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JMich: Edit: Promo pack deal completed with Iain.
Trade completed now with JMich, awesome mate, thanks :)
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ne_zavarj: I'm disappointed .

Removed my last classifieds .
we don't always get what we want mate - and it is not a reason to be disappointed
I figured I might as well get my list of haves and have nots up, to see if I might be able to swap for something things I'm interested in



Alien Soldier
Avadon: The Black Fortress (Mac)
Avernum: Escape From the Pit (Mac)
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar's Directors Cut (Mac)
Cardinal Quest (Mac)
Dark Scavenger (Mac)
Din's Curse (Mac)
Eschalon: Book 1 Mac
Eschalon: Book 2 Mac
Fantasy Wars
Fortix 2
Fortix 2 (Mac)
Gunstar Heroes
Intrusion 2
King's Bounty The Legend (Mac – 2 Copies)
King's Bounty: Armored Princess (Mac – 2 Copies)
Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole
Light Crusader
Revenge of the Titans (Mac)
Shining in the Darkness
Sid Meier's Railroads!
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution...
Space Rangers 2 Reboot
Streets of Rage
Streets of Rage 2
Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers (Mac)
Trine (Mac)
UFO: Afterlight
UFO: Aftermath
UFO: Aftershock
Wanderlust: Rebirth
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
Zombie Shooter

1C Games:

7.62 - High Calibre (Unused serial keys)
A Farewell to Dragons
A.I.M Racing
A-Race Extreme Show
Brigade E5 - New Jagged Union
Classic Car Racing
Cuban Missile Crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis Ice Crusade
Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars
Cannon Strike
Desert Law
Death Track: Resurrection
Death to Spies
Death to Spies Moment of Truth
Freight Tycoon
Hard Truck Apocalypse - Rise of Clans
Korea: Forgotten Conflict
King of the Road
El Matador
Mortyr 2093-1944
Men of War (Unused serial keys)
Men of War: Assault... (Unused serial keys)
Men of War Red Tide (Unused serial keys)
Men of War: Vietnam... (Unused serial keys)
Off-Road Drive
Pacific Storm (Unused serial keys)
Pacific Storm Allies (Unused serial keys)
RC Cars
Spells of Gold
Streets of Moscow
Space Rangers
Space Rangers 2
The Stalin Subway
Swashbucklers Blue vs. Grey
Gooka - The Mystery of Janatris
Theatre of War 2:...
Theatre of War 2: Battle for Caen...
Theatre of War 2: Centauro
Theatre of War 3...
The Stalin Subway: Red Veil
The Tomorrow War
UAZ Racing 4x4
Vivisector: Beast Within
Whirlwind of Vietnam
World War I
XIII Century – Blood of Europe
XIII Century - Death or Glory
You Are Empty


Gifts Funds

I will accept gift funds on iTunes or Blue Coins from Gamersgate. I think 75% off the regular price is fair, or 33% lower than any current sale price.


Capitalism Plus
Capitalism 2
Imperialism 2
System Shock 2
The Witcher 2
The Sam and Max Games
Sword of the Stars: The Pit


Farcry 3
Football Manager 2012/2013
Skyrim DLC (Once I have Skyrim)
Sword of the Stars: The Pit
Prison Architect
Sanf-Froid - Tales of Werewolves
Any of the Ys games
Any Borderland 2 DLCs


Diablo 3
Starcraft 2
Prison Architect

I'm open to offers, as well. I play mostly RPGs and Strategy Games, and through I have most of what I'm interested in you might surprise me, so don't hesitate to make an offer.
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Doing a cleanout of my unusued HIB Steam keys - these are what I have - make an offer for them... as I'm not too sure what I want (alternatively I might just give them out via or Steamgifts if I don't get any bites here)

Each line is it's own key - so those with more than one game on a line come as a pack... and if you're interested preference goes to those who have the least number of the games

Humble Bundle with Android V -
Beat Hazard Ultra
Night Sky
Solar 2
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Crayon Physics Deluxe

Humble Indie Bundle 2 -
Cortex Command

Humble Indie Bundle 3 -
Cortex Command

Humble Indie Bundle V -
LIMBO, Amnesia, Sword & Sworcery, and Psychonauts
Bastion - GONE
Super Meat Boy, Lone Survivor, and Braid

Will come back and edit this post when I can think of what I'd like to trade for... or if keys get taken
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No need for this anymore
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Trade done thanks Ian :-)
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......................... closed
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Full IndieGala Colossus Bundle gift


IndieRoyale - The Thoughtful Bundle gift
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thank you summitus for a very easy trade +1