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i just finished Persona arena 4 in arcade mode.
Muffin Knight

Fun and addicting take on Super Crate Box - for a while. Beat the original difficulty setting, but no desire to grind for the unlocked next difficulty setting (prince), much less the incredible grind that it would take to unlock the bonus level. So yeah, this game requires grinding.

Also the controller and widescreen resolution support could use some work.

Gunman Clive

Very short but sweet platformer with guns, sorta like Mega Man. Love the art style.

Guerilla Bob

Finished the Arcade/Story mode. Didn't like it very much - just not much fun.
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i just finished Shadows of the Empire.
Tiny & Big: Grandpa's Leftovers:
A fun game, but more than a tad bit on the short side. The whole gimmick of the game is that you have a laser that can cut rocks, which is what almost everything in the environment consists. Almost all of the games problems consists of finding ways to get from point A to point B, by using your rock cutting laser, a grappling hook that lets you drag rocks and a rocket that lets you push rocks.

A level editor would have been great for this game.
Aaaand Opposing Force is done. I'm officially ready for Black Mesa.

But damn, the old HL games are buggy on Steam. Got stuck in elevators all the time, and some doors just would not open. Well, thank the gods for the in-game console.
09-12-12 The Binding Of Isaac (Steam)

Games finished in 2012
Dark Scavenger
A rather odd adventure/CRPG hybrid. The combat system was the weakest part of the game, while the well drawn (if a bit odd) art was the strongest one. It was also not altogether predictable, and the game rewards the player for paying attention.
Alan Wake's American Nightmare is in the bag. Despite being different in tone from the original game, I still very much enjoyed the game and the desert setting was exquisite. It all felt very authentic.

I tried my hand at the Fight 'Till Dawn horde mode, and found it fairly enjoyable. I only played one round but it is a good deal of additional content for a relatively short game (~5 hours).

So far:
Just Cause 2
Cave Story+
Area 51
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Star Wars: Jedi Academy
STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl
Metro 2033
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Mirror's Edge
Thief II: The Metal Age
Alan Wake
Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link
Alan Wake's American Nightmare
WarCraft III

Working on the expansion now. Hard mode is hard.

Did I mention Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (PSP)? I've still got loads of stuff left to do in it, but the main story has been finished once.
Cardinal Quest

Nice little bare-bones roguelike, but as I read somebody mention the character balance is a bit off. Something is wrong when all three classes end up using the same strategy by the end - avoiding melee in favor of spells for damage.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Definitely a case of style over substance. Overall I guess it was all right, but not deserving to be in the company of the other games from Humble Bundle 5 (except maybe Lone Survivor.)
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Just finished Raptor - Call of the Shadow. Not a bad game. I started it looong time ago. First I was getting my ass kicked, then I discovered power of auto-minigun and laser turret. I was still struggling and put it aside again until I found out how much better are mouse controls over keyboard ones. They are much more responsive and I was suddenly able to dodge shots that I had no chance to dodge before. Then the game became much easier and I went through Tango Region and Outer Realms much faster.
It is quite hard and I played Tyrian last year and I liked it much more. It has better weapons, regenerating health, so it's easier, and some funny levels and enemies, which I enjoyed more than this serious and non-regenerative game. It deserves 7/10.

Full list.
errm still 0 lmao :)
Ian: errm still 0 lmao :)
I think we all should buy Ian a short game each, so that he won't end this year with 0 finished games.
Ian: errm still 0 lmao :)
AFnord: I think we all should buy Ian a short game each, so that he won't end this year with 0 finished games.
heck thanks lol :D - I am determined to finish Witcher soon, but i keep dying lol :) (I also spend a lot of time on the forums :))
Just finished Project Black Sun

Very nice and amazingly cheap ($2 on Desura) metroidvania title. Could use some story though - you seem to be just a guy who accidentally fell into a mine or something, and never is it revealed just what this "Project" is. Also pretty hard - you only start out with 2 heart containers, so 2 hits and you're finished. Its amazing how much more fun it gets after you find the first extra container.

Containment: Zombie Puzzler

The story and atmosphere of the campaign mode made up for the not too exciting gameplay, but achievement collecting is not a good enough incentive for me to spend time on the Survival mode.
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