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Have a copy of Blackguards for steam that I would like to trade for Banner Saga, Divinity Original Sin or other interesting titles.

Reply there or send a PM here if interested.

edit: also, for GOG

[H] The longest Journey <-> [W] Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars
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updated list
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventure (GOG)
Creatures Exodus (GOG)
Darksiders (Steam)
Titan Quest Gold (Steam)
Alan Wake Collector's Edition (Steam)
Max Payne 3 (Steam)
Sword of the Stars: The Pit Gold (Steam, Humble gift)
Hack, Slash, Loot (Steam, Humble gift)
Dungeons of Dredmor (Steam, Humble gift)
Alan Wake American Nightmare (Steam)
Reus (Steam, Humble gift)
Papo & Yo (Steam, Humble gift)
To the Moon (Steam, Humble gift)
Arma 1 Gold (Steam, Humble gift)
Paranautical Activity (Steam, Humble gift)
UFO Afterlight (Steam, Humble gift)
Stike Suit Zero (Steam, Humble gift)

Want (willing to trade multiple keys in some cases):
Offers (not too picky)
La Noire (Steam, prefer DLC included but not necessarily - will be $2.99 on EC w/ coupon 1/23-1/31)
Hitman Collection (Steam, on sale for $8.99)
Two Worlds 1 (GOG)
Knock-Knock (GOG)
Splinter Cell (GOG)
Arx Fatalis (GOG)
Heroes of Might & Magic 5: Complete (GOG)
Descent 1+2 (GOG)
Resident Evil 6 (Steam)
Resident Evil: Revelations (Steam)
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Thank you roelibex for the trade!
Will trade multiple keys for the latest humble bundle weekly sale


Planescape Torment (GOG)
Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition (GOG)
System Shock 2 (steam)
Thomas Was Alone (Steam)
McPixel (Steam)
Botanicula (Steam)
Metro 2033 (Steam)
Legend of Grimrock (Steam)


Papers Please
Duke Nukem
Amnesia a Machine for Pigs
Omikron the Nomad Soul
Aarklash Legacy

Offers, preferably GOG games. I like plat former adventure and shooter games.

Successfully traded with: Momo1991, sanchit117, Robette
Trades done for now!

Thanks to shayne3 and gbaz69 for nice trades!
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$2.90 Groupees gift link bundle( ) with the following games:

Saturday Morning RPG
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman
Irem Arcade hits
Gobliins Trilogy

Sid Meier's Civilization® III Complete (Steam tradeable gift, not a key)
Torchlight (GOG)
Oozi: Earth Adventure (steam key)
Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold (Steam Key)
Worms: Ultimate Mayhem
Worms: Crazy Golf

I am willing to part with multiple items for this trade.

Traded with: gbaz69, DProject (x2), Momo1991, YaYosucka, Azrael360, AFNord
Games for Trade


Bundle Keys:
Gotham City Impostors: Professional Kit
King's Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack
Magicka + 2 DLC (Dungeons and Daemons and Vietnam)
Mirror's Edge
Naval Warfare
Orcs Must Die! GOTY
Reign: Conflict of Nations
Sanctum: Collection
Steel Storm: Complete Edition
Strike Suit Zero
The Millennium Skins Pack for Batman™: Arkham Origins

March of War $10 ingame coupon


Chompy Chomp Chomp
Major Mayhem

No Time to Explain

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinaav


Salvation Prophecy


Successfully traded with Alexkoti :)
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-Defender's Quest (GOG)
-Geneforge 1-5 (GOG)
-Tremor coins (will differ each day)
They have lots of desura/steam games too, if you dont have an account you can pm me to see if they have something you want.

- Any game(s) from the Nordic promo i don't have.

We can work something out.
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Trine 2 (Steam Inventory Gift)
Surgeon Simulator 2013 (Steam)


Half-Minute Hero
Dust: An Elysian Tai
lugum: -Dragon's Lore
Thanks for the trade mate!