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Banned, because it wasn't orange juice, but lemons. He knew HMA couldn't make lemonade.
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banned cause the staff gave you lemon lime instead of orange
Banned because you've never heard the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and then toss it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons until they give you the oranges you asked for in the first place!"

You're also banned for being able to post a link without putting it in a quote despite the fact that you have a negative amount of rep. What's up with that?
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Banned for quoting J.K. Simmons after he voiced a lItErAl nAzI and should be erased from history for it!
Banned because Simmons was JK-ing.
banned cause you didn't know, how many gog employees one needs to change a light bulb
Banned because the answer is two; one to hold the light bulb and one to turn the ladder.
Banned because that's the Valve answer, GOG needs 3 people to screw in a lightbulb and 1 more to screw in a second but he drops it at his own bare feet.
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Banned for letting the light bulb fall and shatter!
Banned because I use candles.
Banned because I am a candle! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Banned for being wicked.
^ banned for not observing that fact sooner
Banned for watching Twisted, which is Starkid's version of Wicked. I personally recommend it.

Edit: ninja'd
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Banned for having an antique watch where you have to wind the spring daily to make it work. The only old-timey things GOG approves of are classic, retro games.
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