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Streets of Rage 4 updated to v08g-r18163

No changelog.
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Crypt of the NecroDancer

Updated from 3.6.1-b4104 to 3.6.1-b4104 hotfix 1 for Windows and Linux.

No changelog.
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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Updated from to

Changelog from the developer's website:




• Fixed a crash that occurred when an army dispersed due to a related clan leaving their kingdom.
• Fixed a crash that occurred when a party left an ongoing encounter.
• Fixed a crash that occurred during the "Heir coming of age" cutscene.
• Fixed a crash that occurred when leaving the kingdom.


• Fixed a performance issue that occurred due to dead wanderers occupying space in the encyclopedia for too long.
• Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck in the game menu after sallying out against an enemy they had just made peace barter with.
• Fixed a bug that caused the encounter menu to open after deciding to leave a siege.
• Fixed a bug in the party screen that allowed the player to change the leader of their own party while creating a new party for a companion.
• Fixed a bug that caused relationship loss when rescuing an ally from an enemy.



• [Custom Server] Fixed a server crash that occurred when more than 6 players joined a team during a skirmish match.
• [Custom Server] Fixed a server crash that occurred after 10 matches.


• Fixed a bug that caused scoreboard text strings to not gray out according to the status of the player (alive, dead,...).


• Removed the relationships limit for kingdom objects in Kingdoms.xsd.
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Papers, Please:

Updated from: setup_papers_please_1.2.76_(54232) --> setup_papers_please_1.4.11.124_(63294)


Taking care of a few more issues. Mainly, super slow animations when running at insane framerates, and muted sounds.


Reworked frame sync logic, again, to fix slow animations. Tries 60fps vsync first, then CPU sync.
Fixed bad language selection dialog when booted with unknown language
Fixed zeroed sound volumes on locales with "," decimal point
Always stretch screen to extents in windowed mode
Added 720p and 1080p commandline options to override native fullscreen resolution
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Wildermyth updated to 1.12 Dashel Wilde

Hi adventurers! We have a small update for you all this month to usher in the spring season.

We've rewritten the event "Hunting Ambrosia", now named "Trade Secrets". A couple combat modifiers have been buffed: Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health, and Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank. Lots of adjustments and fixes for translations, and, of course, a couple of bug fixes!

Additionally, the winning designs from our Artifact Weapon Design Contest are now available to be found in game. The Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook were designed by Discord users Wracketeer and LadTheFox. (Join our Discord for a new contest launching soon!)

In Translation news, Russian has entered the Localization QA phase, while French is just shy of that stage.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for some big announcements!

1.12+469 Dashel Wilde
Rewritten Event: Trade Secrets (from: Hunting Ambrosia)
New Artifact Items: Wraithword Knife and Dreamer's Crook
Translation fixes
Adjusted combat modifiers:
* Fortitude now grants +2 Temp Health
* Cunning now deals +2 damage on flank
Adjusted Erratic Movement description
Increased UI priority on a few theme attacks
Celestial tiles now disappear at end of enemy turn
(So it won't disappear under your Archery hunter, etc)
Crystal Chrysalis explosion now uses the range and damage
you had when you initially used the ability
Fixed possible crash with incorrect text style tags
Fix a bug where wolf frenzy and two-handed crow scratch
wouldn't use piercing shots, ember arrows, etc
Fix a bug with frog head duplicate ability button
Fix a bug where Mossgirdle persisted over legacy
Fix a bug where some deepist shrine images showed up unlit
Fix a bug with star dance history line
Fix a bug where celestial region didn't work for pet Sommelier
Fix a bug where Skunk Spray didn't work with Sharpshooter
Fix a bug where some lake tiles would have lowercase names
Tools: Added "parameterValues" field to Aspects Outcome,
to add pre-evaluated numbers as parameters for an aspect
Tools: Added "autoFlip" option to particle scripts, which will
flip particle images horizontally if position2 is to the left
Tools: Added "facingDirection" variable for particles, which
returns 1 if position2 is to the right, and -1 if to the left
Tools: Added "offset_V(x)" particle function, which can be used
to get data from other particles (e.g. "offset_rotation(-1)")
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Power of Ten updated to 1.2.
No changelog except the one on steam which also has some pictures which i won't bring over.
Also i didn't post everytime the game got updated on GOG.

Update (1.2.0) Ship ability rework + alternative font
Every single ship ability has been updated to include a lot more depth and nuance to how you use your ship!
Ability Charges + Ship Ability Rework
Really excited about this change. Ship abilities have been a bit inconsistent in their designs. Divider felt like it struck a good balance between utility/damage and skillful usage with it's cooldown reduction but a lot of abilities felt very very basic (Burrl). Felt a bit too impactful either early on or later but didn't have a good scaling mechanic. So I've spent some time to implement the 'Ability Charge' mechanic. Each ship has a different way of gaining these charges which often involve offensive usage of the ship's ability.

Here's an example of Foxxl's

All ships have progressive power gains as you gain charges and most of them have an "ultimate" unlock once you hit a very high amount of charges. My hope is this encourages more interesting usage of abilities and a much higher risk/reward factor to each use.

Content Additions
2 new weapons

Balance changes
Player ships
All ships turn speed has been increased. This is just a general game feel thing I want to try. I think it's a bit more fun if you have slightly more control over your ship and increasing the turn speed overall gives you a lot more control.
Starformer's ability encourages sitting still so to help with this it's also getting an additional max armor and faster turn speed. To offset this it's max speed has been reduced significantly.

Starter weapons overshadowing other options a bit. I want to make them a little less powerful so that other weapons are more appealing.
Single laser does not have any variance in it's angle but has about 20% less range and shoots slightly slower.
Ion Splitter does not have any variance in it's angle but has about 20% less range and shoots slightly slower.
Changed how weapons randomly generate: Basically very strong weapons will have a bit less of a chance to appear early. Random weapons will also try to give you a weapon that's different than the types you currently have equipped, that way it's easier to take advantage of excess ammo by switching weapons.

Some enemy projectiles are a bit slower but most of them fire a bit more frequently as well. Trying to make the game a bit more transparent so slowing projectiles down a bit helps with the second to second legibility of the game.
It was a bit to easy to get multiple healers + shielding ships in a wave that caused them to become incredibly hard to kill. It's now only possible to spawn one healer or shield ship per wave.
Armor pods on final encounter can drop more armor boxes to help you sustain during that fight.

Quality of Life Improvements
Big one here is you can now switch to a non-pixel font! This was a LOT of work, I basically had to rewrite most of the UI to accommodate this but I do understand that the pixel font is not super readable for everyone and I want the game to be as accessible as possible. Along with this I've added Ukrainian to the list of languages the game is translated into!

You can hover over your ability/item/weapons in game to get a tool tip description
While focusing on weapon drop it will also show a the tool tip of the currently equipped weapon to help you compare
When a weapon does 0 damage (fire/acid/frost weapons) it will not show a "hit" effect when it comes in contact with something
Lots of cleanup/improvements to menu buttons
Post game score screen redesigned to overlap less often
Ship selection screen redesigned to include details about the ship's ability
Lots of enemy projectiles have a more prominent "flash" frame which should help with visibility of these projectiles.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue with movement that prevented full speed movement in certain situations (Twin stick controls on K/M going sideways)
Fixed a bug where players would go underneath buff stations
Fixed a bug that caused creature inside final boss to "sweep" the area with it's beam, which was nearly impossible to avoid.
fixed a bunch of hard coded strings for translations

What's next?
I think I've got one more large update in me for this game. I really want to add some mid range "goals" to the game. So I want to add an in-game achievement system. In the next update I'm going to really focus on unlockables. I want to implement a bunch of new "build around" upgrades plus some advanced weapons that can be added to the pool to give as rewards for completing these achievements. Hopefully this gives players some mid range targets to work towards while they are trying to complete various difficulties in the game.
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Doc0075: Wildermyth updated to 1.12 Dashel Wilde
1.12+469 Dashel Wilde
Updated once more today, from 1.12469 to 1.12470.
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Yesterday Rain World was updated from version 02-17-23-1.9.06_(exp_fix__dlc)_(62656) to 03-17-2023-1.9.07_(63263).
Today it was updated again to version 03-21-2023-1.9.07b-v3_(63290). No changelog
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Offline installer updated to 1.65-1_2

Changelog from steam:
- Beer will now give you a short and big buff in arm strength, which results in significantly higher melee damage. Drunken brawls!
- Traders will pay a better price if you sell them a gun with better durability than all of his same items
- Kicking crates by clicking them will force player to face the crate
- Added a console log history page, accessible from the Tasks page
- Tamed the clinking sounds while running/sprinting
- If your melee strike first hits a wall before hitting the target, the hit will now properly register. But not if you try to hit someone through the wall
- Player walking speed is increased with new animation
- Added some task descriptions/steps to Sidor's first two quests to avoid confusion
- Crafting during visitation is no longer allowed
- Fixed a bug with crooked aim after throwing grenade with G key
- Fixed a bug with crooked aim and spinning while sneaking
- Fixed a bug with UI being stuck in menu page with message "there's still selected item"
- Added yield quantity info in food recipes
- If gun has laser, then the yellow arrow will not show while aiming with ChaseCam mode
- Flipping pages key will now be A/D or left/right arrow
- Respawn announcements will not show if there was a recent one in the same location
- Rebalanced medicine prices
- Rebalanced food calories for meat dishes
- Visitation is less frequent in Normal mode
- Radiation and bleeding indicators will flash to indicate the severity
- Radiation given by mad mechanic anomaly will vary depending on its state
- Reduced energy consumption speed, which wasn't meant to be this fast.
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Knights of the Chalice 2

Updated from 1.57 to 1.58 for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.58

Hi everyone! Here is version 1.58 of Knights of the Chalice 2. It's a small update.

Please see below if you're interested in the new Wounded Script and Turn Script for module design.

Thank you so much Dorateen for updating the Hearkenwold adventure and for uploading a new video of Hearkenwold showcasing the new special effects! Here is the video's link: Hearkenwold in KotC2: Aboleth

Please don't hesitate to email me at if you find any bugs and annoyances, so that I can fix the game quickly. A saved game may be very helpful, too. Thank you!!

I'll post a new Kickstarter update soon.

Thank You So Much For Your Support, Valiant Heroes of the Realm! Best Regards :-)

List of changes in Knights of the Chalice 2 Version 1.58

• Added the following options in the Game Options screen, under Display: limit weather effects to map boundaries, allow map colour changes due to rain, allow rain special effects, allow snow special effects, allow falling-leaves special effects, allow will-of-the-wisp (glows) special effects, allow fog special effects. Also updated the in-game help entry for game options.
• Fixed a source of crashes when moving the party with the numpad keys and the destination square exceeds the map's boundaries.
• Fixed a bug with the recording of game time. This would result in the display of an incorrect game time when loading a saved game.
• Fixed bugs with the weather effects when the frequency is set as 'always' for any of them.
• The combat-action tooltip for the Elephant Spirit Animal Sonic Breath Weapon will now indicate that it is indeed the Elephant Spirit Animal, and not another type of breath weapon.
• Added the code required for the execution of scripts that are triggered in combat when a creature is wounded or damaged. You can set a creature's Wounded Script in the intelligence tab of the Creature Properties screen, within the Creature Editor. Examples of use of the Wounded Script:

1. The Wizard Zarx is essentially invulnerable until the player has done a specific thing such as destroy a mirror or a jar. After each hit, he recovers lost Hit Points and a Vrock is summoned (up to five).
2. The Necromancer Eldark has linked his body with that of a bunch of slaves using a sinister ritual. Each non-fatal hit on the Necromancer kills one of the slaves and heals the Necromancer (as with a casting of the spell Heal).
3. Garock the Barbarian will taunt the player the first time he receives a hit, shouting 'That's the best you can do?' or 'Oooh, a mosquito bite!'.

• Added the code required for the execution of scripts that are triggered in combat at the start of the turn of a creature. You can set a creature's Turn Script in the intelligence tab of the Creature Properties screen, within the Creature Editor. Example of use of the Turn Script: at the start of her turn, the Cleric Llagotha will call upon Chaotic Evil deity Hexdra for assistance if her Hit Points have dropped below 55% of the maximum, or if half of her allies have been defeated. She won't be able to do it if she's sleeping, fascinated, stunned, dazed, affected by hideous laugher, etc. With the Turn Script, you don't need to check for these conditions within the script itself, as the Turn Script for a character will only be executed when that character can act normally. You do need to track whether the script was executed before if you don't want the script to be executed multiple times.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Updated from 2.1.0x to 2.1.1g for Windows and Mac.

Changelog from Steam:

Update 2.1.1g

Hello, crusaders!

An update 2.1.1g is here!


• The nameless helmet from The Last Sarkorians DLC got its name;
• AoE spells and items didn't affect the enemies if you rested before the battle for Defender's Heart – fixed;
• Raven familiars got their models back;
• After solving the first 4 puzzles during The Secrets of Creation quest, the final puzzle could not be activated – fixed;
• The chest near Star Rattle was unavailable for looting – fixed;
• On the saved game preview, a shifter's portrait didn't display if the shifter was transformed – fixed;
• Spectral Dust now stacks in the inventory.

If you are playing with mods, don’t forget to update them before loading your saves!

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!


• After switching to the Legend path from the Lich path, some characters near Ziggurat ended up hanging in the air – fixed;
• Fixed some navigational issues in Drezen;
• Fixed the animation In the scene of the griffon's awakening in Blackwing Library;
• Fixed the issue of not being able to exit the abandoned building in Drezen when your mythic pet (Aivu or the skeleton) stayed outside;
• Fixed the navigation in the caves beneath Kenabres;
• In Gundrun, passing over the bridge in some cases triggered a cutscene that made the player character teleport to one of the river banks – fixed;
• In The Last Sarkorians DLC, Ulbrig could arrive at Defender's Heart as you were drinking with Seelah and her friends – fixed, he won't crash your party now;
• The invisible wall on top of the Defenders Heart's roof has been fixed;
• It was impossible to rest in Gundrun's tavern when the town was besieged by demons – fixed;
• It was possible to go beyond the edge of the map in the Laughter's Prison – fixed;
• The player could go beyond the edge of the map in the Lost Chapel location – fixed;
• The vortex at the Forest of the Forgotten Spirits location did not disappear immediately after killing the mini-boss – fixed;
• When attacking the spirit bear in the Forest of the Forgotten Spirits location, the player still had the opportunity to desecrate the altars – fixed.


• After solving the first 4 puzzles during The Secrets of Creation quest, the final puzzle could not be activated – fixed;
• Fixed a bug during the final meeting with Areelu when choosing the Trickster or Azata's dialogue options;
• Fixed the issue with the freezing cutscene, if the spirit catchers were lured to the wolf spirit after its death;
• In Gundrun, Arysen Krei sometimes gave his quest twice – fixed;
• When you dispel the invisibility from the Drunkard in Gundrun with Dispel Magic, the quest couldn't be finished – fixed.


• Darts are now light weapons, not one-handed;
• Fixed the issues related to additional damage for the items Claws of a Sacred Beast, Helmet of Weakening Torture, Eye for an Eye, Tribal Scout's Hide, Surefire Gloves, and Amulet of Quick Draw – additional damage will be displayed properly in the log now;
• Fixed the look of the Heavy Shield +3;
• If the foes were killed by a critical strike, they could be looted from any distance – fixed;
• The nameless helmet from The Last Sarkorians DLC got its name.

Classes & Mechanics

• AoE spells and items didn't affect the enemies if you rested before the battle for Defender's Heart – fixed;
• Bonuses from the weapons now only apply when that weapon is being used. For example, if the character equips a speed dagger and shifts into a dragon, they won't be getting bonuses, because they will fight with claws and teeth;
• Channel Negative Energy — Heal Undead ability now works correctly;
• Dragonblood shifter no longer loses their aspect due to alignment shift;
• During the battle with Hosilla, if Wenduag is hostile, she won't get up again after falling unconscious;
• Fixed the auto levelling for Lann;
• Fixed the issues related to additional damage for Sure Footing, Expose Vulnerability, and Divine Anathema – additional damage will be displayed properly in the log now;
• Magus' weapon attack spell was using weapon multiplier instead of x2 critical multiplier as it should – fixed;
• Mythic Power was killing allied NPC with a splash attack – fixed;
• Share Transmutation ability of Brown-Fur Transmuter allowed to cast personal polymorph spells on enemies – fixed;
• Shifter's level in Wolverine shape wasn’t properly counted for the rage powers bonuses – fixed;
• The Beneficial curse now works correctly with the Wolf-Scarred Face;
• The chest near Star Rattle was unavailable for looting – fixed;
• The damage modifier for natural and unarmed attacks, which replaces the strength bonus with a bonus to dexterity, now only works for melee attacks;
• The list of mythic Extra Feats did not display all available options – fixed;
• Tidal Surge dispelled non-fire effects as well – fixed;
• Ulbrig's base speed was 25 feet instead of 30 – fixed;
• Vital strike could gain benefits from the charge attack – fixed.


• Fixed camera control in the photomode during cutscenes;
• Fixed the icons for the feats gained from the books;
• For grappled creatures, all ability scores were incorrectly displayed as 0 on inspect – fixed;
• It was possible to transfer spells from one character to another through the metamagic interface – fixed;
• Now in the log you can see the dice set, which was used to get the bonus for the charge with Powerful Charge ability;
• On the saved game preview, a shifter's portrait didn't display if the shifter was transformed – fixed;
• Some pages were not shown in the encyclopedia correctly – fixed;
• Spectral Dust now stacks in the inventory;
• The appearance of text messages over some interactive objects now works correctly when playing with a controller;
• The Difficulty Class of a Knowledge (world) skill check was not shown in the Houndheart Camp – fixed;
• The speakers in the dialogue with Soana were mixed up – fixed;
• Updated the icon for the Treat Affliction ability.


• Added new animations to the dialog with Ulbrig;
• Aivu was so happy that she could float above the ground in the Nexus – fixed;
• Fixed camera position when entering one of the islands in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
• Fixed fog of war interaction with doors;
• Fixed some visual effects;
• Fixed the issue with a pack of demons not being visible in a cut-scene in Drezen in chapter 5;
• Raven familiars got their models back.


• Fixed a bug when mobs spawned in the wrong place on the islands in The Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC;
• Fixed the issue when Aivu appeared in the party despite being kidnapped;
• Fixed the missing text in the dialogue with the Storyteller;
• In Through the Ashes DLC, the tavern model could turn invisible – fixed;
• Player characters could go over fences. We forbade them from doing so;
• Sevalros could rise from the dead to talk to the player – fixed;
• The crusaders paved the road to the West from Drezen, and now it takes less time to travel when the party uses that road;
• The Next-Door Theater troupe will not appear in Alushinyrra anymore if you didn't rescue them in Kenabres;
• The player retained all buffs in flashbacks after gaining mythical powers – fixed;
• The quest to find the spirit catchers' horses remained active even after the death of the catchers – corrected;
• When exiting Drezen, Ember's dialogue could sometimes not work correctly or start again when visiting the square – fixed.
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Into the Breach

Updated from 1.2.88 to 1.2.88b for Mac.

No changelog.

Beware of this update as users on Steam report that their MacOS detects it as malware.

It's probably not malware, but their Macs won't launch the game after the update.

Edit: Apparently there was something wrong with the Developer Certificate for Apple. It should be fixed now.
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M3troid: Streets of Rage 4 updated to v08g-r18163

No changelog.

Free Premium Software Applications Available Here
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The Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos:

Updated from


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Tunguska: The Visitation

Offline installer updated to 1.65-1_3

No changelog this time.