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When being a master of a dungeon just doesn't cut it.

Overlord + Raising Hell, a fantasy action-adventure game in which you become a revenant lord commanding his mean minions to ravage and conquer the realm, is available on, for only $9.99.

Ooooooh! Now I'm really mad! They shouldn't have done that. Fools! What's the big idea, putting me in that tomb? Yes, I was dead. So what? Like death ever stopped any lord of evil and treachery before. Death is like a brother to me! Well, a second cousin, but we still keep in touch. Did they seriously think I would stay dead? Those maggots, those idiots, I'll rip off their arms and feed them to the crows. Then I'll feed the crows to the wild dogs. Then I'll make dog stew and feed it to those basterds! Oh, yes, my wrath will be terrible, my retribution swift! Minions! Minions!!! Minions!!!!! Gather, my faithful beasties. The time has come. We go to war. Ha! Haha!!! Hahahaahhahaah!!!!!

Overlord + Raising Hell presents you with a whole fantasy realm ready for plucking. In this action-adventure title you become an evil (or, optionally, really evil--the choice is your's) revenant lord that plans to take over the kingdom by force and take revenge on the corrupt heroes who ruled it in his absence. He's accompanied by a host of vile gremlin-like minions that blindly follow his command. That adds another layer of gameplay in the lines of simple real-time strategy. The edition comes with the Raising Hell expansion for maximum impact.

You can practice being evil by stealing candy from some babies, selling it to diabetics, being sued, winning the case, getting amends for being traumatized by the legal system, and then spending it all ($9.99 that is) on Overlord + Raising Hell on!
Jekadu: It's actually the only game I know of that can be said to share a genre with Pikmin. The core mechanics are much the same, although Overlord borrows much of its atmosphere from Dungeon Keeper, unless I miss my mark.
Yes, Pikmin is a good comparison. It's actually very much a puzzle game, outside of the combat.
Azilut: Thanks, but my objection was actually more of an aesthetic one - starting a game about the Lord of Darkness by having him mow Granny Crumpet's lawn and collect ten chickens for Old Man Withers
Well you did lose everything and at start of the game you're just a bloke in fancy armor, no home and 5 imps following you.
I don't really recall anything like fetching stuff to help someone in Overlord, the only thing peasants asked to get was their food and you could keep it to yourself and give them a finger. The rest of fetching mostly has to do with rebuilding your tower as your minions are too dumb to do it without you.
tarasis: Most curious, the forum for the game was created a very long time ago :)
JudasIscariot: Yes, the forum goes back into the very depths of Time itself :P
Of course, so its been a long and devious plan you've been working on JudasIscariot. You've been working in league with the devil all this time!

tarasis: Most curious, the forum for the game was created a very long time ago :)
MadalinStroe: The date is "30.Nov.-0001" and the name is "Raising Hell". Presumably Jesus being born seriously trolled the Devil just as he was getting ready for a party.
Very good :)
Really glad that multi-language seems to be finally taking on at Thanks guys!
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A very good albeit slightly flawed game. It's less complex than it would like you to believe sometimes, but it is great fun and the writing is often amusing, sometimes even really funny. Mostly, it's just about how upside-down the world is more so than any particular punchlines.

I really enjoyed this game - yes, I already own it including its addon - and I can recommend it if you like third-person action with humour, some puzzling and a dash of RPG-elements in it (with some annoying grinding, though). Certainly not a bad buy.

The addon is a nice extra helping, considering the game isn't THAT long. Neither is the addon, though. It mostly rehashes previously visited areas in interestingly twisted ways and adds quite a bit of additional difficulty to it (especially on Legendary mode). So while it's good, don't expect it to change the game too significantly, either.
I love this game, I kind of wish I owned a copy. I borrowed one for XBOX years ago from a friend and loved it. I loved the humour, and found it almost reminiscent of Gilliam and Pratchett-esk style of fantasy/humour.
Theta_Sigma: ...and found it almost reminiscent of Gilliam and Pratchett-esk style of fantasy/humour.
Not that surprising that you felt this way! The writer for it was Rhianna Pratchett, Terry's daughter.
gogskel: Not that surprising that you felt this way! The writer for it was Rhianna Pratchett, Terry's daughter.
That makes me happy to see, I love Pratchett's style of humour. It is good to see his Daughter has a similar sense of humour.
MadalinStroe: the classic release was the one I was most looking forward to on GOG. I guess I misunderstood the context in which "classic" was used.
tfishell: I think we have similar feelings. For me, "old" = "classic" = pre-2005 games. Now of course, "classic" implies the game is good.
Well, I guess GOG was never about that then, when GOG launched in 2008 they sold TOCA Challenge 3 and Colin McRae Rally 2005, released in 2006 and 2005 respectively. At that point they were 2-3 years old. It's actually been longer since the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 than it was from the retail release of those games to them appearing on GOG. And at that time, GOG was still officially known as Good Old Games, a name they changed in 2010 or so.
I really don't mind personally, but the argument that GOG are now going against that "original spirit" by selling games that aren't "old enough", was never actually sound, they've always had both old and relatively new titles on the site.