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Banned, because apple is neither. Much rather, it is a company selling overpriced tech products of dubious quality.
Banned for being correct.
You're both banned for for generous use of the word "dubious".
MichaelD.965: You're both banned for for generous use of the word "dubious".
Banned for typing the word "for" twice.
banned, for impersonating a moderately popular female songstress
Banned, for having a title so long it takes 2 lines.
Banned for not appreciating Gandalf quotes!
Banned for not appreciating Shelob quotes.
Banned for wanting me to appreciate any input of a giant spider.
^ Banned, for calling Spider-Gwen fat.
^ banned for not knowing that my forum title is my own quote and for posting "Spider-Gwen fat" because if a space and the f and a are removed it spells "Spider Gwent"
Banned for mixing up Shelob with Spider-Gwen.
banned for allowing me to ninja you
Banned for compelling me to tell this story: About a week ago on Know Your Meme, a template was added to show 4 people who either know sex or don't, and either do it or don't. The comments lead to somebody asking, "How do you think Goku became a dad?" I said, "Mouth-present, obviously." A third person had a micro-rant about how I beat him to that joke by mere seconds.
banned, because timing is everything