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Risen 2 Dark Waters

Complete List and Reviews
Already finished:

Been a while since I've finished any games. Just been busy with the baby and looking for a new job.

Starting off with few handheld games that I've beaten on my Nexus 7. No doubt easier to get time to play these.
Game Dev Story
Got my tablet just recently so not been able to play this before. Really addictive, but the game gets easy after you made your first breakthrough. Not interested in second playthough ie. another 20 years. I think I got one of the other Kairosoft games already from a recent Google Play sale. So need to try that instead.

Gravity Guy
This was from that very same sale. Gravity Guy is a mixture between Canabalt and VVVVVV. Endless runner in one sense. It has story and ending though. Quite neat actually. The end-game gets really difficult and if you wasted your power-ups it is very hard to beat. Luckily you can always buy these for real money, which is great of course! /sarcasm. Anyway I managed to beat the game without needing to pay a penny. Well I did pay for the game.

Real Racing 2
This is EA's version Forza/GT for iOS/Android platforms. As simulation styled as possible for touchscreen. Works well, but need to have the auto throttle on. Which makes the game bit too easy. Still got to admit that I was positively surprised about this.

Also probably worth mentioning, especially since I've sank so much time on to this.:
This is interesting strategic match-3 game. Actually pretty good. Its both addictive and quite funny. Anyway I can't say I've beaten it since there are few levels left. It has the same IAP curse as many handheld games have. You can buy different power-ups to help out if the levels get too tricky. Which they do. Literally there is only few available solutions for the latter levels if you want to play without paying. I have no problems throwing some money at devs to support them, but this is clearly bit too much on the milking side. If the game only had a price tag and levels were more fairer. Not this IAP bs.

Hotline Miami
There are tons of views of this game out there already so I don't need to brag this any further. Hotline Miami is not for everyone, but I love it. Beaten the main story, but not done with the game fully yet.

Borderlands 2
Finally! Steam says I got closer to 60h, but there is lots of idle time on it. Anyway, at first I didn't think this was so much better than the first game. But after beating the game I think it is better. Only complaint is in the damn UI. It is messy and the mouse scroll keeps on bugging on the vending machines almost every time. Finished the game with Salvador, the gunzerker dude who can dual wield. It took me almost 20 levels before I understood how to properly use his special skill. Ended up beating the game solo, which was actually easy. Got only downed once on the first part, but it was never a problem to get back up. The second part was even easier, longer of course. Didn't have any trouble probably because I had so many stats on elemental dmg resistance. Played half of the game with Korell, which is how this game should be played. With someone. Just wanted to rush to the ending since I will have a very hectic week ahead of me again. If I got the time will play with him still of course. So definitely not done with BL2 quite yet. Would be tempted to see how the assassin/sniper dude plays. I've got the mechagirl as well thanks to the pre-order. Not interested in playing with that character though. Probably will be getting the season pass.
Finished Need For Speed: Most wanted today (again)
Finished Paper Mario (On the N64) Yesterday...
Started and finished Limbo a couple of days ago....
Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Still great.
Spec Ops: The Line (PC) - strong story, kinda spoiled from the reviews, although it still threw me a few really nice curveballs. Gameplay is an astoundingly unambitious copypaste of Gears of War's, though.

The Walking Dead Episode 1: A New Day (PC) - wonky animations, weird sound quality, somewhat weak voice acting at times, occasional cheap ploys to get you emotionally invested... and still completely awesome. Gonna play episode 2 tomorrow.
just finished Rogue Squadron for N64.
Whitecroc: Spec Ops: The Line (PC) - strong story, kinda spoiled from the reviews, although it still threw me a few really nice curveballs. Gameplay is an astoundingly unambitious copypaste of Gears of War's, though.
I'm playing this one now and wow. I don't generally like shooters all that much (since I'm pretty pathetic at them), but I'm enjoying the hell out of this game. Just hit chapter 11 last night. Really looking forward to my game session this evening.

Anyway, on topic: Finished Planescape:Torment a couple nights ago. Great, great story.

The Journey Down Ep1
Yakuza 4
Fallout New Vegas
Deus Ex Human Revolution
L.A. Noire
Red Dead Redemption

Loved em all.
I have such a large back log though and I am sure it'll only grow in size.
I finished Zombie Shooter today. I played it'S sequel first and I liked it more. It's OK game but nothing special, which is fine because it costed less than 1.5 Euro. I like the bloodbath but there is nothing else to it.

It deserves 5.5/10.

I also completed GTA:Vice City yesterday. I played it before many years ago but this is the first time I got 100% completion. I used walkthrough to locate Jumps and Packages. It is still great games but, dear god, those damn bugs! Also those crazy cops...

It deserves 8.5/10. I would award it 9/10, not factoring bugs, but I have to factor constant crashes forcing me to reset setting over and over again.

I also added GTA 3 to my list, thanks to Vice City. I finished it few months ago but it was forgotten until now. It is worse game in almost any field compared to VIce City and I would award it 7/10 but thanks to flawless experience with minimum bugs and no crashes, I rate it 7.5/10.

Full list.
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The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For Help (PC) - Better and more focused than the first, but plotline was a bit cheap.

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead (PC) - Fantastic stuff.

The Walking Dead Episode 4: Behind Every Corner (PC) - ...
Might and Magic 7. Really enjoyed it, I'm sad that it's over now. I think I'm gonna go on (back) to 6. And also pick up my World of Xeen game (3-5 are also very fun, but have a really different feel imo) again. Full review here.
I've been poking around freeware this year, till recently, so (links to the reviews I wrote):

Dink Smallwood
Empires of Arkeia (if it counts, being just a browser game)
The Spirit Engine
The Spirit Engine II
Two Worlds II

Also finished the first 5 campaigns in Battle for Wesnoth and the first 2 in vanilla Empire Earth and the first one in the expansion.

Currently sitting tight and waiting for a failed HDD to be replaced, if I had 3 failures in 5 years I'd really rather not strain this 5 y/o one (replacement for the first that failed in that series) with anything now when I no longer have a backup (this being it so far).
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Ultima I & II. Horrible games. Hope the Ultima III is when the series starts being good. :X

Oh yeah, also: Lion King. It's my GF's favourite childhood game. She never got past the waterfall in level 4 or 5, together we beat the whole thing. Perhaps the hardest game I have ever beaten... additionally the ending was a huge letdown. :P

Did I also mention beating the Empire Earth campaign? Awful, just awful...
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Okay, just finished Spec Ops: The Line. Holy F*** what a game. Damn, this is what gaming is all about. Great, great game.