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The island of Idyllia was once a happy place, Vibrant forests, Tranquil landscapes and people all lived comfortable lives. Crime was low and everything was simply idyllic.

Sadly like all good things it came to an end, That was when Idyllia's main power reactor exploded in the Western capitol of Uzeke causing a blackout across the Country killing thousands and creating a cloud of toxic gas choking everything that got into its path.

Towns throughout Idyllia panicked and the once great unity between people ended, It was every man for themselves, Factions of people formed and quickly overthrew the local government blaming them for the blackout which threatened their humanity. Its always somebody's fault someone had to pay....

Then came the great turf war between Idyllias criminal organisations:The Rezurrection Movement, The Black Vipers, The Shattered hand, and Los Meutra which emerged from the scattered remains of the once great towns tore everything left apart.

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Rules – These have been stolen by so many people now, Im going to claim them as my own :P

1. ViolatorX is the Moderator of this game. One of my remaining men will shoot you if you disobey me!
Please feel free to contact me by the gog forums PM system at any time!

2. All players have a vote, which they may give to any player. A vote may be withdrawn by unvoting. Once a player has more than 50% of the votes, that player will be lynched and the game will go to night. No amount of unvoting can prevent this.

3. A player may also vote nolynch. A majority of nolynch votes will end the day without a lynch.

4. Please remember to bold your votes and unvotes like this: Unvote Robbeasy, vote NMillar.

5. When you are dead, you are dead - stop posting. A single "bah"-post is permissible and encouraged.

6. Don't edit your posts! This is very important! Editing a post is grounds for being modkilled.
Due to the forum software I must also ask you not to double post. Two consecutive posts of the same user in a short time frame will merge, creating the appearance of an edited post. The time limit after which this stops happening seems to be 10 minutes, but you might want to err on the side of caution!

7. If you wish to ask me a question in game, Quote my name so I can see it

8. Do not discuss the game with anyone outside the thread, except for people specified in your role PM, and then only at such times as the PM specifies.

9. Do not quote or paraphrase too closely any PMs you receive from the mod. If you are afraid that your paraphrasing is too close, contact me.

10. All players should post at least once every 36 hours. If you expect to be away for more than 36 hours, please let me know either through PM or in the game thread.
Failure to do this will result in me sending you a prod via PM and in thread.

11. If you can no longer participate in the game, let me know and I will try to find a replacement to beat you with.

12. All players in the winning team win, Anyone who is subbed out or modkilled LOSE and are condemned to the wasteland

13. Roles were randomly assigned with the traditional dice-and-a-tuppence-coin method.

14. You may not post in the game thread during night phases.

15. No Cryptoclaiming, As I am far to lazy to decode such pith, You will be shot for attemping it(modkill)

16. As this will be curtailed by the nightmare that is Christmas, I wont set to many deadlines, But I will set one if I feel its dragging on I will but will provide a good amount of notice.

We have a few new players in this game, so if you don't get any of the technical Jargon you can look it up on the Mafia Wiki at

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

15 months has passed and now Idyllia is now a mere shell of what it once was. Criminal organisations attempt to seize control of the island to use it as a drug smuggling centre for their global operations.

Dimitar Cade(ViolatorX leader of the Rezurrection Movement) Was a former army commander and when the country fell apart, Decided to take it upon his own hands to salvage what was left of the city and restore it back to its former glory. Using his squad which was the bulk of the Idyllia's army he fought to achieve this.

He preferred to lead from the front and that made him popular with the people. After months of anarchy his forces managed to eliminate the rival gangs and seize control.

Although ruthless with his enemies, He was a caring man and devoted the rest of his time after the hostilities seized to rebuilding Alcada the eastern capital.

As a result of this Eastern Idyllia is now a safe place to travel. Plans to reopen Idyllia to the world are in place and will be completed upon the presentation of a memorial statue for the people who have given their lives to help restore the country.
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Present Day (Idyllia Great Memorial Statue Opening Alcada 1900hrs)

The president of the country is upon centre stage with world media about to do the first speech since the great explosion that cut-off the country from the rest of the world.

Dimitar Cade - Ladies and Gentlemen from around the world and people of Alcada I thank you for being here today and...........

*boom* *shatter* *crash*

A huge explosion erupts and everything in a 10m radius has now become a crater in the ground. Glass and blood are everywhere and rubble litters the centre of the only just restored capital city Alcada, Its leader and hero hasbeen killed and so has hundreds more people. Will this country ever be restored to its former glory.

Who would do such a thing why would anyone want the chaos weve been through again?

Registered People Of Importance

8 Grynn(NotfrenchYet)
11 Nmillar

In Memory Of:
0.Violator X(President) (Blown up night 0 Bomb Attack)
15 itai.sharim(Vanilla Townie) (Necklaced Day 1 Lynch)
1 Joesapphire (Town Lover) (Shattered to pieces Night 1)
9 Rodzaju - (Town Universal Backup Lyncher) (Beaten and stabbed day 2)
2 Vitek - (Traitor) (Bolted through the skull night 2)
4 Orryyrro(Role cop Shattered Hand Mafia) - Electrocuted Day 3
7 Twilightbard (Roleblocker Gambiani Family Mafia) (Pumped full of lead night 3)
10 Robbeasy (Hammerer Gambiani Family Mafia) (Pulverised Night 3)
3 Sirprimalform (Town Vengeful Bomb) (Pressed the button day 4)
5 Zchinque (Town Vanilla) (Wrong place wrong time day 4)
13 Damnation (Town Vanilla) (Cooked his last supper night 4)
14 Red Baron) (Town JOAT) (Shot himself day 5)
12 Bazilisek (Town Paranoid Doc) (Pulse stopped night 5)
6 jefequeso (Town Scorned Lover/Compolsive Vig) (Fluffed her lines modkilled day 6)
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Game Has Now Started
Who did the thing then guys? Come on, 'fess up.
i have no idea what to do here...*scratches head* not it?
I did do some reading so far on trying to deal with RVS, but nothing really came to mind, except for the fact that, RVS actually needs to be taken seriously to a point, you can't dismiss votes by saying they're just RVS. Didn't bring this up in Game 8 because it didn't seem fair to at the time.

Was reading that asking questions could be a helpful start, but I'm not sure what to ask that doesn't seem like I'm rolefishing
I reckon it was that Joe fella... vote JoeSapphire (Woah! :O ).
Pre-emptive strike:
Vote Nmillar
To keep him on his toes:

Vote Rodzaju
Oh not again! I'm getting too old for this shit.

Vote Damnation
how about vote Twilightbard
Rodzaju: Pre-emptive strike:
Vote Nmillar
I'm shocked; really, I am. How could you do this to me? I thought we'd got through our problems, then you go and do something like this? ;)

Cruward_Darkeyes: how about vote Twilightbard
You need to bold your votes, so it's easier for the moderator to spot them.
Pseudo-vote Grynn as he has shortest name. I found I can't bold text on phone so I can't vote for real right now.
Rodzaju: Pre-emptive strike:
Vote Nmillar
nmillar: I'm shocked; really, I am. How could you do this to me? I thought we'd got through our problems, then you go and do something like this? ;)

Cruward_Darkeyes: how about vote Twilightbard
nmillar: You need to bold your votes, so it's easier for the moderator to spot them.
i know but i pressd bold and it didnt do it...idk iv never used bold before so i gess i got it wrong i wouldv edited it but you cant so yeah i just left it
Cruward_Darkeyes: i know but i pressd bold and it didnt do it...idk iv never used bold before so i gess i got it wrong i wouldv edited it but you cant so yeah i just left it
The easiest way to do it is to highlight the text you want in bold, and then click the bold button.