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Banned for clumsily using banners... or something.
Banned, because "or something" indicates you don't have the proper work ethic for our demanding banning job.
Your papers are banned, please.
Banned for English abuse.
Banned, because neither Morolf nor his dragon is English.
Banned for imagining dragons.
Banned for letting his imagination run in the wild when it should be walking inside the house.
Post edited June 19, 2021 by Krooked_
Banned for not using your inside voice when you wake everyone up in the morning!
^ banned for banning a banner for doing what they must to accomplish a thankless task
^ Banned for the murder of Paul Allen.
Banned because it's hip to be square.
banned for having square hips
Banned for having hairy lips.
Banned for having limbs made of pasta.
banned for having macaroni elbows