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Banned for reminding me of my favorite moment in all of Planet of the Apes, which is when Andy Serkis as Ceaser screams "NNNNOOOOOOOO!".
Banned for enjoying watching evolution going backwards taking over the earth.
Post edited May 06, 2021 by albinistic
banned for buying an illegal "political" game.
Banned because you're probably wondering how I banned so many people. It's banno machines, son.
^ Banned, for bragging about such a gruesome activity as banning someone.
Banned for ban-shaming.
Banned for not being ashamed of having unjustly banned so many users.
banned, for even mentioning shame here, for after all, banning is what this thread is all about
^ Banned, for shameless promotion of banning.
Banned for banning shame-shaming!
Banned for shaming ban-banning.
Banned for ban tanning.
Banned for jumping on the Ban-wagon.
banned for riding the ban-train
banned for falling off the ban wagon