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Transport Fever 2

Updated from 35230 to 35246 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog from the Transport Fever 2 website:
Version 35246 (March 14, 2023)
* Improved debug output for certain crashes
* Fixed crash related to mods incorrectly using translation strings
* Fixed crash related to deletion of lines in quick succession
* Fixed crash related to old campaign savegames from before the update

No Man's Sky

Updated from 4.13 to 4.14

Changelog from the No Man's Sky website:
Bug fixes
* Fixed an issue that could cause some players to lose discoveries.
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Disco Elysium
They added a Collage Mode.
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Dreams in the Witch House

Updated to 1.05 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

- Fixed an issue where leaving the library hall could have caused a crash if day cycle change happened at the same time
- Fixed an issue where Walter might have got stuck at the library rooms, if room change and day cycle change happened at the same time
- Fixed an issue where Walter commented about having a study session with Allison on Sunday dawn, if he missed the meeting on the Saturday before
- Fixed an issue where Walter commented on the kidnapped child after waking up, even if he had saved the child already
- Hovering mouse over Sickness status label in Character Bar now shows Sickness advancement rate multiplier
- Added more detailed medicine descriptions to Witchopedia
- Minor typo fixes

Balance adjustments:

- Sickness increase speed halved if Walter is not Drenched / Freezing
- Adjusted Sickness increase / decrease values when Walter is sleeping / resting to be consistent
- Adjusted Cultist city encounter chance
- Normal difficulty: Increased starting money to 12 (was 10)

- Easy difficulty: Increased starting money to 14 (was 12)
- Easy difficulty: Weekly allowance increased to 14 dollars (was 12)
- Easy difficulty: Exam money rewards increased by one dollar
- Easy difficulty: Good sleep now grants +0.5 SAN bonus (was +0.2)
- Easy difficulty: Good rest now grants +0.2 SAN bonus (was +0.1)
- Easy difficulty: Odd Job payment increased to 3 dollars (was 2 dollars)
- Easy difficulty: Allison / Elwood conversation Sanity gain increased to +0.5 (was +0.2)
- Easy difficulty: Buying Bootleg whisky gives now 10 doses of alcohol (was 5)

Thanks to everyone who helped to locate and fix the bugs!
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Ruvika: Disco Elysium
They added a Collage Mode.
Only galaxy and the Mac offline installer, so far, I believe; not yet the Windows offline installer.
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The Tenants

Updated to 1.1a (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Full 1.1 Patch Notes


- Implemented district levels accompanied by a new form of progression.
- Implemented job favors.
- Implemented the ability to swap the end-game assistant.
- Implemented Elite Contract entries in Steve's Guidebook.
- Implemented rent tips.
- Implemented ceiling-based items.
- Implemented the ability to swap player avatars.
- Reworked the Agents app into the Districts app.


- Added 10 new early-game renovation jobs in Slums.
- Added over 90 new furniture items.
- Added 20 Workshop items.
- Added 30 new Unique furniture items salvageable by Uncle Steve.
- Added 20 new player avatars.
- Added 5 new Phone wallpapers.


- Added a new +$10k bidding option in auctions.
- Added an option to cancel and close the tenant trait swap popup.
- Added the option to adjust starting landlord points in Creative Mode.
- Made the tenant entries in the apartment context menu clickable, focusing the camera on them and opening their context menu.
- Disabled the ability to sell tenant beds in renovation requests to avoid potential issues.
- Tweaked the asset compression method to improve loading times.


- Limited free outlets in the aunt apartment tutorial section to 3.
- Reworked and added new proximity bonuses for many furniture items.
- Reduced the amount of trash in renovation jobs in favor of more unique items.


- Fixed a visual glitch with one of the Manhattan buildings.
- Fixed a visual glitch related to furniture wall-alignment indicators appearing in front of Manhattan windows.
- Fixed an issue with some couches not lining up as they should.
- Fixed an issue with not matching color variants for some of the kitchen counters.
- Fixed an issue with the move tenant feature being redeemed for all tenants after using it only once.
- Fixed an issue with apartments not updating properly after buying doors.
- Fixed an issue with room overlay names not corresponding exactly to the requirement list.
- Fixed an issue with window curtains not snapping to window slots after the player bulldozed their windows.
- Fixed an issue with the same rating category being displayed in both "focus" and "don't mind" sections for renovation jobs.
- Fixed an issue with the skunk sabotage not working properly.
- Fixed an issue with the player being able to install heating in the garden in some of the Suburbs houses.
- Fixed an issue with the Fortune Teller's skull not being placeable on surface tops.
- Fixed an issue with workers getting stuck in the apartment after doing two classification changes in a row.
- Fixed an issue with starting an Open House during the classification change in the apartment.
- Fixed an issue with being able to renovate the apartment during an active Open House.
- Fixed an issue with the tenant trait swap option.
- Fixed an issue with the Breath of Freshness tenant event giving full happiness value even if the player didn't offer to pay for painting the room.
- Fixed an issue with sending an agent to search for new tenants while they were already searching.
- Fixed an issue with placing the camera in the Influencer tenant event.
- Fixed an issue with agent stats not updating properly after completing training.
- Fixed a couple issues with Uncle Steve sleeping once he's a tenant.
- Fixed a desync issue in the beer drinking tenant action.
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McPixel 3

Updated from 1.0.35 to 1.0.38 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from Steam:

McPixel 3 Free DLC Update!

McPixel visits grandma in brand new levels and more!

McPixel 3 has been out for over three months now, and during that time I have been busy creating more crazy adventures for our little guy! Thus, I am delighted to let you know that we have some brand new Free DLC levels for you in a brand new update! When you launch the game, look for a mailbox in McBurg near the fountain to access brand new McPixel 3 levels in two Free DLC packs!

If the mailbox is not there yet, you need to progress a bit! To unlock the mailbox you need to at least play every round in first three chapters, or have the game beaten at least once (even if you erased the progress!)

McPixel visits grandma!

In this brand-new update, McPixel gets a letter from grandma telling him to come for a visit! Join McPixel on his visit to grandma's place and make sure she actually survives the unfortunate encounters McPixel put her through in a new never-before seen level pack!
In addition to that two new minigames and a brand new Steve level wait for you in this level pack!

The classic remastered

Additionally, you will be able to play the original six levels, first ever to be made for McPixel in 2011 remastered to match McPixel 3 style and graphics! These 6 levels were the first ever to be created during a 48-hour game jam! This is where McPixel all started!

Language selector!

Additionally, due to popular demand a language selection screen will now always appear first time you launch the game, instad of trying to autodetect language so that you can pickw hatever language you prefer to play in! Note that if you haven't manually picked the language the language selector will pop up for you next time you launch the game either way!

Have fun playing McPixel 3 and don't blow it! Make that grandma proud!
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Crypt of the NecroDancer

Updated from 3.6.0-b4022 to 3.6.1-b4104 for Windows and Linux.

Changelog from SteamDB:

SYNCHRONY Update v3.6.1

Crypt of the NecroDancer v3.6.1 is now available!


• Changed possessed Headless Skeletons and Minotaurs to accept inputs while charging
• Changed menu sliders to audibly indicate when their upper or lower value was hit
• Changed controller button prompts to show D-Pad instead of Analog Stick when both are bound to the same action
• Changed Xbox D-Pad icons to have a higher visual contrast
• Changed latency calibration assistant to show up when launching the game for the first time on a new device
• Changed latency and display settings to no longer cloud-sync across devices on subsequent launches
• Changed unlock progression state to be tied to user accounts, instead of being shared across all accounts on the same device
• Changed Custom Music 'Manual Beats' mode to cover the full song when only inputting a short sequence of beats


• Added support for tagging settings to be explicitly excluded from cloud synchronization
• Added [noparse]rhythmLeniency[/noparse] status effect
• Added component [noparse]rhythmLeniencyOnLevelStart[/noparse]
• Added component [noparse]rhythmLeniencyOnUnspectate[/noparse]
• Added component [noparse]itemDeathProtection[/noparse]
• Added component [noparse]spawnableFollowOwnershipChanges[/noparse]
• Added field [noparse]itemConsumeOnLethalHit.bypassFlags[/noparse]
• Changed [noparse]autoCastCheckLineOfSight[/noparse] to default to [noparse]WALL[/noparse] collisions
• Changed [noparse]autoCastCheckLineOfSight[/noparse] to ignore collisions on the target tile
• Changed [noparse]event.objectKill[/noparse] to always pass [noparse]ev.damageType[/noparse]


Gameplay bugfixes

• Fixed Ring of Protection converting cursed health into regular health
• Fixed Ring of Protection not working if the wearer only has cursed hearts
• Fixed Ring of Protection being outprioritized by the Potion if picked up later
• Fixed Ring of Peace sometimes causing an extra heart container to be granted after dying
• Fixed Ogres sometimes attacking without raising their club
• Fixed some Onyx weapons being much rarer in locked shops than intended
• Fixed enemies, crates, chests, shrines and walls sometimes spawning inside the shop in Zone 3
• Fixed player not being shrunk when unequipping protective footwear while standing on top of ooze
• Fixed Death Metal sometimes keeping his shield after taking more than 9 hearts of damage in one hit
• Fixed clockwise rotating bounce traps not appearing in Zone 3
• Fixed all rotating bounce traps on a level sharing the same rotation direction
• Fixed Evil Eyes' and Blademasters' lunge attacks not dealing damage to multiple players standing on the same tile
• Fixed Slimes' initial directions being randomized between seeded runs of the same dungeon
• Fixed Klarinetta not getting shrunk when killing a Warlock on Ooze

Chaunter bugfixes

• Fixed possessed Headless Skeletons moving to the beat in No Beat Mode
• Fixed Chaunter taking damage from its own safe bombs when possessing/unpossessing an enemy
• Fixed Chaunter not always receiving credit for kills made by the Rat Familiar

Input bugfixes

• Fixed boss intro screen sometimes letting movement key presses through
• Fixed missed beats after the Berserk status effect ends
• Fixed missed beats after the Heart Transplant's effect ends
• Fixed missed beats when the entering phase 2 of Cadence's final boss
• Fixed missed beats while possessing a Headless Skeleton in No Beat mode
• Fixed "Missed!" flyaway incorrectly appearing while the Berserk status effect is active
• Fixed controller auto-detection not working correctly while a menu is open
• Fixed latency calibration button prompts not updating when plugging in a controller
• Fixed tutorial button prompts not updating when plugging in a controller
• Fixed tutorial displaying "None" for the "Skip tutorial" button prompt when using a controller

Engine bugfixes

• Fixed images being pre-loaded during first-time latency calibration, leading to framerate drops
• Fixed Green Bat achievement progress counter getting stuck if a Green Bat was killed while offline
• Fixed local changes to the configuration file being overwritten by Cloud Synchronization
• Fixed configuration file sometimes being corrupted when saving multiple times in rapid succession on a slow hard drive
• Fixed potential crashes when signing into GOG GALAXY on Linux
• Fixed save data from older versions of the game being imported multiple times across user accounts
• Fixed error when King Conga's zombies are transmuted into different enemies
• Fixed lobby music playing briefly before changelog menu is visible

Visual bugfixes

• Fixed tutorial level displaying the 'Low Percent' indicator in the pause menu
• Fixed Wisps displaying an invalid sprite in Mystery Mode after being attacked
• Fixed incorrect swipes when a charmed or possessed enemy attacks Nocturna's penultimate boss

Level editor bugfixes

• Fixed level editor not saving the coin counts of merged gold piles correctly
• Fixed incorrect sprite offset when using the level editor's Move Tool on a Dove player
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Disco Elysium - The Final Cut both offline installers updated now.

Updated from 3c54ad81 to a0a062e7 for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Introducing Collage Mode

Today, we’ve rolled out Collage Mode: a new functionality that gives players the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.

Collage Mode grants you full access to characters, environments and props from the game, along with filters and frames to complete your Disco masterpiece.

Take over the narrative reins with the custom dialogue option in Collage Mode, which allows you to weave whatever story your heart desires.

Fabricate completely new dramas from unforgivable punch-ups to fruity yet forbidden kisses. Corroborate your fan fiction with screenshots directly from the game.

The possibilities of Collage Mode are vast and the silliness knows no bounds.


Place, rotate, and resize your favourite characters across the game’s painterly environments and then pick from a range of silly and sensible poses to strike.


Create a whole story with a single image by entering custom text that can be placed anywhere and even make it look authentic by using the FELD dialogue reel.


Bring out your inner Art Cop by applying weird and wonderful filters; choosing from rain, fog, and snow; as well as changing the time of day to capture the exact mood you’re after.


Put gloves and guns in unsuspecting hands with a huge collection of items and clothing stickers or add extra style with new and extraordinary art from our talented collaborators.


Finish up by choosing a frame to wrap up your fantasy with audacious themes such as Kim Catsuragi, F**k The World, Visual Calculus, and Building Communism.


Hunt for never-before-seen scenes from across Martinaise history if you’ve got a keen enough eye for it and enjoy a velvety new voiceover from the game’s narrator.

Be sure to tag Disco Elysium on Twitter when sharing Collage Mode screenshots so we can marvel at your creations.
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Blade of Darkness updated to vsub29b

No changelog, but it was a fix.
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The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition

Updated to 1.5931.19079.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition Patch Notes - v1.1

Greetings employees of Halcyon,

We have a new update to Spacer’s Choice Edition that will help resolve many of the visual and performance issues that have been reported, allowing you to continue your colonial duties. While this does not resolve all that we’ve seen, The Board would like to inform you that the team is still working to address additional reported issues and will continue to do so in future patches.

Thank you for your patience while our team worked diligently to get this out, and continue reading below to see what resolutions this update brings you.

Top Community Issues:

- Adjusted settings for Ultra and Very High graphic modes, improving experience for PC players on higher end graphics cards
- Fixed issues with SSGI being set inappropriately high on PC affecting performance


- PSO experience improved to mitigate hitching during shader compilation
- SSGI auto settings updated preventing scenarios where it would toggle on unexpectedly


- Various HLOD improvements to reduce popping
- Fixed many instances of flickering textures
- Reduced chance for characters hair to glow
- Fixed two instances of invisible enemies
- Fixed invisible trip mine beam

Encountering a bug not listed above? Contact our support team directly to report issues.
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Kingdom of Amalur updated.

Taken from Steam -

Many fantastic tales have been spun about the secretive Dokkalfar agent named Alyn Shir. … now it is up to you to unravel one of them. Follow a series of clues and travel to a number of hidden locations across Amalur to procure a very delicate item left behind by the infamous assassin herself.

But be warned: You are not the only one who wants to get their hands on this important and very personal piece.

• Revisit pivotal locations all across Amalur and explore secret hideouts
• Uncover lore of your former self and your special relation with Alyn Shir
• Embark on a scavenger hunt that pits you against the lowest of the low
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Doc0075: Kingdom of Amalur updated...
In addition to that, the game should now also contain the Arena Mode, which has been released on Steam back in December but never made it to GOG:
Arena Mode released - Merry Christmas


Today we have a special present for you: An all new challenge awaits you in the form of an arena mode. Update the game and master the challenge!

Arena Mode

Prepare to put your battle skills to the test in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning’s all new “Arena Mode”. Round after round you will fight hordes of enemies in brand new Arena locations. The stakes are high, and Rewards await those who can show their mettle. Gear up and use powerful Enchantments as the difficulty increases with each new battle. Prove your worthiness by completing Round Challenges to receive even more Rewards. Do you have what it takes to leave the Arena victorious?


- 3 new Arena locations (located in Plains of Erathell, Klurikon and Crownhold) and additional variations
- New enemy group setups with increasing difficulty per round
- New Rewards

Fatesworn Expansion required. The Arena quest "Fortune and Glory" is unlocked after defeating the final Boss of Fatesworn and finishing his quest.
Offline installer not updated yet.

Edit: Offline installer now updated as well. Thanks @M3troid :)
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Tacoma was updated. There is no changelog, and the windows installer is named "2019-12-20_(64bit)_(34783)". The mac installer is called "tacoma_enUS_2023_1_.pkg", so I guess they updated only the mac version.
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Doc0075: Kingdom of Amalur updated...
Hustlefan: Offline installer not updated yet.
Now it is.
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Updated to 12.6.259

Changelog found on their official Discord :

Hello everyone!

It's Friday and it's time for another bugfixing update:
- fixed keybindings that were not working
- fixed animations not playing properly if they were not using VAT (immigration spaceship). Some players thought this meant immigration was broken
- fixed animations and particles out of sync when placing roads next to building
- fixed red dots not disappearing when placing first couple of buildings

Full post:

More about our plans for next update next week.
Happy playing!