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Dear Santa;

It's that time of year again. We've had a pretty good track record with our letters to you in 2011 and 2010. We hope that this holiday season, you'll bring us lots of great loot for the next year.

Of course, the last year has been pretty good to us, and we think we've been good enough this year to get something other than coal in our stockings. We started the year off right with Square Enix titles like Hitman, Deus Ex, and Thief Gold entering the catalog--some of the best back catalog classics that we've ever released--and surprised the heck out of everyone with our "Bigger. Fresher. Newer", bringing brand-new games as well as DRM-Free Digital Premium Editions of some fantastic not-so-new (and not-so-old!) games like Assassin's Creed and Heroes of Might & Magic V to for the first time. With new titles like Legend of Grimrock and Alan Wake, started things off well. In April, we offered Fallout for free to anyone on the Internet, and saw a huge boost in new members to the site, as well as briefly being one of the 500 most-trafficked websites on the Internet for a day. Summer saw an epic BATTLE OF THE GAMES, where our own users voted on what games they most wanted to see on promo--a first on the 'Net, we believe, although we've seen some others trying that as well--and we had a lot of fun seeing what games people wanted to save big on--some of them were easy bets, but many of them were complete surprises.

October saw our first experiments with Pay What You Want bundles, and we saw a huge number of visitors come and pick up Larian or Interplay games at incredible savings--then we followed that up with Mac OSX support! We don't know if you're a Mac or a PC user, Santa, but we think you'll agree that more gamers being able to enjoy classics is always a good thing--and the fact that all the games we currently sell are give you both PC & Mac with one purchase surely counts in the "nice" column when you're tallying up the year. In November we've announced that we officially support Windows 8 on 380+ games, and we're working on more. Finally, we've had our Holiday sale--and had a crazy End of the World promo which most of our gamers loved--and now we're wrapping the year up with our surprise gift of Duke Nukem and the EA Expansions. Thanks to the addition of more than 90 classic games to our catalog this year as well as 60+ new and newer titles,'s catalog of the best games in history has swelled to just shy of 500 games--and all of that was achieved in just a tad more than 4 years!

What's coming next year? Well, part of that is based on you, Santa; will you give us another great year at We hope that you and our users will combine to continue to keep growing, keep our forums and social media filled with a positive, friendly and passionate team of gamers who let us know when we do something right--and when we do something wrong. We're successful because of the feedback we get every day from our Wishist--with more than 200,000 wishes granted!--and while gamers don't see the games that we don't release or the deals that we turn down because we're not sure that the games are the kind of thing that our service needs, we hope that they know that we're always trying our best to bring them the cream of the crop from gaming, that we're passionate about games, and that we appreciate their passion, too.

We keep hoping for another of our "top" publishers to show up on so far we're two for two in the last two years of wishing. So we're going to wish for another one in 2013. Our warmest wishes would be to bring LucasArts or Take Two into our catalog; both of these companies have fantastic games, and we know our gamers would love to see them join GOG as well. We want to sign more great games, more indies, more top-notch games, more games that keep that gaming passion alive in every pixel and mip-mapped texture. We also want to bring new tools on the website for our our users to share more, and even help developers grow more successful by bringing their games to

It's hard to say what the new year will bring, Santa, and we have had such a good year that we think the best wish is the one we had last year:

"And finally, Santa, we always ask for more. More fans. More great conversations on the forums. More fun contests with fantastic entries from our users. More ways for our users to interact, and for us to reach out to them. More great games, and more great interviews with industry legends.

It's a lot to ask for, Santa, but we think we've been more nice than naughty this year - which is really all you can ask of anyone - and we hope you'll deliver again."

Happy holidays to all, and we hope all of your holiday wishes come true.

--The Team
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here's to another great upcoming year for GOG. You guys rock.
Happy post-holidays. :) I should have read this much sooner.

My main wish is for GOG to be more willing to release classics originally aimed at children, namely (of course) the Humongous Entertainment classics - Pajama Sam, Spy Fox, Putt-Putt, and Freddi Fish. :)

But signing LucasArts and bringing their classics here is far more important overall.
Dear Santa

I want Tie Fighter on gog.

That is all.
Honestly I will be happy seeing Times of Lore, Autoduel, Wizards crown, Phantasie 1 and 3, Questron 2, Moebius: Orb of Celestial Harmony, Escape from Hell, Lode Runner the legend returns, Manhunter NY and SF, Laura Bow 1 and 2, The immortal, more Infocom adventures(you know Activision alot of us liked the non Zork infocom games), Wing Commander: Armada or even Castle and Island of Dr.Brain any of those get released here this year and I will be happy for the rest of the year.
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Dear Gog-anta,

Thank you for your wonderful gifts and sale. I know I was a naughty boy during this festive season and didnt buy anything but I hope you will come back next year and I promise I'll buy something (like Thief x3, Deus Ex x2, Far Cry x 2)


Master Robert, aged 36 1/2
Dear Santa:
For the love of.... I want Sherlock Holme: The case of the rose tattoo... and maybe some adventures games and rpg in spanish (since originally several of them got spanish release) but I can live with just english releases but not without SH: the case of the rose tattoo
Now that the holiday sale is over, will the announcement time go back to 12 noon (GMT)? Or did the GOG team wish for more civil deadlines and this is going to be a permanent change in 2013?