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HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Patch 1.3.7 (added 30th April 2018):

* Updated Wraiths so there is a limit to the number of drains that occur at a time.
* Fixed Wraith Drain so it would damage whoever it targeted (not always the player).
* Added Trial and Adventure difficulty stats to respective cards
* Fixed bug where selection could be lost in the Deckbuilder
* Fixed Bad Wager curse.
* Fixed a bug where Suit of Ice would draw Equipment Gain cards.
cheeseness: Changelog for Patch
Don't know how else to send you a message but are you guys going to update Hand of Fate 1 on GOG to match the Steam version?
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Changelog for patch 1.4.0 (added 09 May 2018):

- Added Goblin Faction enemies.
- Added two new Goblin Encounters.
- Added new equipment and two equipment upgrades.
- Added Goblin Faction Endless Adventures.
- Updated Snare struggle input to support tapping Defend (note that the previous struggle input of 'rapid movement/waggle stick' is still valid. Struggle input UI can be toggled in the settings menu)
- Updated the zoom level of the 'view map' camera and added ability to pan using movement/left stick inputs
- Loading time optimisations.
- Lots of graphics optimisations.
- Option to remove hit pause.
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Changelog for patch 1.4.1 (added 14 May 2018):

- Added Endless Mode adventure end card translated titles.
- Fixed the lighting on the dealer.
- Fixed a bug that prevented hair colour/hood changes at the camp fire when using a gamepad.
- Reduced snare duration slightly and increased the window that Gnomes will fail to snare after the player has been snared.
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Changelog for patch 1.4.2 (added 15 May 2018):

- Fixed a bug where Knight’s Helm was not being drawn as a Platinum card in Elder’s Gift encounter
- Fixed wrong companion line in Left for Dead encounter in Strength Challenge
- Fixed necromancer reanimation exception bug
- Fixed blocker in Temperance campfire
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Changelog for Patch 1.4.3 (added 24 May 2018):

* Reduced numbers of enemies throughout Endless Adventures to reduce combat duration
* Rebalanced brimstone enemies and reduced their health bonus to reduce combat duration-
* Added combat difficulty modifiers after each adventures to offset lower difficulty of fewer enemies

Changelog for Patch 1.4.4 (added 25 May 2018):

* Fix a translation issue.

Changelog for Patch 1.4.5 (added 25 May 2018):

* Fix a bug with endless card picking.
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.0 (added 18 June 2018):

* Outlanders and Outsiders

Changelog for Patch 1.5.1 (added 18 June 2018):

* Fix for portal creature.

Changelog for Patch 1.5.2 (added 18 June 2018):

* Added traits to the Hali encounter.
* Fixed Hubie's Slippery trait.
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Changelog for patch 1.5.3 (added 26 June 2018):

- Fix for player becoming unresponsive when fighting armoured enemies.
- Fix for replaying with same companion.
- Fix some localisation problems reported on the google sheet.
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Changelog for patch 1.5.4 (added 06 July 2018):

- Revealed Hubie dialog option in Burning Building encounter.
- Improved some Korean localisation.
- Fixed Dealer hat in Twitch.
- Fixed 'dev dungeon' in the modding project.
- Fixed ‘shard editor’ in the modding project.
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Changelog Patch 1.5.5 (added 18 July 2018):

* Fixed issue in companion deckbuilder which could cause loss of selection
* Devourer now gives endless points for removing a single item.
* Improved performance on some encounters that use a large quantity of cards
* Added sorting to shops
* Stop cards that come out of a token cutting into each other.
* Fixed bottom left menu not appearing in deckbuilder on first load.
* Magnetic Turtle properly returns your equipment now.
* Fixed Female player tunic colours being incorrect
* Added pendulum preview to modding editor.
* Fix some unlocalised Hubie text
* Ensure selection is correctly resumed after closing an Addon Feature Item on the Challenge Map
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Changelog for patch 1.5.6 (added 09 August 2018):

- Fix Portal Creature bug.
- Fixed issue where challenge unlock requirements did not correctly update.
- Fixed issue where certain vibration effects would play even if vibration was disabled.
- Fixed issue where disconnected controller prompt could appear behind other dialogs.
- Fixed various issues with loss of selection when claiming Additional Content.
- Fixed minor text bug in Sea Dog Hali utility.
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Changelog for Patch 1.5.7 (added 20 August 2018):

* Fix for Colbjorn’s Sword encounter endlessly repeating.
* Fix UI layout problem with shard text on equipment inspect.
* More improvements to purchase flow.
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Changelog for Update 1.6.0 (added 06 September 2018):

Combat Reforged
* All armours now have Bash abilities
* Cooldowns on all artefacts have been greatly reduced
* Improved the responsiveness of other actions after using an artefact.
* Option to enable/disable Apprentice Mode in settings
* Optional enemy health bars available in the settings menu (recommended!)
* Combat balances
* The default Precision Gambit beam in the precision gambit has been widened
* If more than one zone is touching the beam when it stops, the best zone is chosen, i.e. Huge Success > Success > Failure > Huge Failure
* Equipment and Blessing Rebalance
* Enemy Rebalances
* Goblin Clips have been removed as Endless Adventure bosses
* Goblin Chiefs have been added as an Endless Adventure boss
* Escape duration for Clips in the Endless boss fight have been increased
* Companion damage and power rebalances

Modding UI
* Removed 'cog' icon from Load Game Dialog.
* Select an empty slot in the Load Game Dialog to clone any existing slot, and enable mods if desired.

Mod Tools
* Mod tools have been updated to require version 2017.4.2f2 of Unity.

Brimstone Challenges
* Previously a few challenges had the ability to be played at a higher difficulty when certain equipment cards were included in your deck. These harder modes are now replayable even after the tokens have been won from the respective items.

Briarfolk Faction
* Added Briarfolk faction and accompanying Endless Mode Adventure

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug where enemies could change from light to heavy or heavy to light mid attack
* Constant feedback when being hit when vulnerable vs invulnerable
* Fixed a number of instances where multiple attackers could attack the player at the same time
* Improved transitions to evade
* Fixed a number of instances where input was lost transitioning from Armour Break strikes to other actions
* Fixed issues with transitioning from Defend to other actions in certain scenarios (input was being ignored)
* Fixed a bug where the Ogre could instantly escape his 'stuck' state and perform a heavy (red) attack
* Fixed the Blacksmith encounter upgrading defence by the incorrect amount
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Changelog for Update 1.6.1 (added 13 September 2018):

* Added health bar portraits images for Briarfolk Knights
* Fixed a bug where abilities with cooldowns on start weren't working in The World
* Fix for Goblin Endless Adventure
* Fixed showcase text for the Blackguard's Platemail
* Fixed an issue in the Blacksmith encounter that was not setting the correct armour bonus
* Chinese Localisation for new content.
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Changelog for Update 1.6.2 (added 14 September 2018):

* Fixed bugs in the ragdoll reanimation logic.
* Fixed a bug where disabled characters got locked in their current state.
* Fixed a bug where phalanx units could get locked into a flurried state on respawn.
* Fixed typos in the Briarfolk Endless Adventure.
* Fixed modding editor default unity editor version.
* Fixed Briarfolk trait visibility in the editor.