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finkleroy: Thanks. When did the URL change?
Months ago.

Announced at Feb 15, 2018.
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finkleroy: Is it just me, or has yepoleb been down for the past couple days?
I was using the old URL as well in my RSS feed reader and can confirm it only stopped working 2-3 days ago. Well, it was high time to switch to the new URL anyway :).
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Sorry for breaking things for you, but the renewal came up and I decided it's a good opportunity to drop the legacy domain. Probably should do a proper announcement in my thread though.
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Yepoleb: Sorry for breaking things for you, but the renewal came up and I decided it's a good opportunity to drop the legacy domain. Probably should to a proper announcement in my thread though.
No worries. All is well. Thanks for everything you do to help out around here!
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The Summer Sale is in its final stages, but the updates will never end!


Games included in this batch:

· Epistory - Typing Chronicles
· Long Dark, The [Season Pass]
· Project Zomboid [In Dev]
· Real Myst


[Part 1 of 3]


Epistory - Typing Chronicles has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Polish, Russian *TO* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian


* File removed: 1.3.5 (32 bit)

* File added: Windows installer, English 32-bit --- Name: setup_epistory_-_typing_chronicles_1.4_(32bit)_(21513).exe --- Size: 657.9 MB --- Date: Fri 15 Jun 2018 09:14:24 GMT --- Version: 1.4

* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Name *FROM* *TO* --- Size *FROM* 607.9 MB *TO* 608.2 MB --- Date *FROM* Fri 09 Jun 2017 03:36:08 GMT *TO* Fri 15 Jun 2018 13:13:22 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.3.5 (gog-3) *TO* 1.4

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* epistory___typing_chronicles_en_1_3_5_12590.pkg *TO* epistory___typing_chronicles_enUS_1_4_21514.pkg --- Size *FROM* 613.7 MB *TO* 614.0 MB --- Date *FROM* Thu 08 Jun 2017 14:52:07 GMT *TO* Fri 15 Jun 2018 10:33:18 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.3.5 *TO* 1.4

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_epistory_64_1.3.5_(12568).exe *TO* setup_epistory_-_typing_chronicles_1.4_(64bit)_(21513).exe --- Size *FROM* 553.6 MB *TO* 653.5 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 26 Jun 2017 14:11:24 GMT *TO* Fri 15 Jun 2018 09:14:45 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.3.5 *TO* 1.4

Update 1.4 (15 June 2018)

- Added Italian language support (text only)
- Improved the Chinese translation
- Miscellaneous bug fixes
(Full changelog)


Real Myst has changed

>>> Supported OS changed *FROM* Windows (XP, Vista, 8) *TO* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 10)


* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_realmyst_2.0.0.6.exe *TO* setup_realmyst_1.11_(21511).exe --- Size *FROM* 518.4 MB *TO* 672.2 MB --- Date *FROM* Tue 21 Jan 2014 06:55:36 GMT *TO* Fri 15 Jun 2018 07:28:00 GMT --- Version *FROM* [empty] *TO* 1.11

Internal Update (15 June 2018)

- [WIN] improved compatibility with Windows 7 / 10
(for best effect, it is advised to completely uninstall and reinstall the game)
(Full changelog)
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[Part 2 of 3]


Long Dark, The [Season Pass] has changed


* File removed: Patch 1.30 [Windows]

* Files removed: Windows installer, English (parts 1-2)

* File added: Patch (1.29 to 1.30) [Windows] --- Size: 405.0 MB --- Version: 1.30

* File added: Patch (1.30 to 1.33) [Windows] --- Size: 1.0 MB --- Version: 1.33

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 3) --- Size: 1.0 MB --- Version: 1.33

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 3) --- Size: 4.0 GB --- Version: 1.33

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 3) --- Size: 37.0 MB --- Version: 1.33

* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 3.5 GB *TO* 4.3 GB --- Version *FROM* 1.30 *TO* 1.33

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 3.6 GB *TO* 4.0 GB --- Version *FROM* 1.30 *TO* 1.33

Patch 1.33 (15 June 2018)

General Fixes
- [All] Fixed Crows spawning below ground.
- [All] Fixed Intro Movie not respecting Master Volume settings.
- [All] Updated localization.
- [All] Fixed duplicated resolutions appearing in Options.
- [All] Fixed FOV being limited to 100.
- [UI] Fixed inventory actions becoming broken when switching between Keyboard/Mouse and Controller.
- [UI] Improved responsiveness of Resolution Selector in Options.
- [UI] Fixed Main Menu flashing briefly before intro video when running the game on Mac or in DX9 mode.
- [UI] Fixed missing Title when viewing Map Screen in Mountain Town.
- [UI] Updated Region Description formatting to be more consistent.
- [UI] Updated UI art to include Climbing Socks.
- [UI] Fixed Feat progress bars to better represent progress.
- [UI] Updated Main Menu Custom Mode text to be easier to read.
- [UI] Fixed Fish appearing with missing or bright colours when taken from a fridge and inspected.
- [UI] Fixed Earmuffs appearing on Paper Doll when equipping other Accessories.
- [UI] Moved "Sort" icon in the Inventory screen.
- [UI] Updated Clothing UI tooltips for all platforms.
- [Linux] Fixed light shaft rendering incorrectly.
- [Linux] Fixed audio not playing for some players.
- [Wintermute] Fixed checkpoint screenshot showing image from previous save.

- [All] Fixed momentary freeze when opening Inventory for the first time.
- [All] Fixed Light Source menu being unavailable when Flashlight is the only light source.
- [All] Scaled size of Fish to work with new cooking system.
- [All] Consolidated UI actions around a single verb - "Use".
- [All] Updated controller actions to support new Quick Placement feature.
- [All] Fixed Aurora not always appearing correctly when player is Passing Time/Resting at specific intervals.
- [All] Updated cooking surfaces around the world for new Cooking System.
- [All] Updated Campfire placement
- [All] Fixed UI not always updating after performing an action such as Purifying water.
- [All] Fixed Clothing Screen stats not always updating after changing clothing.
- [All] Fixed Living Off the Land achievement progress being reset when drinking tea crafted from Reishi Mushrooms or Rosehips.
- [All] Fixed items falling through certain rugs.
- [All] Fixed missing audio when crafting Tinder from Sticks.
- [All] Updated instant kill regions on cliff faces to be more forgiving in some locations.
- [All] Fixed incorrect text appearing when interacting with an active Fire during windy conditions.
- [All] Updated Disclaimer screen not respecting game language when set to Dutch.
- [All] Player can no longer eat ruined food from the Inspection screen.
- [All] Fixed Weak Ice warning persisting if player loads game while standing on Weak Ice.
- [All] Fixed Bear becoming stuck in animation when not in player’s view.
- [All] Fixed player being able to become stuck when attacked while Crafting.
- [All] Fixed Campfire rewarding extra Charcoal.
- [All] Fixed extra arrow being generated after Harvesting a corpse then saving and reloading.
- [All] Realigned Wolf positioning when it feeds off a Moose carcass.
- [All] Adjusted the speed of Rifle shot sound effect when firing indoors.
- [All] Fixed unintentional movement when player is using the Radial Menu with a Controller.
- [All] Fixed misaligned blood decal after harvesting corpse.
- [All] Disabled Radial Menu while holding a stunned Rabbit.
- [All] Lantern now shows Gallons when Imperial Units are selected. Was showing Ounces previously.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Locations Discovered in the Stats screen to account for Regions with variable number of interiors due to ruined structures.
- [Survival Mode] General fixes for a wide variety of minor locations to make them easier to Survey.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed rare scenario where WINTERMUTE map could appear in your Survival Mode map list.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Moose getting stuck in running animation when it dies while running.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed not being able to Survey Wolf Carcasses that spawn into the game.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed arrow trails remaining after firing an Arrow in certain scenarios.
- [Survival Mode] Removed Stone Church from Faithful Cartographer requirements, as it was causing an issue with legacy game saves.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Moose entering hold position when player is holding a light source.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed wildlife resetting location after player transitions to a new Region/interior.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed player becoming stuck when saving and loading while on stairs.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed non-interactable brush near Lonely Lighthouse.
- [Survival Mode] Improved Moose pathfinding when under trees.
- [Wintermute] Fixed player being unable to save if they delete all their Story saves, while playing Wintermute.
- [Wintermute] Fixed several locations where Bear could become stuck during Jeremiah's Folly mission.
- [Wintermute] Fixed missing textures on Cache boxes.
- [Wintermute] Fixed controller input registering during Episode One ending, resulting in UI popup.
- [Wintermute] Autosave option now only appears when playing Wintermute.
- [Wintermute] Fixed issue where Player could not enter Hank's Hatch during the Episode Two side mission if they unlocked the hatch, but were missing the letter.
- [Wintermute] Fixed deer carcass disappearing at the opening of Episode One if Player interacts with, saves, then reloads game.
- [Wintermute] Fixed Cabin Fever icon appearing in Story Mode, even though the player can not get Cabin Fever in Story Mode.
- [Custom Mode] Adjusted how Wildlife Flee chance is applied.
- [Custom Mode] Adjusted loot tables.

- [All] Fixed missing texture from the Burnt Flare when viewed in Inspection mode.
- [All] Fixed Smoke "glowing" at night or in fog.
- [Art] Updated Gun Rack scaling to better match Rifle size.
- [Enviro] Tweaked many item placements.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where objects clip into the environment.
- [Enviro] Polish pass on all Regions.
- [Enviro] Fixed floating snow banks.
- [Enviro] Fixed instances of bushes clipping into trees.
- [Enviro] Fixed Climbing Rope texture not appearing correctly.
- [Enviro] Fixed stretched texture on fallen tree trunk.
- [Enviro] Fixed numerous locations where players could become stuck.
- [Enviro] Updated various tree groups that were missing collision.
- [Enviro] Fixed some Ropes being difficult to interact with from the bottom.
- [Enviro] Fixed floating Rosehip bushes in Timberwolf Mountain.
- [Enviro] Fixed trees and bushes populating the same location in Desolation Point.
- [Enviro] Fixed Flag clipping into Lake Cabins.
- [Enviro] Removed extra exterior window on certain cabins.
- [Survival Mode] Fixed Moose scratch texture on trees appearing stretched.
- [Wintermute] Fixed Aurora during Episode One introduction sequence flickering at certain angles.

- Added Italian and Polish translations of all in*game text and subtitles.
- Performance improvements.
- Fixed several memory*related crashes.
- Fixed button prompts flickering when tabbing between menus.

- Performance improvements.
- Added Italian and Polish translations of all in*game text and subtitles.
- Fixed issue where conditions for Achievements could take an extended amount of time to be reported.
- Fixed Japanese text flickering when scrolling through certain menus.
- Fixed screen overlapping when signing out of profile on certain screens.
- Fixed flickering when bringing up the Home Panel via the Xbox button.

Windows 10
- [UWP] Fixed Launching the title in Norwegian preventing Player accessing Survival mode.
- [UWP] Fixed issue causing mouse to lose focus, resulting in game minimizing unexpectedly.
- [UWP] Fixed debug info remaining on screen after pressing F8 for a screenshot.
(Full changelog)
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[Part 3 of 3]


Project Zomboid [In Dev] has changed


* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size has not changed (1.1 GB) --- Version *FROM* 39.66.3 *TO* 39.67.5

* File changed: Patch Project Zomboid 32-bit [Windows] --- Size *FROM* 1.3 GB *TO* 1.2 GB --- Version *FROM* 39.66.3 *TO* 39.67.5

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 1.3 GB *TO* 1.2 GB --- Version *FROM* 39.66.3 *TO* 39.67.5

Patch 39.67.5 (15 June 2018)

- Changed default UI Render FPS to 20.
- Added Linux version of libPZBullet64 without OpenGL for headless servers.
- Added proper physics to open double doors.
- Added "Pan camera while aiming" display option.
- Cell grid now drawn in the lua debugger map.
- Pressing 'T' in the lua debugger map now teleports player 0 to that location.
- Added the ability to smash the car window that a player is facing using right click in the car's context menu.
- Added "remove vehicle" using the right click context menu if you are in debug or an admin.
- Admins or people in debug mode can now open the Vehicle Mechanics screen instantly while inside a car.
- Added a Car Battery Charger item. It is used to charge your car battery if you have electricity around you (generator included).
- Added 32bit PZBullet for Linux
- Only show 'Dig Grave' in context menu when clicking on appropriate ground tiles.
- Dirty Rags may be used as tinder or fuel in campfires.
- Vehicle key is returned to the keyring it came from when removing it from the ignition.
- Added better support for large fonts - for example with the Big Freakin' Fonts mod.
- Replaced the placeholder car battery charger.
- Size and position of the crafting and vehicle-mechanics UIs now saved.
- The vehicle mechanics window can be resized vertically.
- The crafting UI is resizable and supports large fonts better.
- Added correct Mechanics skill icon

- Increased the spawn rate of mechanic tools in car trunks.
- Lowered the panic increase caused by zombies when player is in a vehicle.
- Increased the knockback done to car when ramming zombies.
- Decreased the consumption of fuel by generator.
- Lowered the impact of timeSinceApo sandbox & world hour age on spawning car battery.
- Increased a tad the number of cars spawning on Low sandbox setting.
- Increased the spawn rate of remote control.
- Increased the odds to find an animal with trapping.

- Fixed VOIP not working.
- Fixed issues with players riding shotgun in MP being teleported to elsewhere on the map by preventing drivers from entering areas of the map that haven't been loaded in their passengers' game.
- Fixed client doing collision checks for zombies that should only be done on a server.
- Fixed zombie positions not updating on the client correctly.
- Fixed zombie animations not updating on the client when near a vehicle.
- Fixed trove.jar not being on Mac StartServer scripts.
- Fixed Server not directing admins to 38.30(pre-vehicles) branch when trying to load an old world.
- Fixed potential slowdown by not calling getResourceAsStream() in IndieFileLoader.
- Fixed "Bad file descriptor" bug on Linux (hopefully, please let us know if you see this)
- Fixed linux issues by rebuilding Linux
- Fixed "Auth failed response" message on server when a client disconnects.
- Fixed issues around server sending map_zone.bin to clients.
- Fixed pzbullet/CMakeLists.txt
- Fixed linux issues by updating Linux and
- Fixed unpinned inventory/loot window time auto-collapsing at different framerates.
- Fixed zombies near player 1 overlapping each other when player 2 was far away in split-screen.
- Fixed longstanding visual glitch when climbing over something onto a staircase below.
- Fixed potential infinite loops by adding sanity checks when loading map_zone.bin.
- Fixed VoiceManager.DeinitVMClient() not terminating the thread properly.
- Fixed exception cooking items with both BadInMicrowave and ReplaceOnCooked.
- Fixed line spacing in the in-game changelog.
- Fixed exception causing return to main menu with Bedford Falls and other maps with buggy .lotheader files.
- Fixed missing RCON .class files.
- Fixed clothes becoming dirty even if the sandbox option was disabled.
- Fixed some debug messages players don't need.
- Fixed checking doors to enter a vehicle checking hood/bonnet.
- Fixed checking windows to enter a vehicle not seeing if a window had been smashed.
- Fixed car batteries being created at 50% charge on most spawns.
- Fixed Driving on player-made wood floor being considered as offroad and damaging vehicle.
- Fixed VehicleInterpolationData objects not being reused.
- Fixed in-game changelog not displaying changes to previous versions of the game.
- Fixed issues with vertical force to vehicles after collisions with objects/zombies.
- Fixed vehicle headlights being slow to turn on and off.
- Fixed vehicle positions not updating for passengers after a collision.
- Fixed Multi-core rendering not working on Linux.
- Fixed linux server issues by removinf -XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash from Linux server .json.
- Fixed seeing key icon above another player's head when near a vehicle.
- Fixed further linux issues by adding -XX:-CreateMinidumpOnCrash -XX:-CreateCoredumpOnCrash -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow to server .bat/.json.
- Fixed collisions between vehicles and zombies being counted when the vehicle is stationary.
- Fixed small car's plate number being stretched.
- Fixed flat building roofs being hidden when the player was obscured by player-built floors.
- Fixed roof on lot_house_small_36.tbx.
- Fixed a missing wall in a house near 13814,4682.
- Fixed trunk capacity not always updating when it should on the client.
- Fixed wrong end of a vehicle sometimes taking damage after a collision in multiplayer.
- Fixed DropOffWhiteListAfterDeath only working for accesslevel that isn't "none" (this is the reverse of what was intended)
- Fixed being able to use Car Battery Charger outside while there is electricity (you need to be a in a building now, or close to a generator).
- Fixed client not updating vehicle stats when part condition changes.
- Fixed Linux server failure with libPZBulletNoOpenGL*.so
- Fixed text such as "The door is blocked." being visible above other player's heads in splitscreen.
- Fixed translation for "You failed to produce any usable materials" not being used.
- Fixed words not appearing above the player's head when trying to open barricaded or blocked doors.
- Fixed C/F/R keys activating if identical to the "Toggle Crafting UI" key when displaying the crafting ui.
- Fixed crafting UI appearing in the main menu if the assigned key is pressed.
- Fixed VehicleManager error when more than 64 players are connected.
- Fixed error compiling ProjectZomboid.exe with UNICODE defined.
- Fixed both halves of a grave not being destroyed when using a sledgehammer.
- Fixed pathfinding (and other) data not being updated when remote clients added objects to the map.
- Fixed not being able to climb through carpentry window frames above ground level by holding the E key for half a second.
- Fixed not being able to hop over fences using the controller B button above ground level.
- Fixed not being able to climb down sheetropes when tapping the 'E' key.
- Fixed remote players juddering up and down while climbing sheetropes.
- Fixed display not updating when climbing sheetropes.
- Fixed player not facing fence/window when adding/removing sheetropes.
- Fixed controller context menu missing commands to climb over and add/remove sheetropes to fences.
- Fixed double-tile carpentry objects (like Bed) not consuming materials.
- Fixed scrollbars not working in the options ui when a controller was active.
- Fixed using the controller A-button on a vehicle hood not opening the mechanics ui.
- Fixed aspects of many UIs to handle different font sizes.
- Fixed font-rendering bug.
- Fixed UI not updating when an error occurs setting vsync.
- Fixed the crafting UI constantly setting the help text for the info-button window.
- Fixed ISModalRichText updating when not visible and not being centered on screen.
(Full changelog)
high rated
Dead In Vinland

#### Patch 1.1 (15 June 2018)

##### Hello survivors!

* We're pretty excited to finally give you this big fat free 1.1 patch! We've been working hard on it since release, and we think we have addressed most of the common gripes people had with the game.

##### Speed up options

* We greatly raised the max speed of all the ingame animations, and added more options, so that you can really speed up the game as fast as possible.
* You can modify these values in a dedicated tab in the options menu, and find your perfect setting.

##### Skip Mode

* We reworked our fast-forward mode into a real skip mode that you can activate/de-activate when you want. Just press the button or right-click anywhere. It will temporaliry set all the speed up options to the max.

##### Skip Mode for dialogs

* We added the skip mode for the dialogs, so now you can really speed up those you've already seen.

##### Instant text display for dialogs

* We added an option to enable instant text display in dialogs. It speeds up Skip Mode even further.

##### New RNG modes

* We added 2 new optionnal RNG modes:
* A Statistical RNG, as we call it, that completely reworks how the success chances for skillchecks, to hit chances, etc... are computed. In short, you now are certain to get a result that will be near the statistical expectation. (i.e. : 80% chances will give you a good result 8 times on 10)
* A gaussian mode for all the random throws concerning ranges (like damages, states increases/decreases, items scavenged...). It will basically make that you'll get more often average values than extreme ones. For example, on a 2 - 4 DMG roll, you'll roll much more 3's, and sometimes 2's or 4's.

* These 2 options can be enabled independantly. You can change them on the new game and load game screens.

##### Give same water ration to everyone

* We added a little shortcut to give everyone the same water ration, and to clear the rations set to everyone.

##### Distribute food and water rations with right-click

* We changed how the right-click works: it now magnetic drags food or water rations in the night phase, and if you left-click a character, the item will be kept in the magnetic drag. In short, you'll be able to distribute a lot more easily stacks of items, without having to drag n drop them from the bottom bar.

##### Safety check when boiling water

* You won't be able to lose your fire anymore if you try to boil water and you don't have enough Fire Intensity.

##### Level Ups reworked

* The system now automatically re-rolls duplicates traits.
* You'll automatically get 1 Battle Trait and 1 Non Battle Trait. The 3 other Traits are still randomized.
* You'll now be able to re-roll the Trait list! You can do it 5 times each level-up, and you'll get a bad trait as a tradeoff (for now, it gives -20% General XP. Cumulative)

##### Side bar sorting options

* We added the possibility to sort your characters by state or skill in the sidebar. It will enable you to quickly see who is the most tired, or who is the best craftman in the camp :)

##### Inventory filters

* We added some filters in the inventory, now you can filter by basic resources, food, healing items...

##### Items overview bar

* You can now flag up to 12 items that you want to show in the overview bar, on top of the screen. With that, you can track the current stock of critical resources, and customize it the way you like!

##### Animosity gauge feedback

* We now show the gauge progression of the Animosity Level of Björn when the value changes. You'll now see the direct impact of giving Elof more or less resources, and if you are near of the point of no return...

##### Post battle XP

* Characters now gain a bit of XP when they participate (and survive) a battle.

##### Tavern: auto-switch to Relax Mode

* If you don't have enough beers, the Tavern will automatically revert to Relax Mode.

##### Keyboard shortcuts

* We added the list of all keyboard and mouse shortcuts in the option menu. You will see there that you can send all characters to shelter with pressing DELETE key, or that you can select a character just by pressing its number on your keyboard.

##### Saves no longer destroyed

* The saves are no longer destroyed on game over now, even on True Viking, meaning that you can get the bad ending and still reload to try and get the good ending :)

##### Loki's trade revamped

* Loki was completely reworked. He will trade a lot more items with you, and most importantly, he will trade TINDER with you... So now you won't be stuck without Tinder because you used them all :)

##### Misceallenous

* Added a privacy setting button in the option, for anonymous data collection.
* The saves have been reworked, they should be less corruption-prone.
* You can now re-use traps even when you catch something.
* The drag n drop angle in the bottom bar has been reworked.
* We added a quit without saving button, for the save-scummers ;)
* You can now access the Character sheets outside camp.
* Reworked the starting random traits: their maluses have been globally lowered, but now you get 3 instead of 2. All characters also draw from the same big list of traits, and can get any of them.
* Added a check so that Eustache and Blodeuwedd's romance won't go to the final level if the player rebuked Eustache at every occasion.
* Changed the eat mud tribute, to reflect if the player always gave meat.
* Boosted a bit the Elites stacks during retaliations events.
* After day 120, added new full elite enemies stacks and added some random buffs on them.
* Changed a few runes and storyline dialog trees so that you don't have to start the dialogues again if you fail consecutive skillchecks.
* Sheeps are now ordered by Health before being given food => the ones with lowest Health will be given food first, which can matter when there isn't enough food for every sheep.

##### Balancing

* Dryer: food dries faster each days (+20%), for each weather type.
* Dryer: lowered stolen food chances without upgrades from 15 to 10%.
* Pens: lowered basic milk output from 8-12 to 6-10
* Lowered a bit the easy mode: -20% animosity gains, -10% disease chances, -10% dehydration chances.

##### Fixes

* Corrected the final event for Moira and Gudrun: the wild sheep wasn't removed from the inventory.
* Corrected some exploits with the Helmet guy and the Cursted Tablets.
* Corrected a rare bug that made the player stuck in battle
* Corrected the floating bearded head rune
* The last tribute won't be shown anymore once you've completed it.

* That's it! We hope new and old players alike will enjoy the game even more now. If we corrected things that made you give us a bad review at first, don't hesitate to update your review :) As a small developer, we rely on that A LOT.
60 Seconds!

#### Update 1.306 (15 June 2018)

You know what's the day today? It's time for a new challenge! Prepare to join
Ted's Army! Ted-hut!

But there is more! We really enjoy the fact that 60 Seconds! community has so
many ideas for what can come next for our game! We love that you care so much!

We are always looking forward to opportunities for releasing something that
was eagerly requested by a lot of you.

To that effect, today we are proud to present a new language version of 60
Seconds! - Korean! A lot of love went into making sure it's awesome. Enjoy!

14/06/2018 1.306 Ted's Army challenge

* official Korean localization
* Ted's Army scavenge challenge
high rated
Seven: The Days Long Gone

#### Update 1.11 (15 June 2018)

Dear Thiefs,

A couple of months have passed since our latest update, but the wait for the
next patch is over, and we would like to introduce you to what we have
prepared. Enjoy all the changes and fixes, and do not hesitate to contact us
if you'd like us to focus on some particular problems. There are still some
issues/requests from you we are working on, but you are always welcome to ask
for more :)

IMPORTANT NOTEYou may encounter a slightly longer time of loading your game
after patch 1.11 has been applied. After loading is complete, please make sure
you resave your progress, and next time loading will come back to its usual.


* FIX: Now Skill Chip is hooked in the menu from the very beginning of the game.
* FIX: Now Birdcage Arena merchant is friendly to arena guards.
* FIX: Occasional problem with having no goods by merchants in Warden's Hold fixed.
* FIX: Corrected NPC's action points in Hunters Lodge in Warden's Hold.
* FIX: NPC's behaviours while looting things changed. Now if you are stealing items from the bodies, the NPCs can't do it at the same time.
* FIX: Alternative attack when using two swords now will work properly.
* FIX: NPCs will no longer get stuck on the roof of Biomancers Church in Warden's Hold.
* FIX: 'Globetrotter' achievement unlocking fixed.
* FIX: Fast Travel Panels and Overseers will never miss mapping again.

##### QUESTS

* FIX: Possession With Intent quest giver now friendly to the player.
* FIX: Autosave after complete quest Lost Contact objective added.
* FIX: A Monolithic Mission mapping will be now correctly displayed.
* FIX: Blind Bessy quest giver cannot be killed anymore.
* FIX: Graveyard Of Giants And Men quest giver cannot be killed anymore.
* FIX: The Sozzled Mosquito quest giver cannot be killed anymore.
* FIX: Lady's Plus One quest giver cannot be killed anymore.
* FIX: Hide And Seek quest giver cannot be killed anymore.
* FIX: Autosave after completing the quest Lady's Plus One added.
* FIX: Autosaves added at the end of quest Thick As Thieves.
* FIX: Now during the quest Belly Of The Beast Biomancer Guards will behave properly when attacked.
* FIX: It is no longer possible to roll out of the decontamination chamber before the door closes during Arrival quest.
* FIX: Fist fighters in Fisticuffs quest will now fight properly after betting on any of them.
* FIX: It is now possible to interact with hunters in All Aflutter after helping them.
* FIX: Autosave before a fight with the Giant Crab added.
* FIX: MDD patrolling Technomagi will now behave appropriately after checking the player for Visa 03.
* FIX: Sanctuary's sense mode clues mappings will now behave properly after saving/loading.
* FIX: It is now possible to use Chronosphere during last fight.
* FIX: MDD quest will now not be added as completed to the journal if it was not started in the first place.
* FIX: Mappin position fixed on MDD bandit's chief after killing him.
* FIX: A Great Honour Vault door was not saving properly.
* FIX: Objective for seeking Rabbit mark around Top Hat was not succeeded correctly under certain circumstances.
* FIX: The Unclear dialogue of Wildermage prisoner has been tweaked.
* FIX: Dialogues between Artanak and Teriel about generators in Light of The Firefly quest will now be displayed correctly.
* FIX: Objective for finding Gas Mask will now be displayed and removed correctly in Lost Contact.
* FIX: Occasional blocker in Forged in The Crucible after winning a fight and loading save game, removed.
* FIX: It is no longer possible to hear VO from the cutscene in The Sanctuary quest after skipping it.
* FIX: Saving locks added for the final sequence of the game.
* FIX: Notification of receiving quest item at the end of Thick as Thieves will now be displayed correctly.


* NEW: New fast travel joints added to Peh.
* FIX: Safe in Blackwood Manor will now not levitate on an upper floor.
* FIX: Window replaced with a wall in Sheriff's House in Mortbane.
* FIX: Now all cameras are connected to one hacking panel placed in security room in Warehouse near Lewmer.
* FIX: Problem with visible streaming mountains near the Cliffs during riding a zip line solved.
* FIX: Bad collision on the fragment of the environment in The Mire fixed.
* FIX: Navigation fixed for the ladder in Mortbane.
* FIX: General fixed for navmesh and geometry across whole game world added.

##### MISC

* NEW: World Map & Upgrade crafting station Quit button added.
* NEW: After disarming a trap and looting it, proper info will be shown on screen.
* NEW: Inventory filter for filtering items by crafting component on which they can be dismantled added.
* FIX: UI Panels Quit & Back button fixed & moved to the upper-right corner.
* FIX: Occasional problem with adding and removing custom pins on the map should not appear anymore.
* FIX: Random changing icons on the map fixed.
* FIX: Occasionally lack of translations names and descriptions of all items fixed.
* FIX: Issue with not showing objective map pins over single-use base clues that were already discovered and interacted with fixed.
* FIX: Gamepad cursor wandering on its own upon opening the map in rare cases fixed.
* FIX: It's no longer possible to rebind actions responsible for opening UI panels.
* FIX: It's no longer possible to rebind any action to a key used by functional bindings.
* FIX: Issue with playing couple click sounds when opening Map & Tutorials panel fixed.
* FIX: Issue with control icons being displayed incorrectly when the player opens the menu with keyboard and closes it with gamepad fixed.
* FIX: Issue with the game menu displaying wrong category names and load/save menu not showing thumbnails in some cases fixed.
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Cultist Simulator to version 2018.6.h.1 (Windows & Mac only)
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Ys I & II Chronicles have stealthily received GOG achievements.
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A new recap has been posted on the Weekly Digest thread. Get down to downloading before new updates arrive on Monday!
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Ghost of a Tale received an update to version 7.05 on Galaxy.

No updated off-line installers yet.

Changelog (from Steam, because GOG didn't update their changelog yet)


Some UI dropdown menus don’t close (and reopen) properly.
Some characters in German don’t show up.
Some plates in the commissary float a little above the tables.
Music volume is sometimes too loud after reloading a save.
Rare issue with blowing up a brisance after it’s been hooked up.
Some sectioning issues when climbing on the rampart’s crenelations.
The sleeping rats’ colliders (in the barracks) are not active.
The collider for the lid of the shore chest is missing.
White (untextured) walls in catacombs corridor near the Great Hall.
Bees nests erroneously appear as items in inventory.


Improved performance on the shore.
Improved textures quality.
You can now start a new game without having to close and reopen the app.
Pressing the RB/LB in the Lore UI now loops categories.
The new item marker “*” in the inventory now ignores consumables.
You can now change the game’s language on the fly (without having to restart).
Hello. 32 bit installer for game Overload was removed. Does anyone know why?
Yepoleb: Sorry for breaking things for you, but the renewal came up and I decided it's a good opportunity to drop the legacy domain. Probably should do a proper announcement in my thread though.
Be happy to take it over. Actually have a fund at work for these. Hate to see it go tot a spammer or worse a Steam affiliate redirect.
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T_a_J: Hello. 32 bit installer for game Overload was removed. Does anyone know why?
GOG drop 32-bit installers randomly.
You can contact GOG Support to get those files.