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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.3.1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam
Hi drifters!

The last weeks we've taken the time to rework a lot of the behind-the-scenes project code and optimize the art assets even more. While you won't immediately see a change from this, it does mean that it will be easier to track down bugs and implement fixes for us in the long run.
The art optimization should reduce the memory impact and improve the game performance slightly.

Additionally we've added some build improvements as well. Snapping to walkways is now disabled and constructions show their boundaries when placing them for easier placement. A new type of wooden walkway is now also availabe.

Enjoy the new update!

Change Notes

We've internally changed the way projects (IE Salvaging a building, using a producer, etc) are handled. This may come with a few bugfixes, but it will allow us to fix things faster in the future. While it may not have a direct effect right away, it will stabilize the game a lot more in the long run.


- Constructions will now display their boundary with a dotted line when placing a new building.
- Clicking a landmark on the map will move the camera to it (as close as possible).
- Made the mooring point blocking area smaller to reduce other mooring points from blocking a mooring point.


- Split walkways into wood & plastic walkways.
- The map no longer shows a path for your town. You can hold right click, or click on a location, to display it. The cursor now displays where you can and cannot move.


- Walkways will now grey out their deconstruct button if they cannot be deconstructed.
- Mooring points will now grey out their deconstruct button if they cannot be deconstructed.
- Boats will now grey out their deconstruct button if they cannot be deconstructed.


- Updated the visuals of walkway segment to reflect their required resource.
- Updated wood walkway visual to be more readable.


- Decreased material count on walkways, increasing performance.
- Decreased material count on storage yard, increasing performance.
- Decreased material count on houses, increasing performance.


- Due to the nature of us improving the base of our project system, many issues may have been fixed that we couldn't track.
- Fixed issue where constructions would often snap to pontons.
- Fixed issue where 2 walkways could not be placed directly opposed to each other.
- Fixed issue where going back to the main menu and starting a new game could cause selection outlines to stop working.
- Fixed "Can't move" tooltip staying visible after closing the map.
- Fixed issue where items would get stuck in boat.
- Fixed issue where reclaiming a boat with items could break a save.
- Fixed issue where disabling oil in the townheart storage would cause drifters to get stuck when refilling the boat.
- Fixed issue where drifters could get stuck on landmarks when loading a save.
- Fixed issue where playtime in savefile wouldn't count previous playtime.
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HypersomniacLive: This doesn't make sense, given that GOG Galaxy only flags updates for installed games. So, unless one has every single one of their library games installed, those using the client and those not using it are in the same boat when it comes to updates of non-installed games.
mrkgnao: I'll have to disagree. People who use galaxy exclusively (and there are lots of them) don't need update flags. For games installed, galaxy is responsible for keeping the games up to date (just like the steam client they may well be used to). For games not installed, these will be updated as soon as they are installed. And if they are never installed, who needs them to be up to date?
Now I have to disagree. You can use Galaxy to install and play and still want an up-to-date backup of the offline installers in case you ever want to play anything when you don't have access to the internet or in case that Galaxy or GOG isn't working. So even as a Galaxy user the update flags for not installed games are important.

Otherwise you could as well say that nobody needs the notifications at all. Because as a non-Galaxy-user you can download the installer from the website once you want to play it and it will be up-to-date anyway.
mrkgnao: I'll have to disagree. People who use galaxy exclusively (and there are lots of them) don't need update flags. For games installed, galaxy is responsible for keeping the games up to date (just like the steam client they may well be used to). For games not installed, these will be updated as soon as they are installed. And if they are never installed, who needs them to be up to date?
PaterAlf: Now I have to disagree. You can use Galaxy to install and play and still want an up-to-date backup of the offline installers in case you ever want to play anything when you don't have access to the internet or in case that Galaxy or GOG isn't working. So even as a Galaxy user the update flags for not installed games are important.

Otherwise you could as well say that nobody needs the notifications at all. Because as a non-Galaxy-user you can download the installer from the website once you want to play it and it will be up-to-date anyway.
That's why I wrote "use galaxy exclusively", which you do not. I believe the growing majority of GOG users rarely if ever use an offline installer (if they even know they exists) and rarely if ever post on the forum.
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You know, I thought about it a bit and it shouldn't be immensely difficult for someone here to build an update flag system independent of GOG.

What is needed:
1) A tiny server where people could flag new updates (basically reflecting the information posted in this thread). The time-tagged flagging could be done by a handful of volunteers with special permission to do so (a.k.a. editor model), or it could be done by anyone without permissions (a.k.a. wiki model).
2) A browser add-on (similar to Barefoot Essentials (BE) or Adalia Fundamentals (AF)) that mirrors the information from the server onto each user's library. Then each user can turn off the flag for a specific game once he or she has seen it (with the local time-tagged flag-hiding information kept in the browser's local storage). It's about time we had a CD to complement the long-standing BE and AF --- Changelog Differentials, perhaps?

I have enough on my plate with maintaining MaGog, but perhaps someone else is up for the task? I'm willing to help with design and code reviews, even though I don't need update flags at all, since I have MaGog.
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Paraharaha: Terraria new Patch: v1.4.0.2_(38352) // now also avaiable for offline installer download, not "only" for Galaxy updater.

From the avaiable Gog Changelog:
And from the included changelog.txt:
Version Changes

I. Changes/Additions
Added Master and Journey to command line options for the dedicated server
Ghosts should now be more likley to despawn, and reduced the conditions which allow them to spawn as well as the maximum number of them
Error logging should no longer create large DMP data files when the game crashes (We no longer use them)

II. Bug Fixes
Added some protection to ensure world gen works for users using different language PCs, but we are still investigating a more thorough fix
Fixed a number of issues where Terraria tries to make or modify folders, but User Side PC permissions prevented it from doing so, leading to crashes/errors
Fixed a crash relating sound initialization
Fixed a few autostart errors for the server
Fixed an issue with kicking players not actually being fully removed, preventing players from rejoining
Demon Altars can no longer spawn on rare configurations of adjacent cacti, which would crash the world if they were hit
Coins no longer have a sell value
Fixed an issue where Map Scale was impossibly low, resulting in some map related issues

Version Changes

(Note: was the live release, and changes and additions are only included for posterity and for content changes)

I. Changes and Additions
Meteorites now no longer fall until after Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu have been defeated
Killing Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu again will boost the drop rate of subsequent Meteors for the following night (instead of breaking more Orbs/Hearts)
Meteorites can no longer be destroyed with explosives
Pirate Captain now spawns a ghost pirate when he is killed
Dunerider Boots can now be tinkered with Rocket Boots to make Spectre Boots

II. Bug Fixes
Fixed several internal-only issues that were only present in beta builds
Jagger2k7: snip
Yes - you´re right - I should have listed them in the post. I only mentioned the text from the gog changelog.
Thank you for pointing that out. :-)
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd [Early Access]

Patch note 0.5.4 (18.05.2020)

Hey friends!
Thanks to your amazing finds, we have conjured up yet another patch filled to the brim with bug fixes. Hope you'll enjoy the game more now. And if you spot something that went under the radar, just post on the forums bug section!
Thank you so much!

- Fixed weapon mod sounds;
- Fixed quest bugs in the following quests: Night Guest Quest, Northerner Confrontation Quest, Verbalsky's Quest, Dandelion's Quest, Robbery Questl;
- Fixed Blaze's dialogue;
- Erfar and terrorist experience farming fixed;
- Character creation screen bug fixed;
- Objects on Kolotushkin str. fixed;
- Fixed Babur's Hammer;
- Grechkin's dialogue fixed;
- Several visual bugs when interacting with objects fixed;
- Dog training quest dialogues fixed;
- Several dozens lesser, rare graphics and sound bugs fixed;
- Changed blizzard effect to a better one;
- False random encounter windows popping out near locations fixed;
- Some typos fixed.


Into the Breach

Update: Version 1.2.23 (15.05.2020)

- Crash Fix: Game would crash if you beat the game w/o any living pilots in your mechs
- Linux Fix: Hardware cursor was causing crashes for some users
- Linux Fix: Audio driver selection improved
- Stats Fix: "Most Destructive" was no longer tracking properly
- Fixed: Laser Snow Bots would inappropriately cancel their attacks
- Various minor graphical glitches fixed
- ACID will no longer apply to shielded units
- On-Screen keyboard bug fixes (for Gamepad play)
- Various minor UI fixes to fit localization
- Reputation value correctly resets when you leave an island
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As of today, Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark's achievement page now lists ten new achievements, all of which seem to be related to the upcoming "Missions and Monsters" (tentative name) DLC, so I'm guessing the DLC is around the corner (perhaps in June?).

P.S. Great game, BTW. I plan to replay it when they release the DLC.
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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Update 80.8193.13 (19 May 2020)

Fixed various faction issues involving the Harasi NPC, which sometimes blocked module progression.
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Postal 4: No Regerts

Steam build Number:

“A Fistful of Fixes” Update

Hey POSTAL Fans!

This time around, we figured it was probably time we started to get a hold on the various common and uncommon crashes that you guys have been getting, as a few have popped up over the last few updates. The game should now be much more stable for most of you!

We also finally included the gamepad menu so you lunatics can invert your analog stick axis if you so wish. The terrain has been given a fresh lick of paint, and work has been done on ambient sounds within buildings.

In the next update we hope to bring you some more performance improvements - especially when there are a lot of NPCs on screen.


- Corpses and gibs lifetime menu option (‘Performance’ settings)
- Powerlines in Riverside tile
- WIP PetShop / MethLab in Riverside tile
- Zap-zone signs
- Foliage density option (‘Performance’ settings)
- New interior ambiences to businesses
- Gamepad Options Menu
- An intro fly in sequence before you take control of The Dude
- Timed Auto-save setting. It’s enabled by default, game will auto save every 10 minutes


- Added a particle to to the Gas Can’s spout to hide the trail particle gap
- Some of the cinematics have had another pass to better follow rules of cinematography and to hide the HUD
- Enabled root motion on trip animation; NPCs will no longer snap back to starting location after playing the animation
- Edited landscape in Riverside tile
- Implemented new, better looking terrain materials across the whole game
- Collision on main road section
- Left hand Revolver will now contribute execution points to the main right hand Revolver
- Increased the Pigeon health so they don’t instantly die from Bystanders on fire
- Enabled wind effects on foliage


- At least 8 common crashes
- Various mapping bugs that were reported on our Janky forums
- Double telephone poles from Riverside transition
- Phone interface when riding the Scooter
- Removed “Sample text” message from Mini-map transparency option
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Driftmoon Enhanced Edition [Enchanted Edition]

Update 1.7.6

Message on Steam from Apr 29, 2020:

Announcing: Driftmoon Enchanted Edition!

Hi! This is Ville and Anne, the developers of Driftmoon. The time for releasing Driftmoon - the Enchanted edition - on multiple platforms is finally here, yay!

We've had a ton of requests about getting Driftmoon on more platforms. Initially we started work on the Enchanted version right back in 2013 when the first version of Driftmoon was released, until life put a temporary stop to our plans (kids, illnesses, money issues, etc). But we never gave up on our dream of finishing the Enchanted version of Driftmoon. Finally, a year ago we had a chance to resume work on Driftmoon again, and we've worked nonstop ever since. For seven years you've been sending us countless encouraging messages, and also tips on how to improve Driftmoon, so happily we haven't run out of encouragement, or of ideas on what to do. Thanks everyone!

What's new compared to the old Driftmoon?

- Driftmoon now runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.
- We've added the Mystery Box, full of surprises for both you and your friends! :)
- Major graphics update: better textures to look better on modern screens, lightmapped shadows, the lot!
- User interface scales better: from your smallest screen to your living room TV. (still including the possibility to adjust text size)
- Updated user interface, easier to use and looks better.
- New characters, items and skills (through the Mystery Box and elsewhere too)
- Tons of bugfixes, dialogue fixes, quest fixes and improvements.
- Improved music, with an extra melody. All music by Gareth Meek - Thank you again, Gareth!
- Gameplay enhancements: quest reminders, Silver feather counter (very useful!), and more.
- The possibility to recover from a broken save (not that likely, but if your disk was full or something).
- And more surprises! Because we most probably forgot to mention everything. :)

If you'd like to see how the old version plays, or are just feeling nostalgic, we made sure you can still access the vanilla Driftmoon. Open the Steam game properties window (right click on Driftmoon name in Steam client), go to the betas tab, and select vanilladriftmoon. Both versions have separate save games, so you don't need to worry about getting them mixed up. For the techinally minded among us, we've ported the old C++ Driftmoon to C# on the Unity platform. We think it was a good choice, although it was a huge amount of work.

What's next for Ville and Anne? Now that Driftmoon is finished, we're hoping to make enough money from it to finally get the chance to focus full-time on making our own games. We already have a list of game ideas some 500 ideas long, but we've narrowed our next pick to two top candidates that sound the most tempting.

We really hope you have fun playing! If you find any problems, please tell us. The easiest way to give us feedback is through the feedback button in the game menu. And most of all, we want to wish all of you good physical and mental health amidst this strange korona struggle that the world is currently going through. Stay safe!
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Linux installer added
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mrkgnao: I'll have to disagree. People who use galaxy exclusively (and there are lots of them) don't need update flags. For games installed, galaxy is responsible for keeping the games up to date (just like the steam client they may well be used to). For games not installed, these will be updated as soon as they are installed. And if they are never installed, who needs them to be up to date? [...]
[emphasis added]

Apparently I wasn't clear enough - I wasn't referring to that user base, but to users who are using the client to also download the standalone installers (regardless of any other use of it). This group is in exactly the same boat as those of us who don't use it at all when it comes to updated standalone installers - no update flag = no idea which installers got updated. Unless, as I said, they have every single of their games installed, in which case the Galaxy notifications would clue them in that an update for the standalone installer(s) is coming (which, as we know, might or might not be soon after).

The way I see it - the "removal of the update flags ⇒ use of GOG Galaxy" argument makes sense only as part of a plan to change the mentality of people and push them away from using the standalone installers and towards accepting and using the client as it's primarily intended, i.e. the way you described. That'd allow GOG to abandon standalone installers altogether at some point, which they deny is their intent (at least for now). Is GOG working on such a plan? The fact that being a user of standalone installers is becoming more and more of a PITA, even with the use of community solutions, seems to support the idea. Time will tell, just like it has with a number of other GOG-things.

mrkgnao: [...] I think that at some point something broke within GOG's update flag system, and then it finally dawned upon them than there is really no reason for them to duplicate the work of the people posting in this thread. This thread is a better "update flag" system than GOG's has ever been (or will ever be). [...]
[emphasis added]

While very true, it'd make sense, and work, only if every single person using the standalone installers follows this thread religiously, imho. But, as evidenced by the various threads about the lack of update flags that keep popping up, not everybody does (and a number of them don't even want to have to), and some of them probably don't use the forum on a regular basis either (as the late comments in the thread about the removal of the GOG Downloader demonstrate). So they probably contact GOG Support:
- User: Hey GOG, I'm not getting update notifications in my library for a long time now. What's going on?
- GOG Support: Sorry for the inconvenience, please use our optional client.
- User: Emm... no, using the client isn't doing the trick for such and such reasons. Got any other solutions?
- GOG Support: Well if you insist on using the installers, you can always follow the "What did just update" thread, or use any of the other community driven solutions, like gogrepo, gogdb, MaGog. They're all doing a swell job at what you want, though we recommend to use our optional client.

That'd be hilarious if it weren't the epitome of unprofessionalism. Every self-respecting store in the digital games business has to provide a system that informs their customers of updates for all the different installation means they offer.

drrhodes: I don't quite understand what you are saying in your first paragraph of your reply to me. In my case I was referring to games I've bought, installed or not, as seen in under the games tab. I keep all game install files on a couple of NAS drives, just in case a wizardry 8 type of problem occurs.[...]
See my reply to mrkgnao above.

drrhodes: [...] I also suspect that off-line updates have been MANUALLY setup with the new files, patches and the update flag. [...]
Correct, they are, and have always been.

drrhodes: [...] You say we, the off-line users, have been without an update flag for more than 4 months? I know I had been keeping my account relatively clean of updates for a while but would see some coming in while we were in March. There might have been some at the start of April, but I can't remember that detail. [...]
No, I said that three years ago, GOG changed the nav-bar you have at the top of every page on the site, and when they rolled it out and for a little over four months, the notifications for game updates, forum replies and chat messages weren't working on the site - that's how long it took them to restore them in a working state (your registration date says that you were here when that happened, so perhaps you've forgotten all about it).
This precedent can serve as an indicator of what to expect in the current situation - since we're now approaching the two months mark with no update flags, we may well be looking at two more months, if not longer as, on top of it being no priority to GOG combined with their limited coding skills, the pandemic complicates things further.

drrhodes: [...] But anyway, I will continue my one person boycott (which will make no difference to gog, they already have my money from over 1400 games).
Others may be doing the same without being vocal about it on the forum. My spending here has declined by a lot over the past years as a response to a number of GOG's decisions.
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HypersomniacLive: snip
Understood and agreed.
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Edward_Carnby: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Update 80.8193.13 (19 May 2020)

Fixed various faction issues involving the Harasi NPC, which sometimes blocked module progression.
Note that this single line in the changelog about faction issues with an NPC is likely referring to an update of the Dark Dreams of Furiae DLC. The changelog is still missing the full entry for the stable patch 80.8193.13, which, copied from Steam, should look like this (Quote):

Hello, everyone!

Today, we are shipping patch 8193.13 to the stable branch of the game.

This patch is crossplay-compatible with all 8193 game releases, but we recommend upgrading to the newest version to gain access to the latest features!

We'd like to thank you, our faithful and patient community, for your help in providing feedback, reporting bugs, and testing our development branch in between!


The .lod file parser now parses files not ending in a newline correctly.


TNO01_V02_03: Fixed splash VFX on waterfall (not on its own animloop, waterfall animation still intermittent).
TCN01_E09_01: Bad orientation on meshes caused shifting and blank spots.
TNO01.SET: Pathfinding, Orientation & Visibility Fixes.
TN_GDOOR_08: Reverted to original art, addresses non-clickable area transitions at edge of map.


Creature Wizard: remove stray "-1" text #50
Area tile light color picker no longer shows blank colors #49
Inventory window now renders icon backgrounds properly #47


Tyrants of the Moonsea: Fixed 3 shifted cliff sets (placeables) in Elmwood


In addition, this patch includes the previous development builds .10, .11 and .12, summarised here:


Pathfinding performance has been improved drastically; especially on big areas with a lot of static placeables (up to 90% reduction in CPU time spent on pathing).

A new configuration toggle has been added: server.experimental.enhanced-pathfinding; it defaults to on. With this option, combat AI will be much smarter in pathing to their target and thus impact the module experience/difficulty somewhat. We appreciate your feedback on this change. If you need this OFF on your server for whatever reason, just turn this flag off in settings.tml.


Script errors are now logged to the server log.
SSAO performance and accuracy has been improved.
Dynamic contrast performance and accuracy has been improved.
Depth of field performance and accuracy has been improved. A new configuration value can be used to set the amount in addition to turning it on and off.
Sharpen performance and accuracy has been improved.
Visual effects, emitters, lens flares are now subject to post processing.
CLI nwserver now shows proper help for NWSync-related parameters.
Framebuffer: View and projection matrices are now accessible properly.
Framebuffer: Alpha testing on FB effect pass was disabled; fixes background colour appearing erroneously on low alpha.
Framebuffer: Depth testing was disabled on FB effect pass; fixes background colour appearing erroneously for objects close to screen pane.
Framebuffer: All lights (static and dynamic) are now enabled for FB effect passes; fixes them not applying to tinted emitters.
Many more .ini options have been migrated to .tml.


Savegame support for offline NWSync modules has been fixed (by shuffling CURRENTGAME resman priority for NWSync only). Effectively, offline NWSync modules now have a lower HAK priority. HAK priority for non-NWSync games is the same as before.
VM: SetEventScript properly returns TRUE on success. #9
VM: SetEventScript no longer crashes when passing in invalid constants.
VM: GetCampaignVector now properly returns the Z value of stored vectors. #10
ActivatePortal no longer erroneously shows character selection if a character is sent along. #2
Chargen now allows lowering stats back under 11 for non-caster primaries. #3
Texture caching was improved.
Script/effect timers no longer overflow when the duration is more than a day.
PostString() strings are no longer hidden when the radial menu opens. #11
settings.tml is no longer erroneously half-truncated when the game crashes while saving out the file.
BootPC() no longer crashes the server if called twice on the same player #6
Fixed textures getting erroneously evicted between module loads #7
VM: We fixed a memleak in AssignCommand, DelayCommand, ActionDoCommand
VM: We fixed a memleak when removing effects from objects
NWSync: We addressed an issue where sqlite3 would fail to open NWSync databases on non-ANSI path names
Lighting: Light priority selection was improved. Distance/far dynamic lights should no longer override closer - more important - lights. (This can be turned off with the option graphics.experimental.enhanced-light-managing)
Config: A corner case where server favourites and history was not saved was fixed.
VM: GetSpellSaveDC now uses the SpellcastingAbility column, instead of the PrimaryMod column. #27
VM: A pathfinding issue in RandomWalk() was fixed, where calling the function sometimes did nothing.
VM: PostString() strings are now rendered in sort order.
A heap buffer read overflow in pathfinding was addressed, that could previously have resulted in some jerky movement when blocked by a door or placeable.
SSAO fbo: We exorcised some spooky ghosting that manifested when panning the camera.
[NVIDIA] Toolset: It should no longer be necessary to force threaded optimisation off manually.
Toolset: Music and Ambient Sounds can now be loaded from ResMan (haks) if listed in the 2da.
[Linux] Server command line help now includes nwsync-related args.
Server: We optimised gff validation performance. Even very large character files with lots of local vars should no longer hang needlessly.
Fixed an issue that were causing custom dynamic race models to always use the human texture variant. #31
Changed the movie render scale to fit-to-window.
Fixed renderaabb not showing up properly on all tiles. #43
Fixed skylight beams (forest sunbeams, etc.) not rendering properly in all cases.
VM: Fix script commands not properly accessing area UUIDs. #41
CampaignDB: Fix RetrieveCampaignVector returning zeroed out vectors. #44
Fixed a heap overflow read when spawning a encounter list.
Linear filtering on post processing passes has been disabled. This takes care of yet more (subtle) ghosting.
[Windows] OpenAL: Fix crash when no sound devices are available.
[Windows] OpenAL: DLL was replaced with OpenAL Soft, fixing launch crashes when OpenAL was not installed.
[Windows] OpenAL: Address issues with sounds disappearing during long play sessions.
[Windows] OpenAL: Fix issues with sounds disappearing when too many sounds are playing at the same time.
VM: DestroyArea() now behaves the same as DestroyObject(): Instead of destroying the area immediately, it schedules it for removal immediately after script exit. This fixes accessing freed memory when destroying an area from an area event.
VM: GetCasterLevel() now returns 0 for AOEs instead of crashing. #34
classes.2da: fix not using SpellcastingAbil for non-memorising casters. #39
[Windows] nwhak.exe: Add support for ktx, ttf, sql, tml, sq3, lod file types.
[Windows] We fixed settings.tml sometimes not being written out properly.


Access violation when compiling scripts with nested structs has been fixed.

New Script Commands

// Returns the build number of oPlayer (i.e. 8193).
// Returns 0 if the given object isn't a player or did not advertise their build info.
int GetPlayerBuildVersionMajor(object oPlayer);
// Returns the patch revision of oPlayer (i.e. 8).
// Returns 0 if the given object isn't a player or did not advertise their build info.
int GetPlayerBuildVersionMinor(object oPlayer);

Art & Content

Doors on area edges have been fixed. #13
TTF01_T13_01, TTF01_S13_01: Fixed torches to work properly w/ Source Lights & w/o glowing meshes, and a campfire emitter that never shut off
TTF01_P10_01: Restored missing waterfall animation, with an animloop to control it
TDC01_Q02_01: Restored missing animated meshes from Bioware Source files, and merged them back into the tile
TWC03_C43_02 (SET File): Set the X-position to 0.0 instead of a negative scientific number
TNO01_M53_(11-14): Repaired a bad texture assignment, and closed a seam running along two tile edges
Bad campfire animation on TTF01_T13_01
Fixed stringy shadows on Driftwoods 1&2, Market Stall 01, Dragon Statue, and Castle Rural tiles TNO01_A06_01, TNO01_B51_02, & TNO01_C01_02
Driftwood 2, TNO01_A06_01: Fixed Shadows (again)
Alchemist Apparatus 1 & 2: Shadow, UV, Mesh & Walkmesh fixes
TN_SDOOR_02 Fixed a broken/missing animation (#26)
TN_SDOOR_19 Reclassified as Type=Door (#29)
TNO_V00_09 Fixed ground texture (now set back to Grass) (#25)
TNO01_Chain01.DDS Cleaned up the alpha channel and texture shape, resized to 2x (512 x 256) (#23)
TNO01_B70_01 Repaired misplaced geometry (#22)
TCN01_J17_01 Repaired misplaced geometry, fixed animation to use an animloop (and allow shutdown)
TTZ01_EDGE.2da Added an entry to accomodate elevated stream with grass (used to show up blank-edged)
NW_IT_ARMHE007.uti Removed the unnecessary 50 charges for Thieves' Hood (#24)


Removed the warning dialogue that shows when opening a module with haks.
Added a setting to always open module directories.
The outdated and unused registry read + warning UI has been purged.
Conversation editor opening time has been optimised.
Modules are now sorted alphabetically and the last-opened module is selected by default.
Modern UI skinning has been enabled.
The tabbed UI is now on by default.
Fixed a crash when pasting objects from a closed area.
Fixed a bug in placeable properties UI where it would open the wrong dialogue file.
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