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What's cool about it:

  • Explore your own mind (literally), chase zeppelins by car, and learn a wide array of fighting stances to counter your opponents’ frantic moves.
  • The mix of fast-paced action sequences and iconic point & click gameplay makes Jack Keane 2 - The Fire Within a truly 21st century adventure.
  • State of the art 3D-graphics based on Deck 13’s revolutionary FLEDGE engine.


Shanghai, 1899 -The mysterious Chinese city is the epicentre for adventurers of all kinds. Jack Keane, too, has been attracted to the place by rumours of a legendary treasure - or to be more precise, these tales have led him right inside the walls of the notorious Shanghai prison. It is within these walls that the guardian of the treasure, a secretive shaman, has been locked up for years. Unfortunately for our hero, Jack has completely disregarded the fact that it is a lot easier to get INTO prison than out of it…

And this is only the beginning of Jack Keane's newest bizarre adventure: mysterious treasures, ruthless villains, two distractingly beautiful women and tons of clever humour await the most lovable treasure hunter to have ever sailed the seven seas in a comical tour de force around the globe. During his travels, Jack will not only meet old friends, but also encounter new faces such as the elegant city-lady Eve and the brilliant German engineer Carl. Jack Keane 2 - The Fire Within is set to revolutionize the classic point & click adventure genre. Never has an adventure been as cinematic, fast-paced and humorous, without breaking any of the iconic point & click gameplay rules.State of the art 3D-graphics, gripping action-sequences and the typical bizarre Jack Keanesque humour will be an absolute delight to all adventure fans.

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8, processor Intel Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent processor with SSE3 (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or equivalent recommended), 2 GB RAM, NVidia GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD X1800 video card with 256 MB VRAM and Shader Model 3.0 support (NVidia GeForce 9800 GT / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better recommended), 3.5 GB HDD, DirectX 9.0c-compatible soundcard, keyboard, mouse.

All user reviews:

User reviews:

Not much fun

Posted on 2013-07-07 07:39:34 byLeftHandedMatt's avatarLeftHandedMatt:

While it has an okay story and some well thought out puzzles, that does not save this game from the large amount of problems it has. Poor controls, a bad translation, terrible dialogue, weak voice acting, graphic and audio bugs and visually it looks like a game from 5-10 years ago. It's difficult to recommend this even if you're a big adventure game fan like me.

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Cured my son!

Posted on 2013-11-13 23:53:33 byflat_earth7's avatarflat_earth7:

I should preface this by saying that I've been having a lot of trouble with my son. Recently, he's discovered the wide world of the internet as well as computer gaming, and he hasn't been listening to his mother or myself at all.
Jack Keane, your Fire Within has cleansed my son of all desire to turn on a computer from this day forth! He cleaned his room, did the dishes, andread more wept as he said his prayers. When I asked what brought about the change, he screamed through the raining tears, "JACK KEANE! JACK KEANE!"
Bless you, Jack Keane...

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Poor game...

Posted on 2013-11-23 04:28:48 byPhoenixT1's avatarPhoenixT1:

Almost unplayable. Controls are buggy. Even when checking with a walkthrough to be sure i did the good thing, i wasn't able to succeed, because then game doesn't respond correctly. I had to try again and again until it works. And that occurs pretty often. And where are the jokes of the first game ? I abandoned playing at the middle of the story, disgusted, and that is rare enough to mention it.

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