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Does anyone have a key for the GOG edition of XIII? Sad that this game is gone. :(
what would you offer for xiii?
Seems to be mostly people looking to trade steamkey for GOG games.

Uplay - FarCry 3 key


Good Steam offers
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We got mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice.
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I have a season pass for the episodic indie adventure game Cognition. It is available on the developer's website ( for $30. It is planned for four episodes; episodes one and two are out right now, and the season pass will allow you to get the other two episodes when they come out. I am looking to get either Elder Scrolls: Morrowind or Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines (whichever you'd rather me have) on Steam. They are both $20. So, you'd save $10! PM me if you are interested! :)
HeDanny: We got mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice.
You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave.
Indie Gala Flash Bundle (Beat The Average Edition)
Strike Suit Zero

GamersGate Games (as gifts):

Alien Shooter Gold Pack
Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughter Dome
Death to Spies Moment of Truth
Gothic II
Gothic II: Night of the Raven
Men of War
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution (Indiefort Bundle)
Theatre of War 2: Africa 1943
Zombie Shooter
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