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Elasto Mania Remastered

Updated from 1.10 to 1.11

No changelog.
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Steel Division 2

Update to V92636.

No changelog.
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The Tenants

Updated to 1.1.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Tenants - Patch 1.1.1


- Added 3 new phone skins to unlock through Manhattan main missions.


- Changed the main menu logo back to default.
- Fixed an issue with the Modding Tools not being visible to everyone.
- Fixed an issue with the starting landlord point slider being interactive in the pause menu.
- Fixed an issue with proximity bonuses not always being displayed for the currently held item.
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Lords and Villeins has been updated to version 1.19 (GOG update number 63107).exe

Changelog from Steam:

Greetings, Lords and Ladies,

We are happy to tell you that the patch you've been testing in beta branch has just gone public! That means the update has become a part of the main game and is available to everyone. Big thanks to our community who helped us by playing the update and shared your feedback. And thanks to also those who have been patiently waiting for the update.

If you wish to keep helping with the testing of Lords and Villeins and other games, feel free to join our Champions
program if you have not done so yet! All you have to do is get in touch with Fulqrum Publishing by sending an e-mail to

Here we are posting the updated change log so you can see what is getting updated on the main stage. And if you missed our article for our future plans, make sure to read it here!.

The Initial Change Log:

New Features

Ability to customize difficulty
Ability to customize map creation in various degrees of detail
Ability to customize starting families
Ability to store difficulty and map presets as templates
Added new mountain ore distribution presets
Added new tropical climate, with a warm climate all-year round!
Ability to prioritize blueprints
New "Islands" preset and tweaked existing presets
Added x8 speed (Speed IV)
Added new x32 speed that is available between 10PM and 6AM


Refactoring of mouse hover tooltip elements to provide more unified experience
Consolidated UI of priority screen and accounting report with extra bells and whistles.
New construction queue view in the accounting report
New blueprint context menu after clicking on it
Harsh weather module has been converted to harsh weather climate setting
Redesign of the new game menu screen flow
Removal tools are now permanently visible in HUD. This option can be turned off in the settings.
Updated Unity version to LFS 2021.3.17f1
Replaced old UI switches with new ON/OFF switches
Population book now displays specific age with a tooltip about when adulthood and elderly age is reached
Implemented algorithm for dynamic loading of scrollview content. This will be later expanded on all UI screens to greatly improve their performance.


Fixed multiple bugs with noble marriages
Fixed alchemy not making stamina potions
Fixed alchemist workshop recommending Oven instead of Blast Furnace
Fixed starting resources not being added to generated families
UI Screens are now capped to scale down to fit within screen height if the UI scaling extends beyond the screen border
Fixed number of broken hover effects
Fixed issue with updating UI scaler when screen resolution changes
Fixed issue with animated UI elements for resources not being positioned correctly when UI scaling is changed
Fixed issue with river and sea type not being recognized in created maps
Added mechanism for hover tooltips to be restricted by screen border and automatically reposition
Number of other minor bugfixes

Changes Made Thanks To Our Awesome Community Testers

Fixing incorrect prompt for blueprints saying the family does not have resources even when it does.
Updated algorithm for selecting blueprints for construction and implemented caching. This should slightly boost performance and make behavior more aligned with the priority number assigned to each blueprint.
Fixed the critical error causing frequent freezing
Fixed hover element in population book when changing equipment
Replaced old toggles with new labeled switches in the royalty report screen
Fixed a minor UI issues with a switch in zone context menu starting in on state when it was initialized in the off state
Fixed issue with prioritizing blueprints for construction when higher priority structure that has missing resources would block all other blueprints that are lower in queue but otherwise possible
Blueprint context menu no longer appears when the blueprints layer is not visible
Fixed issue with probability for old people to join clergy being sometimes set to 100% after a reload
Fixed issue with hover element in priority queue on Supply % if the blueprint had no cost
Fixed bug with favor point cost for requested custom families being deducted twice
Fixed bug with population book locking the game when "New Family" request window pops up while the population book is open
Updated algorithm for choosing spawn points and departure points at the edge of the map. The game will now prevent spawns of any animals and NPCs if there is no valid entry point, and the game will automatically update to the nearest clay-terrain type terrain if the original spawnpoints are blocked
Fixed a bug with time to execute task difficulty multiplier working invertedly
Fixed a crash in accounting report screen when a zone is updated in the background
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒ 1.3.3.
Wigmund - Patch 1.3.3

In this patch we have improved and fixed the following:

• Merchants restock reagents every 5 minutes
• Resource spawn duration has been reduced to half
• Ground Quartz and Crystal can be obtained through mining
• Added crafting recipes for Vials/Crystal Vials
• Increased the egg drop chance from Eagles/Hawks

Quality of Life:
• Item stack splitting (Shift + Left Click)
• Buy single item from merchant (Shift + Left Click)
• The profession panel will show how many items of a type you can craft
• Added a direction arrow for the captive dwarf quest
• Dialogue options can be chosen with 1-6 on the keyboard (or Space for the first option)
• Dialogues can be continued or ended with 'Space' on the keyboard

• Equalized the animation duration for 1H simple sword attacks
• Increased the chance of Knockback/Knockdown for Concussion Shot to 15%
• Decreased the armor gained by the Shield Wall to 400

• Fixed an issue in the fort dungeon when the elevators would be inaccessible
• Fixed an issue when the shield would be removed from the action bar on quick swap
• Fixed a crash caused by camera rotation
• Fixed a bug when enemies would not damage Wigmund after receiving a knockback

Thank you for your feedback and patience!
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AI War 2

Updated from 5.540 to 5.541 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from official website:

5.541 Fully Armed And Operational Dyson Sphere

(Released March 18th, 2023)

• Dark Zenith Privateers now use a different icon, and improve their UI a bit.
• They'll also spawn a bit more frequently

Experimental Tooltip Fixes & Improvements

• Fixed an issue where speed could easily overlap its assigned space due to a speed buff displaying the secondary speed number.
• Fixed the more readable string formating for FInts potentially adding more zeroes than needed for a segment.
• Thanks for Lord Of Nothing for reporting it.
• Number formating for tooltips now displays 4 digits (i.e. "1,250") instead of 3 digits and the magnitude (i.e. "1.25k") for better readability.
• Thanks to CRCGamer, Lord Of Nothing and Dismiss for a productive discussion.

• Added more pre-defined formating options for: Exotic Damage, Corrosive Damage, Multishot, Damage Per Second, Reload.

• Hardened the AddShipIconInline method against potential nulls for colors.

• Began work on overhauling the tooltips for weapons:
• Separated the more detailed weapon info:
• Added a setting for the experimental tooltip as to which data is being displayed out of Reload, Last Damage Instance or both. This is in the Tooltip Settings section.
• Added settings for (not) showing the weapon's current Abort Code, Primary Target details and Target List details. which very often caused lines to grow long and line wrap in bad. These are in the Debug Settings section.
• Overhauled the first line of weapon tooltips to use icons, have more clear and color-based descriptions and display information more briefly albeit clearly. Among other changes:
• Damage types, Multishot, Reload etc. have their own unique colors the eye can search for.
• Weapons spawning ships can now display the icon of the ship instead of always displaying the name in full.
• Weapons phasing enemies into other states of matter now say so at the end of the tooltip, not with big pink letters in the same line.


• Remove the tractor beams from Dyson Sidekick Spire Cruisers

• Auto Defend Mode intelligence improvements (also affects Dyson Sidekick Golems)
• Ships will now avoid vengeance generators
• Ships will avoid deepstrike planets
• If a planet they are on becomes a deepstrike planet (if a command station is lost, for example) the ships will now run away

• The Dyson Sidekick's version of the cursed golem no longer shows as having 0 DPS

Dyson Sidekick Sphere Changes

• Getting your Dyson Spheres to mark 7 is now intended as late game mechanism to weaken the reapers and increase your strength. It's a thing you might do before trying to kill the AI to make the final assault easier, especially if you are worried about reaper attacks while taking down an Overlord (or before the AIP gain from the Dire Guard Posts).

• Once you upgrade your Spheres to mark 7 then a timer starts till it is online
• Once this happens, the Reapers and the AI will ally against you and begin launching major assaults; previously the response was pretty non-existant

• If you survive the timer then your Sphere Flagships will get much more powerful, and the spheres will spawn an army of Golems that will attack your enemies
• Also the reapers attacks will become much weaker

• Dyson Sidekick Spheres will now properly become un-crippled


• Needed to recompile the code so it could work with recent changes in Vanilla, which includes a lot of WIP code:
• Added some work-in-progress code for the the ManagedFireteamedFactionInfo_Deep class, which will handle fireteam management (still WIP though).
• Updated a number lines of code in the ShipLineAndSpawningUtility section. The code can now handle any IList<ShipLineEntry> and ProtectedList<ShipLineEntry>. Also removed the GrantShipLineToFleet_Deep_CreateNewFleetIfCenterpiece() method which will (hopefully) be entirely redundant due to GrantShipLinesToFleet_Deep_CreateNewFleetsForCenterpieces() already doing that, but more centralized.

Ship Line Upgrades

• Unwrapped the codebase from an unnecessary folder.
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Dead Cells

Updated from 1.23.1 to 1.23.2 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.
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The Tenants

Updated to 1.1.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
The Tenants - Patch 1.1.2


- Launching a new creative mode save with main missions disabled will now grant the player all phone unlocks (wallpapers and skins).
- Fixed the visuals of the new phone skins.
- Fixed an issue with listing of the phone skins in the Settings app.
- Fixed an issue with property limits being incorrectly counted when pulling up an old save file converter popup.
- Fixed an issue with save files being written to an incorrect slot when renaming files.
- Fixed an issue with players not being able to accept and generate new jobs due to tenant favors.
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Transport Fever 2

Updated from 35246 to 35300 on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Changelog from the Transport Fever 2 website:
Version 35300 (March 17, 2023)
* Improved debug output for crashes
* Improved general rendering stability
* Fixed cutoff popups at the lower and right screen border
* Fixed crash related to vehicle assignment to incomplete lines
* Fixed crash related to deleting of built-in maps
* Fixed crash related to deleting lines in quick succession
* Fixed crash related to selling non existant vehicles
* Fixed crash related to quickly opening and closing vehicle manager actions in controller ui
* Fixed terrain rendering on GPUs which do not support terrain tesselation
* [Campaign] Fixed mission 6: sultan car is available again
* [Campaign] Fixed mission 14: limousine is recognized again
* [Modding] Fixed crash related to unskinned materials used for skinned meshes

No Man's Sky

Updated from 4.14 to 4.15

Changelog from the No Man's Sky website:
Bug fixes
* Fixed an issue that caused some flat-mode settings to be incorrectly applied to PSVR2, causing performance issues.
* Fixed an issue that could prevent rumble from working correctly on PlayStation 5.
* Fixed an issue that caused water reflections to be missing on some graphics settings.
* Fixed an issue that could cause blurriness and other visual glitches during warp.
* Fixed a rare issue that could prevent players from accessing their refiners.
* Fixed an issue that prevented the “Unhide System” button from working in the Hidden Systems list.

* Fixed a rare issue that could incorrectly allow players to access the Space Anomaly from the quick menu after a reload.
* Fixed a number of base building control issues for PSVR with Move controllers.
* Fixed an issue that could cause the Space Anomaly missions to become stuck in the log after completing an expedition.

* Fixed a crash related to networking.
* Fixed a crash related to the options menu.
* Fixed a crash related to rendering.
* Fixed a Steam Deck-specific crash.
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Updated to 1.7

Changelog from Steam

7th Birthday! Patch 1.7!

The new patch contains the following improvements:

- The game now uses the latest libraries to ensure the best compatibility with modern systems.
- Modernized the underlying sound system to better handle modern audio configurations.
- Added sound effects to various game elements. Like opening a cauldron or picking up certain items that had no sound effect previously.
- Added a new conversation for Dudley. (this conversation should help newcomers to the game)
- Added a new map marker to the Darkwood map. (needs new playthrough)
- Small increases to text size in certain UI elements. (e.g. XP gained)
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Songs of Syx

Updated to 0.63.46b for Windows, Linux and Mac.

No changelog.
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Updated from setup_stellaris_3.7.2_(62959) ---> setup_stellaris_3.7.3_(63182)

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Moonshine Inc.

Updated to 1.0.8 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
PATCH 1.0.8

Hello Moonshiners!

How are your Sandbox mode distilleries doing so far?

While working on the recent update, we had a short time to refer to all your suggestions. Therefore, after delivering you the most anticipated features in the game - Sandbox mode and Police Quests, we've focused on addressing further matters.
Today we're coming to you with another set of fixes and adjustments.

Patch notes:


- fixed game crashing after loading saves from previous versions
- fixed occasionally not working production flow
- fixed production stucking issues
- fixed text display issues in different language versions
- fixed earned money overlapping itself after loading the game


- increased the alcohol list scrolling speed in the inventory
- added text after done pre-fermentation, in the Fermentation window

We have already planned another update with more fixes and issues addressed - coming in April.

If you're not there yet, come and join us on Discord!
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Sir Whoopass: Immortal Death

Updated to 1046 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

GOG changelog:
Update v1046 (March 16th, 2023)

New features

- Hungarian localization now available! Big thanks to Zsolt Brechler for the translation!
- New official Sir Whoopass song! Available in the Credits screen and The Bard also plays it at the Jolly Barrel Inn! Written and performed by Valentin "Wakkaah" Lundin. We are super happy with it! Thank you so much!! Check out more from him over here:

Bug Fixes

- Players didn't start with 50% health upon starting the game, thus not being able to eat their first tender garden gnome.
- Some translation errors are fixed.
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Foundation (In Development)

Updated to alpha (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patch Is Now Available!

Hello Foundation community!

Patch has been released and fixes a number of issues in the game. It also introduces some improvements and other minor changes. Here’s the full details:


Game Balance

- Newcomers will be now be taxed progressively instead of to the full extent of your taxation settings


- The ‘Purchase this territory’ tooltip now features an easier-to-read ‘contain minerals’ string
- Wealth factors were outdated and now take into account the following elements:
* Taxes balance
* Trade balance
* Building upkeep balance
* Donations


- Localization


- Villagers were so enthusiastic to cook they were using the blacksmith sound effect in the kitchen!
- Auto-assign could demote monks and nuns to a lower status
- Promoted villagers adjusted the taxation debuff to their previous status over time
- Crash related to the Fuel mod after switching a function
- Some workplaces could become unavailable on reload under specific circumstances