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Another update for WH40K: Gladius - Relics of War: from to
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Serious Sam: Syberian Mayhem got another update via GOG Galaxy (offline installer files will appear a bit later) today for it's one year anniversary.

Anniversary Update 1.07 (January 25, 2023)
What’s New?

• It is now possible to start New Game+ on any difficulty from the menu. If you have completed a normal playthrough on a difficulty other than Serious, the option to go into NG+ on the currently played difficulty is now given (next to the original option of going into NG+ on Serious).
• Improved enemy riding on the Khnum. Yeehaw!
• Biomechanoid Major no longer “kicks” the player while standing still.
• Octanian Oleg no longer fights the player when attacked. Please stop harassing the poor fella.
• Adjusted RNG on the Wheel of Fortune in the “Song of the Stormbringer” Christmas area.
• Improved skin texture on Serious Sammy / Dark Delilah player models.
• It is now easier to get out of the ice-hole on the lake in Siberiade. A bit too late for Christmas ice-hole bathing, we know.

Bug fixes

• Fixed the issue where certain savegames on the “Roadside Picnic” level would not load in the 1.06c hotfix version.
• Fixed the bug where certain achievements were not awarded in NG+ playthroughs.
• Fixed the bug where certain very old savegames would crash the game on startup due to Beheaded Firecracker Netricsa message missing.
• Fixed the Freezer weapon skin displaying the original Burner icon in the Weapon Wheel.
• Fixed the bug where the Hoverboard would be destroyed upon spawning in some places on “The Smell of Petroleum Prevails”.
• Fixed the bug where the player could not use HEART gadget if died while using Chainsaw Launcher’s secondary fire.
• Removed the ability to ride certain Christmas areas enemies.
• Fixed seasonal cosmetics on certain enemies not displaying blood splatters.


• It is now possible to disable riding and melee on particular instances of enemies by adding “NoRiding” or/and "NoMelee" in their entity name. For example, "Gnaar_Female01_NoRidingNoMelee", or "Khnum_NoRiding".
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Doom I Enhanced and Doom II Enhanced have been updated, but what exactly was updated? The jury is still out on that one. This might even be a GOG-only update, as I don't see any mention on the Steam page.
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Old World has been updated to version 65025 (GOG update number 61960).

Changelog posted by the dev on the game subforum:
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I received an update notification for Master of Magic Classic, though I don't know what might have changed.
The version I got already (setup_master_of_magic_1.3.1_(28044)) seems to be the same?
BreOl72: I received an update notification for Master of Magic Classic, though I don't know what might have changed.
The version I got already (setup_master_of_magic_1.3.1_(28044)) seems to be the same?
The file for me is:
I think there is a difference between Master of Magic and Master of Magic Classic.
BreOl72: I received an update notification for Master of Magic Classic, though I don't know what might have changed.
The version I got already (setup_master_of_magic_1.3.1_(28044)) seems to be the same?
ncs: The file for me is:

ncs: I think there is a difference between Master of Magic and Master of Magic Classic.
I found what the difference is: I had the German files selected.
The English files show the version number, you posted (setup_master_of_magic_classic_cmfw_1.04.07_(61787)).
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The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos

Updated to 1.5 992 47439 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Windows)

No changelog.
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Before Your Eyes

Updated from to for Windows (Galaxy & offline installer)
Mac still at

No changelog, but is likely the Oct 18 update on Steam:
Eye Detection Fix (Patch for Windows Version)

Hi folks,

Over the past week we heard a number of you reporting that the eye detection was not working on your Windows machines. We dug deep into the issue today and it is now fixed! The "red box" should now turn green. Thanks for letting us know, and for your patience while we patched.


The GoodbyeWorld Games team
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch notes v3.0.17.30848:

- Season end postponed by 2 weeks
- Clan of the Lion: Fixed a forge exploit
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Grargar: Doom I Enhanced and Doom II Enhanced have been updated, but what exactly was updated? The jury is still out on that one. This might even be a GOG-only update, as I don't see any mention on the Steam page.
According to the Doom subforum here on GOG, the update fixed not being able to type cheats like in other platforms.
Ghildrean: According to the Doom subforum here on GOG, the update fixed not being able to type cheats like in other platforms.
Thank you.
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UBOAT has just received an update to 2022.1: Patch 21

Update 2022.1: Patch 21
Dear skippers,

There is a new patch available for 2022.1. Changelog:

- Czech localisation update by Spid3rCZ.
- Russian localisation update by Hard.
- German localisation update by Ruby.

User interface:
- Fix (Regression of Patch 20): Issues with the user interface for selecting upgrades of electric and diesel engines.

- Fix: Player was blamed for hitting friendly units, when they were hit by a torpedo launched by an NPC u-boat.

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Postal 4 - No Regerts updated to 1.1.1.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts - 'All the Kinks' Update [1.1.1]

Hey POSTAL fans!

This update has been a long time coming, and we’re excited to bring you some new content! Some highlights are:

The penetrator from POSTAL: Brain Damaged has been lovingly recreated in POSTAL 4 for this update! As a fan scolded us in a comment somewhere for missing the opportunity to call it ‘The Dilbow’ in Brain Damaged, we’ve righted that wrong here. You can even pin NPCs to walls with it!

Handcuffing NPCs is now an option. While abusing your power as a cop generally involves good ‘ol police brutality, the pacifists among you will enjoy whipping the cuffs out and doing things the more humane way.

The Dude models were some of the first made for the game back when we started development - and as a result were a little rough, so we’ve given them a full makeover.

We have added subtitles for more languages, as well as localizing the menus fully for all previous languages. We've also fixed issues with repeated and non-existing subtitles. Some issues may persist, so feel free to report them to us.
List of supported languages as of this update:
English, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, French, Italian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

As there are so many customization options for The Dude to express himself with, we’ve added a clothing bag to keep all non-vital mission items nice and tidy.

There is now a fancy new categorized cheat menu to spare you needing to look them up and input them into the console (Unlocks after finishing the game on any difficulty)

We've fixed a ton of bugs this update, most notably the game crashing when reaching the end of a pacifist run, and the memory leak/massive lag people were getting later in the game when opening the map (after we finally tracked down the cause of the issue thanks to community feedback)

Work on optimization continues. We’ve reduced system memory usage quite a bit and the install footprint of the game has been reduced by a further 5 gigs to around 18 gigs (especially good news for you 64GB Steam Deck owners!)

Full list of updates below.

Thank you for the continued support!

Running With Scissors Team

New Dude third person, first person models and textures! (For all cosmetic variations)

The Dilbow!


Clothes Bag!
In order to reduce the clutter in the inventory, we’ve implemented a new item, opening it will display a UI from which you will be able to select / equip your cosmetic skins. Note: Gameplay Outfits such as Cop and Drag Outfits will still be their own separate items in your inventory

More camera animations to weapon reloads!

Proper map markers for all Scooter and Kart stations!

Music to Fix Race errand!
(More to come)

Cheats Menu!
You can unlock it by beating the game on any difficulty

Rustling sounds to bushes and damaging cacti!

Progress bar during loading screens!

Localized Main Menu text to various languages!

More subtitle languages!

New RWS intro!

More items around levels. Bystanders to empty areas as well as homeowners to empty homes!

Code hints above Mini-Map for Prison errand!

Added the correct phone notification for the Time Trial side-quest!

Collectible preferences Setting!
You will now be able to choose whether you’d like to see a full pickup animation and hear a doll line when picking up a collectible or have it act like a regular ammo / item pickup with no extra animation / voice line

Improved collision of more models

Reduced the memory consumption of many textures

Moved the End Of Day Wednesday Bell to a correct area

Optimisation in Commercial level

Improved fall damage

Improved the look of Phil / Lil’s clothing selection UI

Improved transition between Residential and The Zag tiles

Improved rigging on Cat Arms

Changed the scale of Dude character, he’s now taller than NPCs

Scooter Challenge will now show up on the Errands Tab

Improved Microtransaction / Lootbox UIs in VR errand

Improved collision of vehicle models

Improved various game world textures in various areas (Info boards, sale signs, etc.)

Updated map screen with better controller support

Toned down the jumping camera swing a bit

Players will now be able to skip Hate Group reveals

On-screen phone corner notifications now play the notification sound instead of the P2 radar buzz

Improved optimisation of Sewer water

Improved Third Person jumping animations

Replaced Cat Rocket animation with a better looking one

Improved Rat’s attack logic, added leap attack

Boss’ health will now reset on player death

Changed the look of Elevator Lever and bottom floor button in Treasure Hunter errand, so that it’s easier to see what to do

Player controller Rocket Cats will now explode on impact with Police Helicopters

Increased the speed on the Chain Sickle and Weight projectiles a bit

Major lag on Map Screen

Chain Sickle projectile persisting when swapping ends

Subtitle spam when skipping cutscenes

Some subtitles for Game Dev Nerd not appearing

Sewer nag timer so the Foreman will bother you less

Scissors Ammo pickup not giving out the Scissors weapon

Implemented failsafe for camera very, very rarely locking in place during the Scooter Race

Various holes in terrain that would cause player to fall off the world

A lot of pop-in in various levels

Not being able to fire to skip the pump-action Shotgun’s reload

Bribing mechanic in Kunny Island, now it’ll work properly with Kunny and Carter

Landing animation being noticeably delayed most of the time

Weapon attachments becoming permanently hidden when holstering

Dialog line not playing during Tag Turf errand

Heatseeking Rockets not working against Police Helicopters

NPCs not playing their exiting animations when disturbed out of interest point

Shady Art Dealer’s mouth not moving when speaking

Weapon clipping in First Person view

Default Dude clothing in cutscenes

Ingram not firing automatically when wielded with the Bidet Petition

A bunch of issues with cutscenes

Kunny Island power boxes not taking explosive damage

M16’s rear sight not being removed when using the ACOG sight

Twitching on certain running animations

A great amount of mapping bugs reported by the community

Taser Ammo Upgrade not dealing enough damage to ragdoll people

Desert Eagle’s slide being locked back for NPCs

Death Volumes not properly killing the player

Bums using old cosmetic variations, replaced with better versions

Janky ticket appearance on car models

Spurt’n’Squirt light spawning somewhere in Residential area

Inverted Look bug with controllers

Broken Rat movement in Sewers

Border Smuggler slingshot reloading not working sometimes

Pigeons freezing in certain cases

Scrolling with Left Stick not working on LifePeeper page

Fixed messy AI in Border Smuggler

Police and other special NPCs not counting toward Going POSTAL challenges in some cases

Being able to duplicate ammo with drop boxes

Animal’s OnFire behavior

Water physics in various areas

Machete not dismembering correctly / not causing blood to spill out

Nagging lines overtaking mission lines during Tag Turf errand

Nagging lines playing during cinematics in Tag Turf errand

The Coaster Fanatic in Kunny Island

Issue with subtitle system displaying empty subtitles

Crash when player would look at a protestor

Friday Apocalypse errand sometimes not triggering

Cart rides not resetting after AI exits ride

The breakable wall in Sewers having broken lighting

Few potential progress blockers in Fix Race errand

Animal Catcher van not disappearing after Animal Catcher errand [i](Violent route)[i]

Cats not playing eating Catnip animation

Great amount of mapping bugs across all levels [i](Misplaced / floating objects, etc.)[i]

Being able to interact with a vending machine through a wall in the Clinic

Old pickup being present in Mall level

NPCs wearing multiple pairs of glasses at once…

Security camera activating if the player touches a certain window in the Dinky Nozzle from the outside

Generic Text Block appearing in Bidet Petitioner Outfit Selection screen

Only Police counting toward Elite Sniper Going POSTAL Challenge

Unobtainable Kunny and Larry dolls in Ghost Town

Flipped Scooter Station outside of MikeJs mansion

Broken swimming pools in Affluent level

Broken Window Cleaner Going POSTAL Challenge in Prison level

MindProcessor crash reports

Angry Car Owners during Pay Fine errand not attacking

The "Adjust gamma..." submenu in the Settings not interacting with the "Back" button on the controller

Removed broken rats that were stuck in one place

Misplaced mask on Fat Bystander

Cat Gang NPCs disappearing when killed as Dude Cat

One of the hair models being misaligned on Fat Bystanders

Broken secret tunnel in La Casa Grande

Cosmetics-related bugs:
Taser Baton, Machete, Mop, Spray Paint, and Gas Can having no "Default" skin. Applying their VR skins would apply them permanently for the duration of the game. VR skin for the Mallet being a duplicate of the "Rubber" skin. Safety skins for Scissors being swapped. VR skins for Rocket Launcher and M60 not working

Pose on Spray Idle animation

Spray Paint Can destroying windows

Invisible Shovel being sometimes assigned to Player on Thursday

Certain sections in Dark Lodge that weren’t working as intended

‘Default Driving Camera’setting using a generic name
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Dread Templar finally left Early Access and is now fully released. No changelog.

Version 0.972a >> Version 1.01n5