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•Added modding support.
•Added Chinese VO.
•The Tower has been modified to accommodate a future update...

•Fix for a Card being left on screen after Duplicating a Card in a Wheel Gambit.
•Fix for the Game Crashing when Desert Trek was selected in the Forgotten dreams Encounter
•Fixed Colbjorn sword not giving +2 weapon charge on Riposte against Northerner enemies
•Fix for an unequipped Helmet being lost when giving an equipped Helmet over in the SpyGlass encounter
•Fixed The Shield Won from the Sun Challenge Ooze Encounter could be sold but not equipped
•Many many more small bug fixes and optimisations.

•Back up your save when you enable mods, just in case you didn't mean to.
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Just adding the extra notes included in the latest changelog provided here by GOG:

Hand of Fate 2 Game Master's Toolkit is now live!

* Today’s Hand of Fate 2 update includes the HoF2 SDK - The Game Master’s Toolkit! These are the same tools used at Defiant to create the HoF2 campaign our future DLC content. They’re powerful content creation tools and we’re excited to see what you make with them! With the Game Master’s Toolkit, you’ll be able to create anything from a simple encounter all the way up to a full-fledged challenge with its own win conditions, blessings, curses and artefact rewards.
* Important note: the tools are still in beta! While they’re fully functional, there may be unexpected issues to be patched later.
* To get up and running with the toolkit, look for the Hand of Fate 2 SDK (file name: in your installation directory next to the game's executable. You’ll also need to download version 2017.2.1f1 of the Unity Engine, found here:
* More detailed instructions are contained here:
* Good luck! The Game of Life and Death is now in your capable hands!
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.2 (added 08 February 2018):

* Fixed fairy ring from breaking if you don't have Mother's Blessing.
* Fixed customisation freezing on challenge map.
* Fixed profile progress percentage being displayed as 0%.
* Fixed blank screen after going from main menu -> load -> main menu.
* Fixed Hired Hand ending early.
* Updated Chinese localisation.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.3 (added 09 February 2018):

* Dealing with Thieves: Fixed a bug where the added cards would never be drawn from the deck.
* Pauper Dilemma: Fixed a bug that caused the encounter to end unexpectedly.
* Updates to Northerner standard attack.
* Fixed resolution switching.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.4 (added 13 February 2018):

Bug Fixes:
* Exploding Doodads: Fixed a bug where the encounter would begin at the wrong point

* Fixed default card appearance not being applied when creating a new card.
* Fixed issue in map layout set inspector.
* Fixed missing mac/linux libs in the modding project.
* Fixed 'pink text' when playing in editor in the modding project.
* Fixed spawner card inspector in the modding project.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.5 (added 14 February 2018):

* Fix campfires.
* Fix a hang loading some combat encounters.
* Fixes for challenge set tier unlock checking
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Changelog for patch 1.2.6 (added 16 February 2018):

- Fixed issue with ‘The Wretched’ Encounter.
- Fixed an issue with The Healer encounter where the companion name would not display if you didn't have a companion.


- Fixed loaded asset bundles bug.
- Fixed exception in CardSetInspector.
- Added spices to the HoF editors.
- Updated modding project so it enforces a rename from default ('mymod').
- Updated string library so all locales are created initially (not just english).
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Changelog for patch 1.2.7 (added 22 February 2018):

- Fixed blocker in Goblin Town.
- Fixed blocker in Spy Glass.
- Fixed issue where King's Crown was disabling companions for 5 steps instead of 3.
- Fixed issue where percentage complete would cap out at 99%.
- Add some temp translation till we get our next full round of translation done.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.8 (added 28 February 2018):

* Fixed mods sometimes being available in unmodified games.
* Community localisation and typo fixes.

*Reordered editor assets in the modding project so that local stuff is shuffled to the top.
* Fixed debug menu options in the modding project.
* Fixed exception when creating a new map layout definition in the modding project.
* Added 'sample assets' to the modding project.
* Added documentation to the sdk.
* Added 'compose vector2' task.
* Fixed spices created in the modding project.
* Increased size of images in the card art picker.
* Increased starting size of hof editor window.
* Updated RandomInt task description.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.1 (added 09 April 2018):

* Hand of Fate 2 expands once more with the release of our free Endless Mode add-on. This exciting new game mode sends our hero off on a series of increasingly challenging quests all while dealing with the toll of adventure. Equipment will break and your legend may fade, but the goal remains the same: fame, glory, and the highest score on the leaderboard! Each leaderboard is tied to a different companion, so grab your buddy and prove your worth!
* To incentivize your adventure, we've added 50 new collectible shard tokens to encounters and equipment, new and old. Once gathered, these shards unlock all new customization options, supply loadouts, utility encounters and artefacts. (please note that your overall completion level will have dropped due to the added content, and any collection-based achievements will need to be re-earned)
* Endless Mode is future-proofed, too! Future DLC releases will be fully compatible with Endless, so future friends and foes will all end up in the mix. Grab your dice, shuffle that deck, and we'll see you on the leaderboards!
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.2 (added 10 April 2018):

* Endless point exchange encounters (Sacrifice, Humble Offering, Keeper of Sorrows) and the General Store are no longer completely random instead are assigned to specific Adventures
* Twitch update - Dealer hats have been added to the gift options for voting
* Fixed a crash that occurred at the end of an Endless run (GoG only)
* Fixed a bug with the challenge/adventure objective UI would play effects when hidden or transitioning
* Fixed a bug where the Knight’s Helm was deducting Defence instead of increasing it
* Fixed issue with how Defence was being calculated
* Fixed a text bug with the companions high score trait
* Fixed a bug where the Bitter Winter Harvest encounter would remain in the players deck forever. Is now removed after it has been used.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.3 (added 11 April 2018):

* Fixed Mage Snare VFX getting stuck on.
* Fixed Bad Wager curse counting hits against blocked/armoured enemies.
* Fixed a bug where the encounter could lose focus when clicking on the map during certain conditions
* Fixed a couple of enemy attacks not popping Malaclypse’s magic shield.
* Fixed subtitles not displaying during the Adventure deckbuilder
* Fixed potential null refs in achievement loader.
* Fixed a bug in Field of Fae encounter where the encounter was starting at the incorrect point.

cheeseness: ~ ping ~
Any news on this?
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Changelog for patch 1.3.4 (added 17 April 2018):

- Balance pass on the Devourer encounter at low levels.
- Balance pass on Undead boss difficulty; 3 Wraiths only occur at the highest difficulty setting for Undead adventures.
- Fixed Encounters ending immediately after executing a ChallengeSuccess node which fixed the token unlock on Holy Mace.
- Fixed a bug where the Blacksmith encounter would set equipment defence to 10 instead of adding 10 to the current value.
- Added unity version checking to modding editor.
- Fixed modding editor asset visibility issue.
- Fixed some trait localisation bugs.
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Changelog for patch 1.3.5 (added 18 April 2018):

- Reduced Necromancer armour by 33% and reduced health by 50
- Updated Joust to award the Shard after winning the final round (you no longer need to have a 'close' victory)
- Fixed incorrect equipment card token shard progress being stored due to thief objectives
- Fixed a bug where the Winter Solstice encounter would discard blessings
- Updated Endless Adventure’s Injury trait for clarity.
- Added Gold costs to Last Hope and Lost Hope weapons.
- Fixed a crash on OSX with the Northerner Tyrant (ragdoll issue) in Endless Adventures.
- Fixed install path saving in the modding editor.
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Changelog for Patch 1.3.6 (added 20 April 2018):

* Fix for freeze when winning shards / tokens in the boss battle with all companions present.
* Added gold values to Ring of Preparation and Ring of Precaution.
* Fix issue which caused a crash when winning Equipment Shards in the boss battle.
* Fixed Wear and Tear from triggering after visiting the campfire.
* Fixed encounter card sorting in the deck builder.