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EDIT: I'll come up with a better offer......
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Updated and improved offer with current GOG promo:

Azrael360: ( Bump )
Check your PM - you might need to revise your offer ;-p
Want :
Deadly Premonition :the directors cut
The inner world
magrunner: dark pulse
Syder arcade
dream machine 1-3

Offers (gog,steam,desura)

have for trade:

Humble steam gift links:
Giana sisters:twisted dreams
The swapper
Dust: an elysian tale
beat buddy:tale of the guardians
starseed pilgrim

greed: black border
slam bolt scrappers
project aftermath
hydrophobia prophecy


Project apt
Siege of Inaolia
Space splice
paradigm shift
defenders of the last colony
Zafehouse: diaries
Zombies ruined my day
fairy bloom freesia
radical roach
millenium 2
diehard dungeon
end my world
manor of the damned
iron grip marauders $10 content coupon
big head bash content pack

traded with:
momo1991,cj13810, Giltonnam, Heretic777, Tarnicus, triock, Azrael360, MoonGoddess, 09167, roygbiv309, pandaliang, undeadcow, alexkoti, roelibex, stooner, cmdr_flashheart, oasis789, Aveweto
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Howdy-hey, everybody! I've got way too many spare keys on hand, and I'm looking to trade them off for some games and other miscellaneous stuff.

A full list of my wares can be found here.

If you're interested in anything there, feel free to leave a reply there, or PM me on GOG with an offer.

Here's a list of some of the games I've been looking for* (I'm also open to negotiation and other offers):

*Remember: I don't have these games! I'm looking to trade my games at from the above link for the following games!*

Retro/Grade (Steam)
Evoland (Steam)
Sid Meier's Pirates! (Steam)
7 Grand Steps (Steam)
Wizardry 6, 7, and/or 8 (GOG)
Omikron: The Nomad Soul (GOG)
any of the Legacy of Kain games, except Soul Reaver (GOG)
Deus Ex 2: Invisible War (GOG)
Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico
Daikatana (GOG)
Pandemonium! (GOG)

People I have successfully traded with: Impaler26, Accatone
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Looking for Steam keys for these games:
Goat Simulator
Doctor Who Adventure Game

PM me so we can discuss the trade
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edit: done
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oasis789's updated trading inventory
Gameslinger: snip
If that GoG key for Fallout is from the freebie last year then it's expired and won't work. Just wanted to give you a heads up just in case :)
Gameslinger: snip
Giltonnam: If that GoG key for Fallout is from the freebie last year then it's expired and won't work. Just wanted to give you a heads up just in case :)
Ooh, yikes! Thanks for the heads-up. I got this from another trade, and didn't check before listing it. I'll remove it from my offer ASAP.
I have five gift codes for Torchlight on GOG that I completely forgot I had. If anyone's interested, I'll trade them for pretty much anything you care to part with.
Looking for friendly Russian traders with PayPal accounts (and some rep). PM me.
Have: Bioshock Infinite Steam code (region-free)

Want: 3x TF2-D2-CSGO keys or Tomb Raider GOTY
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