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Dear Santa,

The year has turned again, and it's that time: a time when everyone runs through their mental lists to see if they've been nicer than naughty and wonders what you'll bring them on the morrow. It's time for us to reflect on what we've done in the last year, what we wanted to do, and what we hope you'll bring us to help succeed next year as well.

The year has been pretty good to us, Santa, and we'd like to think that's part of you fulfilling our wish for last year--we've added over 250 Mac games to the catalog, more than 120 Indie games are now on GOG since we launched our "Bigger, Fresher, Newer" campaign last year, and we celebrated a 500 games in our catalog in January of this year. We've since gone on to a total catalog of [url=]674 games at the end of 2013--that's a long way since 2012!

We added some top games to our catalog this year, classics like Leisure Suit Larry, Neverwinter Nights 2, , [url=]System Shock 2, Wizardry 6 & 7, and Wizardry 8, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, and we even finished off the Wing Commander series. We've seen some fantastic indies showing up on as well, from Divinity: Dragon Commander and Expeditions: Conquistador to Papers, Please and , we've been adding new games to the catalog that we're sure will be looked at as future gems in the years to come. We've asked questions about what our users think should be, we've produced--and ended--a regular episodic show about what has released each week, we've fulfilled [url=]hundreds of thousands of wishlist votes, gone to tradeshows in [url=]and the US, launched a new program to help indies get on, had [url=]of [url=]all [url=]the , [url=]celebrated our fifth birthday for a whole month, and generally had a grand old time.

Recently, we've experimented with some new things for we ran a charity fundraiser which (spoiler alert!) has raised tons of money for children, the poor, and wildlife all around the world; we teamed up with PC Gamer and Larian and gave away 3d-printed statues of dragons from Dragon Commander; we ran a pixel-art competition and were blown away by the great entries we received; we ran an Insomnia promo whereby we discovered the Internet's love for Jack Keane; we launched a guarantee where we promise that any game you buy from us will work; and we gave away all three of the original Fallout games to say goodbye to one of the greatest franchises in the history of gaming as it leaves our catalog. We also discovered that apparently the entire Internet wanted free copies of Fallout, because man did our servers ever struggle for the first few hours of that giveaway! We've welcomed back old friends and made uncountable scores of new ones over the last year here, and the craziest thing is that--for the fifth year running--this is the best year yet for With 63 employees from all over the world, millions and millions of customers and visitors each month, hundreds of new games, and limitless potential for the next year, Santa, we believe that trend will continue in 2014 with your help.

Which brings us to what we'd like to see in our Yule stocking. Last year we wished for LucasArts or Take Two to join, and we really thought that we'd have enough good luck to make it happen. The business world can be slower than we'd like, but we still hope and dream of adding great games from one of those classic companies--or others!--to our classic games catalog in 2014. The rest of our wishes, we worked hard and succeeded at this year, but they're also still something that we want to continue to work on in 2014. Of course we want to release more great games--games like Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Carmageddon: Reincarnation--and others that we haven't even heard of yet. We want to see our indie program grow and expand well beyond its current scope because we've seen so many good games come our way through there but we know we're missing out on others that haven't found us yet. We want to launch audacious new features on that will make us bigger, better, and more fun for our gamers. We want to look beyond the obvious and grow in new and unexpected ways to bring the DRM-Free Revolution to gamers who've never heard of us or who don't know about DRM. We defined our goal as a company for 2014 year simply: to help make the world's best games available DRM-Free.

So help us with that, Santa, and we're confident that we will continue to surprise, delight, amaze, astound, and impress gamers all around the globe; we'll continue to grow; and we'll continue to do everything that makes a different (and dare we say "better"?) place for gamers. We never ask you for easy things, Santa, because we don't ask ourselves for easy things. We want to drive ourselves to make big changes, and we hope we'll be able to do so in 2014.

Happy Holidays to all of you who read this, and we hope that all of your wishes come true for 2014.
Dear Santa,

Please bring Ultimate Domain (aka Genesia) to the family of wonderful GOG games this year. Thank you for all the ones that were made available in 2013!
Dear Santa,

Please find a way to bring the Turrican games to the GOG shop.