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09-16-12 Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition (GOG)

Games finished in 2012
AFnord - thank you for your generosity :) you made me smile very wide :D
Alone in the Dark 1 and it was the kind of survival horror i love
Still only Mass Effect 3. Good game, but doesn't live up its predecessor. Much too easy, sadly, and of course the way the finale plays out is disappointing. Have had a lot of fun with the multiplayer though, didn't expect that at all.
Today I just completed Dementium 2 for DS. It's a fun first person survival horror and an improvement from the first but I wish it was longer.
Hmm.. let's see...

Cthulhu Saves the World -- Okami -- Fester's Quest -- Kirby's Return to Dreamland -- Scott Pilgrim vs The World -- Kingdom Hearts re:Coded -- Back to the Future: The Game -- Solatorobo: Red the Hunter -- Sam & Max: Save the Earth -- Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Space -- Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse -- Jurassic Park: The Game -- Walking Dead: Episode 1...

I think that may actually be it, sadly. There's some non-new games I beat a second time, but I don't think those should count (unless someone says otherwise). The ones I listed I have beaten for the first time, this year. Yes, even that NES game and some which are a couple years old. I've got a massive backloggery I'm going through right now.

I know, I own like tons of GOG games, and yet I haven't played one lately. It's ironic.
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Ian: ...
You could check out:

One Chance

All free, all (very) short and all (IMO) worth playing.
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I just finished Reversion, a short but sweet free adventure game (and the first part of a planned series). Puzzles were not too hard, nor too easy, and they did for the most part make sense. Highly recommended
I just finished Battle field3 last week, Now I am all gearing up for Max Payne3.
Portable Ice Maker
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Max Payne 3
Batman: Arkham City
Sleeping Dogs
Alan Wake + American Nightmare
Saints Row: The Third
L.A. Noire
Mass Effect 3
Binary Domain
The Darkness II
The Tiny Bang Story

The games are not in order of play.

Working on:
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Spec Ops: The Line
Darksiders 2
Deus Ex: HR
Just finished Wing Commander.
Already finished:

Soulcaster 2
Not too different to the first game. Maybe tad more difficult and the level design more suitable for strategy. Short and sweet. Although Escape Goat this guys best game imo.

Slightly disappointed about this. Really loved Samorost games, but this felt tedious. The certain mandatory animations seemed to drag on for bit too long. Also the back-tracking doesn't help.

Half Life 2
Finished my first ever playthrough of Half Life 2 now. Must admit that I am bit disappointed by this as well. Waited too long with this and/or had too high expectations. Would have surely enjoyed this more eight years ago. Nothing majorly wrong about this. Not enough variation in the enemies and the levels, especially the city/sewer stuff felt bit too alike. Also finally understand why some people mention the story being bit bs, especially the ending. Got both ep 1 and 2 already, but not really interested in playing these. At least I can say I've finished HL2 now.

Well technically I haven't finished this, but will do so today. Only few levels left. Played this on the N7, not that it would be much different on any one platform. At times game is funny even if its silly. Quite clear from the interface is and the controls that this his first game. Or first proper game?! Maybe this is on the Android version only, but there doesn't seem to be a way from the level back to main menu without finishing everything.
Finished Steel Storm: Burning Retribution.

Full List
09-19-12 Torchlight (Steam)

Games finished in 2012
Just completed Avernum Escape from the Pit. It was a tough ride but I managed to defeat the Emperor with my 3 characters. I played the whole game on normal, but the last fight had to turn down to casual as my characters were way too low a lvl to fight that quest and seeing I had 3 instead of 4, made it worse.

One of the things I learned about that fight is that I think that if I had gotten 5 more lvls for each of my characters, that would be much better. That and I should have bought 2 extra levels for some of the backup extra skills for my mage and 2nd fighter.

The cool thing is that the game is almost too replayable. I will definitely replay the game with more tricks to the trade next time around and try different characters and a different ending.

Gotta love those create a party rpgs :)