I beat it on hardcore and I'm still playing it.

Other than that, the game is perfect and I love it. For me personally, the best games that came out over the past 5 years were PW, Amid Evil and Shadow Warrior 2. Nothing else comes close. I got PW on both GOG and Steam (the latter just to be able to leave a review).

Thanks for making this game!

P.s. you guys planning on doing PW2, right? Cos if you do, it's already sold.
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I think that I got my money's worth from this game. That said, there are a few things I want to point out.

Upgrading weapons. Some weapons are not very good in my opinion. I don't think I'll pick them on later plays. I would have liked the ability to undo an upgrade and pick the other version, or even stick with the base version.

Ricochet gun. The ricochet bullets bounce and can hit multiple things with every shot. This includes you. This weapon has been a contributing factor or even responsible for many of my characters deaths.

Automatic turret. This is a weapon you can't control. It fires on its own. Unfortunately, it only shoots at enemies in front of the barrel. It rotates clockwise, so its possible it won't shoot at enemies that are close by; not until it finishes rotating.

Firelance. It has long range and a lot of firepower. Unfortunately, it burns through it ammo supply way too quickly. I find it hard to kill more than half a dozen foes before it runs out of ammo.

Magic isn't that useful. I find it hard to select a spell in a middle of fight, so I often stick to one spell. I found the shield spell quite handy. I don't have a whole lot of incentive to use any other spell while I'm in a middle of a fight.

Single stages. I like the fact that I can pick and play individual stages any time I want.
I'm putting this here on the off chance that the developers will see it. There are some small edits from the other version.

The Sphinx Boss ruined the game for me! It is incredibly tedious to fight, for me, it just sucked all the fun out of the game. Fighting for a few seconds, dying, reloading over and over and over and over again until finally, you kill it... and then what? I'm pretty sure I spent more time in the loading screens than I did fighting it. For me, the game was ruined at that point. The game had just wasted a huge amount of my time and to add insult to injury, had given me nothing for it. Not that a bunch of stars or whatever would make up for the process I'd just had to go through. I ended up finishing the game as a matter of course but after that, it was just a slog. Hell, even the final boss was a cake walk compared to the Sphinx.

I don't know, I guess you might be able to tweak the fight to make it less tedious. Like maybe remove those lightning enemies, is it even possible to dodge their fire when there is no cover around? Maybe open up the area more? The final boss was much more manageable because of the space I had to maneuver.

Anyway, My point is, I was really enjoying this game until the Sphinx boss. It just left a bitter experience in my mind it and past that point, all the little annoyances that I'd been willing to overlook up to that point suddenly became huge problems that reminded me of that time.
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