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Changelog for Update 1.6.3 (added 22 September 2018):

* Fixed an exception where ragdoll bodies weren't being processed properly.
* Bugfix for processing 'removed' token owners for challenges.
* Fixed a couple of modding editor bugs.
* Fixed panel depth issue on Mod dialog.
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Changelog for Update 1.6.4 (added 27 September 2018):

* Fixed Briarfolk death animations
* Fixed 'basic shield' visibility in the modding editor (was causing an exception when deckbuilding).
* Fixed some issues with the modding editor publish window.

Changelog for Update 1.6.5 (added 28 September 2018):

* Fixed endless Briarfolk
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Changelog for Update 1.7.3 (added 30 October 2018):

* Fixed 'shadow run' achievement.
* Fixed Veles feeding.
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Changelog for patch 1.7.4 (added 9 November 2018):

* Fixed Grobben showcase
* Fixed issue with Lost Boy encounter removing enemies in Endless Mode
* Fixed Drunken Hero Endless Trial soft lock
* Removed Quick Bash Charge trait
* Increased Tactician’s Buckler defence from 1 to 8
* Fixed a bug where Hali's Ward erroneously targeted allies
* Removed erroneous Palace Armoury token
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.8.1 (added 21 November 2018):

* Fix failing to load combat bug (was trying to load future enemies)
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Changelog for Update 1.9.2 (added 19 December 2018):

* Fixed issue in Alistair’s Antiquities where you could return the item even if it had been sold or lost.
* Fixed an issue where Crown of Scales was checking for <= 50% Life instead of < 50% Life.
* Fixed long-standing Judgement bug where the player's current companion would become unequipped, resulting in missing companion names and non-progression on restart.
* Fixed issue where the number of steps until Keturah dies was not being set.
* Fixed bug where Helm of Exile was triggering on Gain cards instead of Pain cards.
* Fixed Runefire Flintlock not correctly detecting Keturah as the current companion.
* Fixed bug where Shadow Elders would not reappear after teleporting.
* Fixed a bug in Tavern Wager where all equipment was taken if a platinum item was won.
* Fixed a bug where Keturah was not being disabled after taking weapons in Merchants Favour.
* Fixed a bug where Keturah was not being disabled if her Faction Bounty was immediately collected on completion.
* Fixed Armour of Gluttony food defence.
* Some minor memory optimisations.
* Fixed some typos.
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Changelog for Update 1.9.3 (added 11 January 2019):

* Fixed an exploit in Rana’s Remarkable Fishing that allowed for infinite shard farming in The Wheel.
* Fix for game losing selection after Resuming in the pause menu.
* Added missing keyword to a couple items of equipment so that they work correctly with Empire Contacts, Mage's Workshop and the deckbuilder in Endless Adventures.
* Fixed blank option in World-Ending Wyrm.
* Ironpeak Curatives now correctly consumes food spell component.
* Mask of the Exile now awards the player gold as intended.
* Clarified the token unlock requirements on the Questing Maces
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Changelog for Update 1.9.4 (added 21 February 2019):

* Fixed ring of food + "a debt repaid" infinite food exploit
* Fixed blank option string in World Ending Wyrm
* Upgrade to Unity 2017.4.20f1
* Typo fixes
* Fixed trait visibility for modders.