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Patch 1.50423 Mac & Linux (18 June 2018)

Adds Simplified Chinese and Japanese Localization to Mac and Linux
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- The Linux installer has been updated to
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EARTHLOCK -> ah, sure, the famous language patch (got no clue as to what they're talking about :)

#### Update 1.0.6 (18 June 2018)

* We are happy to announce that we have published the language patch.
Hand of Fate 2

#### Patch 1.5.2 (18 June 2018)

* Added traits to the Hali encounter.
* Fixed Hubie's Slippery trait.

* * *

#### Patch 1.5.1 (18 June 2018)

* Fix for portal creature.

* * *

#### Patch 1.5.0 (18 June 2018)

* Outlanders and Outsiders
Lake Ridden

#### Patch 4 (15 June 2018)

* Controller support

#### Build 1.15 (18 June 2018)


* Allies buffed by moonbeams (from the Moonbow legendary) now show the buff animation
* Improved the cutscene involving the Dreamcaster in town
* Improved the cutscene involving the escaped frog
* Improved the cutscene when picking up the cube from Dirtbeak for the first time


* New music for the escaped frog sequence
* Replaced some placeholder SFX
* Crab Grab now has SFX
* Planting a tree now has SFX
* Selecting items in your inventory / equipment screen now has SFX
* Various Monster Corral actions now have SFX


* Pet insurance cost is now simply player level * 75 gold, rather than monster level.
* Gambler’s Cheat Death passive now works a bit differently. Now, if it triggers from any damage source, you cannot die from any other damage sources that turn. For example: 5 monsters attack you. The 3rd monster’s attack would normally reduce you to 0 Health, but Cheat Death triggers. Previously, the 4th and 5th monsters could still defeat you. Now, they cannot.
* Brigand’s Detect Weakness passive now has a 50% higher chance of marking a monster each turn, and the damage bonus has been raised to +100% (up from +35%)
* Edge Thane’s Glorious Battler passive now also grants 25 CT when defeating a non-worthless enemy with a song active.
* Edge Thane’s innate abilities have more generous Health thresholds. The base innate now triggers when health is <= 60% instead of 50%, and the final innate (triggers when health is <= 33% instead of 25%. Also, when the base innate triggers, your damage mitigation is increased by 20% (up from 15%).
* Budoka’s Vital Point: Bleed now has a buffed ‘trigger’ effect. Once an enemy is marked for bleeding and you strike them with another Budoka technique, the bleed will spread to enemies within _3_ tiles of the original enemy, instead of within 1 tile.
* For the first 3/4 of the dungeon, there is now a ~2 turn buffer from when you first enter a floor to when monsters can aggro you naturally. This should help with edge cases where a ton of aggressive monsters happen to spawn right next to stairs. However, note that if the monsters were already aggressive, or if you attack them, they will still fight back. Note: This does not apply on New Game+.
* Monsters knocked out with a Monster Mallet should now gain immunity to mud and lava, and any ‘charged’ ability they may have been using should now be canceled
* Jade Beetle’s ‘Armor Break’ skill removed (was only accessible by pet Jade Beetles)
* Flat damage resistance (such as the Physical damage reduction granted by Medium and Heavy armor) is now applied AFTER your % resistance. This is most noticeable when you have higher resistance values.
* Percy’s healing costs have been reduced to a flat, linearly scaling 50 -> 100 -> 150g (etc), resetting each time you level up. The costs are no longer based on character level. JP healing starts at 100jp and increases by 25jp per time you heal in your current level.
* The cost to deposit an item at the bank has been reduced by about 20% on average
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Tangledeep -> continuation of the previous post (same changelog)

##### BUGS

* Attempted fix for bug where monster echoes and powerups would sometimes not trigger if they spawned on top of you. The powerups should now be obtained automatically at the end of the turn
* Job Trials are now accessible immediately in New Game+ (if you’ve mastered your current job)
* When hovering your cursor over an enemy and using a melee weapon with an Overdrawing bow on your hotbar, clicking on an enemy at max range should properly switch to the Overdrawing bow
* Fixed monster wander behavior in Item Dreams with Deadly Void
* Fixed bug with certain monster ability targeting such as Battousai’s Iaijutsu
* Fixed bugs with inaccurate estimated healing on food items
* Fixed bug that was allowing certain status effects like Sneak Attack to trigger on the wrong conditions
* Fixed bug that made the Overdrawing magic mod always reset CT to 0 even when at less than max range
* Fixed bugs with effects that required enemies to have not noticed you (these were always triggering)
* Fixed visual bug with ‘icy ground’ (dropped by Frosted Jellies) sprite
* Fixed bug where certain status effect sprites would “stick” to a corral pet and never come off
* Corral pets should now gain XP even if you are at the level cap
* Another attempt at fixing bug where getting pulled or pushed would not update line of sight properly
* Fixed some monster abilities not using proper targeting
* Fixed bug where monster letters would sometimes display garbage text
* Fixed bugs with Armor Training (Paladin skill)
* Fixed bug where the block bonus from Big Giant Circlet and Crystal Ring did not stack correctly
* Fixed bug where friendly River Spirits’ water shot attack could sometimes target the player. Also fixed a number of other assorted friendly monster attacks
* Fixed bug where the cursor could permanently disappear when returning to title
* Attempt at fixing bug where the Summon Mini-Panthox effect would not trigger all summons (sometimes)
* Fixed visual bugs with button colors in equipment and inventory screens
* Fixed random floating “new item display” popup text
* Enemy buff animations should no longer play while outside line of sight
* Orbs/seeds should no longer drop in Job Trials, as intended
* Fixed bug with high level rumors spawning after doing job trials
* Fixed the monster family of one of the final hub side area bosses
* Fixed random error that could happen and prevent game load on some older systems
* Fixed health bars sometimes rotating out of position
* Attempted fix at issue where Fungal Columns (and some other enemies) would occasionally be invisible
* Monsters KO’d with monster mallet should no longer take lava damage (this should have been fixed already, so re-fixed?)
* Fixed bug that was not incorporating your Spirit Power into Iron Breathing’s healing calculation (this may have affected some other healing abilities)
* Fixed issues with sprite layering of summoned objects or terrain like mud and lava
* HuSyn’s Autobarrier is now correctly classified as a Passive skill again
* Gold cost of upgrading bank storage has been capped at your max gold held amount
* Casino 2F now gives a super treasure chest when cleared, as intended
* Parting Gifts should now work correctly with Runic Crystal


* You can now find a new tree in Riverstone Grove that will be inscribed with the names of characters you’ve lost in Tangledeep. This data has been tracked only recently and will show level, job, champions defeated, etc. for each of your previous characters.
* Upon completing an Item Dream, you’ll now see a popup showing the results of your Dream run: gold, XP, and JP earned, fountains found, items looted, and Goldfrogs caught. You’ll also see what (if any) upgrades your item got!

##### ENGINE

* Yet more XML optimizations for faster load time
* Support for dialogs with multiple pages of reponses! Wow!
* Major optimizations related to map objects, monster spawns, and wandering monster behavior
* Major optimization related to monsters trying to pathfind from very far away
* Major optimizations related to many damage-dealing effects


* On the Equipment screen, pushing left on your list of equipped gear via keyboard or controller will wrap the cursor around to the Filter buttons. Pushing right on the Filter buttons will then return to your equipped gear list.
* When walking into an Item Dream aura (after not being in that aura the previous turn), the game log will show the aura effect. Also, the aura effect will pop up over your head for a second.
* When purchasing Pet Insurance, the game will now let you know if you already have insurance _before_ checking to see if you have enough money
* When attempting a Job Trial, if you have a corral pet, you will now have the option of putting the pet back in the corral automatically
* The Recipe book now updates ALL recipes to check if you have ingredients, each time you cook a recipe.
* When handing in quest-related items like Tsukida’s coffee, the game will try to use unmodified versions (such as Coffee with no seasoning)
* You can now sell items to Nando in town.
* A new confirmation dialog now appears if you try to leave a campfire area without resting or cooking at the fire.
* New tutorial popup the first time you knock out a monster in the dungeon reminding you to use your Escape Portal to easily escape
* New tutorial popup if you have not returned to town after going through several dungeon floors (and if you have never used your portal before!)
* You can now swap places with merchants in the dungeon.
* When using the “Come to me at once” pet command, your pet should now stick right next to you for a few turns. It will not move away for any reason (unless pulled away.)
* The “Wandering Merchant” message should no longer obscure the “Harvest Food” dialog after exiting an item dream.
* Dungeon areas that are roughly on-par for your level will be noted as “Tricky” in the upper left, which is generally accurate to the challenge you would expect in these maps.
* When finding unusual Item Dream events, you will now see some overlay text the first time you enter that floor
* Grove Pest and two of the final hub area bosses (re-used sprite) removed from the Monsterpedia, secret rift boss _added_ to the Monsterpedia
* “Shaken” status now displays exact amount of CT lost per turn
* Added numbers to various special item and effect descriptions


* JP: Numerous text updates and fixes
* “Spirit-Linked” modifier was previously used for both armor and shields and had the same name for both. Now, the shield version is called “Refreshing”.
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Cultist Simulator to version 2018.6.k.2 (Windows & Mac only)
-> Megaton Rainfall to version 1.09
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Mmmmh... the upcoming Darkest Dungeon DLC used to be a Kickstarter exclusive?


Games included in this batch:

· Curious Expedition, The
· Darkest Dungeon
· Death Road to Canada
· Project Zomboid [In Dev]
· Solus Project, The
· SteamWorld Heist
· Transistor


[Part 1 of 2]


Curious Expedition, The has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Text only: Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Korean *TO* Text only: Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Korean, Polish


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 205.0 MB *TO* 195.0 MB --- Version *FROM* *TO* v1.3.10.9

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size has not changed (300.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* *TO*

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 101.0 MB *TO* 95.0 MB --- Version *FROM* *TO*

Patch (18 June 2018)

- Added Polish translation

Performance and Rendering
- Added Low Graphics setting that reduced particles
- If the game detects that it has no GPU, Low Graphics will default to on
- Added support for 4K UHD Resolution (3840 x 2160): 1:6 pixel ratio
- Can now toggle Stretching setting independently of Scaling
- Improved rendering performance
- Improved loading times

- Achievements are now given when mods are enabled (but the debug bar must be disabled)
- Mods now support spritesheets
- Range syntax is now supported for replaceTile and removeZones; Radius is deprecated
- replaceLocations range property supports bonus syntax
- Runtime Mod event errors are correctly tagged with the mod
- Localisation Mod errors are correctly tagged with the mod
- Missing sound files are now correctly detected

- Fixed issues with mod language loading and improved logging
- Fix for Forsaken shrine aftermaths not removing angry natives
- Fixed village funeral event not allowing extra options when you have a missionary in the party
- Fix for mousewheel not working on mac
- Fix for treasure maps not being rendered correctly after loading a savegame
- Left-clicking on an item while an item is currently being moved no longer attempts to use the clicked-on item, but will instead drop the currently held item if possible
- When switching an item with one in a different slot while overburdened, the empty spot will no longer be removed
- Ghost Quest and Giant Spider caves don't become other cave types when interacted with
- Item and Character achievements work correctly
- Explosion Expert perk removes locations in all effected tiles
- Fixed villages always saying you were welcome even when you had a low standing
- Fixed some unlocalised gameover texts
- Reset Profile correctly resets Highscores and Achievements
- Fixed seeing multiple notifications for the same achievement
- Fixed character unlock notifications not being displayed when the character is actually unlocked
- Fixed Trippy Trip achievement
- Fixed Special Visit achievement
- Fixed stats not being correctly incremented after switching difficulty levels
- Fixed ranking display in Italian
- Fixed some rest events not actually including a rest
(Full changelog)


Darkest Dungeon has changed


* File removed: DLC: Kickstarter: Linux installer, English

* File removed: DLC: Kickstarter: Mac OS X installer, English

* File removed: DLC: Kickstarter: Windows installer, English

* File added: DLC: Musketeer: Linux installer, English --- Size: 19.0 MB --- Version: 21071

* File added: DLC: Musketeer: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size: 18.0 MB --- Version: 21142

* File added: DLC: Musketeer: Windows installer, English --- Size: 23.0 MB --- Version: 21142



Death Road to Canada has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 86.0 MB *TO* 93.0 MB --- Version *FROM* FEMUR Update *TO* GIZZZARDA Update

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 99.0 MB *TO* 106.0 MB --- Version *FROM* FEMUR Update *TO* GIZZARD Update

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 91.0 MB *TO* 95.0 MB --- Version *FROM* FEMUR Update *TO* GIZZARD Update

GIZZARD Update (18 June 2018)

- Added the Last Mall on Earth, a new special trading camp. Has gas trader, weapons buyer, recruit campfire, 6 random traders, and a guaranteed rare 7th trader!
- Added the ability for trading camps to force a rare trader
- Fixed a hospital generation bug
- Changed how the on-death attributes work. Now Phoenix, Shield of Hope, and the July 4th and Bort characters will not drop their weapons on resurrection.
- Adjusted a bunch of city generation code for less getting stuck on trash.
- Made that really narrow city no longer generate door-trash.
- Moody added
- New weapon support added for Rocket Launchers and Electric Tools
- New weapons for Moody: Off-Brand Plasms Rifle, Moody Launcher, Moody Chainsaw
- You can no longer sell no-drop weapons to the Weapons Buyer, partially due to how exploitable this was on Moody
- New Song Added: One More Road. Plays during credits and as a random road song.
- Snubnose Pistol will now replace normal pistols 20% of the time
- Double-barrel Shotgun will now replace normal shotguns 10% of the time
- Ruined Trading Camp/Fire Sale: Removed the flaming car that was right next to you as you spawned.
- Fix for a crash caused by completely empty rooms

Canada Crossing Changes (SPOILERS)
- Snow plows added as border gates.
- The former back line of Mounties that didn't attack/blocked your way are now above the snow plows.
- If the game detects you've never won, a Mountie now gives you a message of hope as you're running to the border gate. This text event stops showing once you beat the game in any mode.
- If you're playing on one of the "Easier Bandit" difficulties (Normal, Rare, Familiar, Long Road, Short Road), the ending zombies will stop attacking you right before THE BIG REINFORCEMENT arrives. This is mostly to stop beginning players from dying in a hilarious way.

Next Update Plans
- The next update will arrive in August, and will celebrate our 2nd Anniversary of Death Road. We have big plans for this one, including new Gameplay Modes! We will reveal more of what's going to be in this update as we get closer to the Testing Branch for it.
- Many of the features are dependent on how things go in testing, but you can see our current plans on the Trello:
- Not all of the plans under Anniversary Update may make it, but this is what we're shooting for!
(Full changelog)
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[Part 2 of 2]


EARTHLOCK has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Text only: English, Japanese *TO* Text only: Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian


* File added: Patch (1.0.3 to 1.0.6) [Windows] --- Size: 17.0 MB --- Version: 1.0.6

* File changed: DLC: Comic Book #1: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size has not changed (1.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.3 *TO* 1.0.6

* File changed: DLC: Comic Book #1: Windows installer, English --- Size has not changed (6.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.3 *TO* 1.0.6

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 1.8 GB *TO* 1.8 GB (+2.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.3 *TO* 1.0.6

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 2) --- Size has not changed (1.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.3 *TO* 1.0.6

* File changed: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 2) --- Size *FROM* 2.1 GB *TO* 2.1 GB (-1.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 1.0.3 *TO* 1.0.6

Update 1.0.6 (18 June 2018)

- We are happy to announce that we have published the language patch.
(Full changelog)


EVERSPACE&trade; has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 5.1 GB *TO* 5.3 GB --- Version *FROM* *TO*



Project Zomboid [In Dev] has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 1.1 GB *TO* 1.1 GB (+1.0 MB) --- Version *FROM* 39.66.3 *TO* 39.67.5



Solus Project, The has changed


* File removed: Patch 1.03 [Windows]

* File removed: Patch 1.031 [Windows]

* File removed: Patch 1.21 [Windows]

* Files removed: Windows installer, English (parts 1-2)

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 3) --- Size: 1.0 MB --- Version: 1.11

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 3) --- Size: 4.0 GB --- Version: 1.11

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 3) --- Size: 416.0 MB --- Version: 1.11

Patch 1.11 (18 June 2018)

We are today happy to announce the release of the major version 1.1 patch! We crammed more stuff than planned into this patch, but all for good reasons. This is why it took a bit longer than expected.

Here comes the change list:
- Upgrade the game engine from UE 4.11 to UE 4.19... phew.
- Some graphical highlights and particle system glitches we had have been fixed by the UE 4.19 upgrade.
- Change save file location to AppData and potentially fix other bugs with
- saving. We think most if not all reported save problems are now fixed but
- we don't know for sure. Reports and feedback on this are appreciated.
- Fixed problems were AI got stuck on pathing. This happened for example quite often for the Alien King in the Ice Path level.
- Translocator disc travel distance is now dependent on how long the button is held.
- Fixed rare crash bug with inventory scrolling.
- Rebinding menu for controls now works for almost all buttons.
- Fixed bug were particles and star field were missing in the menu start level.
- Changed orange crafting circle to spin instead of pulse.
- VR: Most recent Oculus and VIVE SDK! Should fix some crashes that have been reported.
- VR: Mirror screen now has correct aspect ratio.
- VR: Improved TAA to use more responsive values, reducing blur and ghosting while still getting rid of most aliasing.
- VR: New arc teleporter that uses a blink dash. This has also a much more solid trace than the old teleport. It now also correctly triggers overlaps such as game triggers and ladder volumes.
- VR: New backpack inventory attached to the left hand. Items can now be dropped directly from the inventory backpack.
- VR: First implementation of physical interaction controls. Eat/drink and holster can now be done without button presses.
- VR: New tutorial at the start.
- VR: Right hand is now modeled and grips the held item.
- VR: Player capsule now follows the room scale player movement.
- VR: A blue/black overlay is added to indicate when the player head intersects geometry.
- VR: Haptic feedback added to motion controllers.
- VR: Some motion controller default bindings have changed. Movement (forward, backward and strafe) is done by clicking on the Dpad for Vive, and with sticks for Oculus touch. Drop item is done by right grip.
- VR: Postprocess has been extended to show heat and cold.
- VR: Read mode for PDA. When it displays a story text, it will continue to do so until you take the PDA away from your face.
- VR: Minor changes to the camera and pod sequence in intro.
- VR: Fixed sleep menu overlay not covering the whole field of view.
- VR: Reset position and orientation should now be done with default Oculus and VIVE system menus. It does not do this at startup as it did previously.
(Full changelog)


SteamWorld Heist has changed

>>> System requirements for Linux changed *FROM* Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, Processor: 2 GHz, SSE2 support, Memory: 1024 MB RAM, Graphics: OpenGL 2.1-compatible, 512 MB video memory, framebuffer object support. E.g. Intel HD 4600 or better, Storage: 320 MB available space, Sound Card: OpenAL compatible *TO* Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, Processor: 2 GHz, SSE2 support, Memory: 1024 MB RAM, Graphics: OpenGL 2.1-compatible, 512 MB video memory, framebuffer object support. E.g. Intel HD 4600 or better, Storage: 320 MB available space, Sound Card: OpenAL compatible, Requires the following packages to be installed: libopenal1:i386 libstdc++6:i386 libx11-6:i386 libxext6:i386 libxcb1:i386 libxau6:i386 libxdmcp6:i386 zlib1g:i386, Notice: this game comes with a 32-bit binary only


Transistor has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese (Windows only), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese (Windows only), Polish, Russian *TO* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Name *FROM* *TO* --- Size *FROM* 2.3 GB *TO* 2.6 GB --- Date *FROM* Tue 04 Aug 2015 16:17:29 GMT *TO* Fri 15 Jun 2018 12:04:43 GMT --- Version *FROM* 0.10109 (gog-3) *TO* v1.50423

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* transistor_2.0.0.1.dmg *TO* transistor_en_1_50423_gog_21494.pkg --- Size *FROM* 2.3 GB *TO* 2.3 GB (+12.7 MB) --- Date *FROM* Thu 23 Apr 2015 08:18:13 GMT *TO* Thu 14 Jun 2018 15:07:15 GMT --- Version *FROM* 0.10109 (gog-1) *TO* 1.50423 GOG

Patch 1.50423 Mac & Linux (18 June 2018)

- Adds Simplified Chinese and Japanese Localization to Mac and Linux
(Full changelog)
WinterSnowfall: EARTHLOCK -> ah, sure, the famous language patch (got no clue as to what they're talking about :)
Funny. Just a few days ago I realized that this game was missing nearly all languages while the original version had multiple language supported. So I was about to throw it off my wishlist ... and now this. Still too expensive. Have to wait for a sale ... I mean another one ;)
muntdefems: Mmmmh... the upcoming Darkest Dungeon DLC used to be a Kickstarter exclusive?
Right, the Musketeer DLC is a re-skin of the Arbalest class, that used to be exclusive to Kickstarter backers.
While being cosmetic only, it still would be really nice if it is indeed going to be available to everyone.
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- The contents of the new Linux 1.15 installer are incorrect, the game version inside is Development 1.13u.
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I guess Ultimate General: American Civil War won't get the update the Steam version has until AFTER the sale if ever. [Pretends to be shocked] :/
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T_a_J: Hello. 32 bit installer for game Overload was removed. Does anyone know why?
32 Bit installers are still available in the library.

Overload installers are updated from 1.0.1829 to 1.0.1834
Patch 1.0.1834 (15 June 2018)

New & Changed Features

• Added 17 new cheat codes (total is now 20). We'll probably do something like announce one new code each day in Discord.
• Pause menu and end level menu shows 'Cheater' if cheat code used.
• Added Valkyrie to some CM levels, and added Phantom to more CM levels.
• Made [Backspace] act like [Delete] on Mac.
• Post-level and post-mission results show times in line with the speedrun timer.
• Added stars in the sky in 4 CM levels, 3 MP levels, and 5 SP levels.


• Fixed an issue in NG+ with reactors doubling their health after each save/load.
• Fixed an issue with doors getting erroneously locked after save/load.
• Fixed a mixup with black/grey decals.
• Fixed missing boss music in NG+ level 15.
• Fixed issue with 'last' weapon available in CM not being randomly chosen.
• Fixed Vortex and Lancer (and Timebomb in some situations) not spawning in CM.
• Fixed an issue with not dying in certain situations on Linux in non-English after loading a saved game.
• Fixed invisible weapons in MP
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Pizza Connection 3

#### Quattro Formaggi Update (19 June 2018)

##### General

* Cooks now have a visual effect when baking a pizza.
* A new citizen thought was added: Citizen wants to enter the restaurant but it is closed.
* Graph handling in charts has been improved for the player.
* The warning that an employee has already worked today has been removed from the schedule in the restaurant inspector as it is no longer necessary.
* The comment stream in the bakery has been improved and now uses visual indicators to quickly tell if the comment is positive, negative or average.
* The chef user interface in the bakery now has the same citizen type selected as the smartphone when opened.
* The statistics section in the manager now has a pizza statistic per restaurant that tells how often a pizza has been ordered, how often a pizza has been served and outputs revenue, profit and production costs for a pizza.
* Improved the preview of characters in the user interface.
* Fixed carpets in Paris.
* Furniture can now be placed on carpets.
* The employee inspector now outputs the working times.
* The schedule in the employee manager now has an indicator for the current time.
* Warehouses can now be restocked actively by pressing a button in the warehouse inspector.
* Restocking of warehouses can now be set to automatic in the warehouse inspector.
* AI can now handle low motivation and low health of employees.
* AI can now train employees.
* Added a simple achievement overview in the main menu to keep track of achievement progress.
* Improved the visual effect for low health on employees.
* The campaign info screen in the bakery has been moved to the bottom of the screen.
* The size of citizen thought icons now stays the same on all zoom factors. This enables a better overview when being zoomed in.
* The eating of pizzas is now visualized. Pizzas also lie on plates now.

##### Feature: Game Events & Taste Change

* Players can now enable game events in free mode. Based on a chance set by the player the game will trigger several events that will challenge the player e.g. by ingredients that can't be delivered. Game events are disabled for the campaign.
* Added events that make ingredients of specific ingredient groups unavailable for a certain time.
* Added an event that causes a lot of employees to become sick at once.
* Added an event that causes stored ingredients of a specific restaurant to become rotten.
* Added an event that causes furniture of a specific restaurant to be destroyed.
* Added events that make a specific citizen type leave the city for a certain time.
* Players can now enable taste change for citizens in the free mode. This will cause citizens to change their favorite ingredients over time. Citizens will also change their preferences for ingredient types once in a while.
* Taste change is enabled for chapter 12 of the campaign and deactivated for all other chapters.

##### Feature: Employees

* Employees can now be trained in the inspector or in the manager to increase quality and speed attributes. Only one attribute can be improved at once. Employees work at half quality and half speed while being trained.
* Employees now have a motivation attribute that decreases for all employees of a currently working shift if a guest leaves before receiving a pizza and vice versa. Motivation increases while an employee is at home. Low motivation reduces quality and speed of an employee.
* Employees now have a health attribute that decreases when the employee is at work and slightly increases when the employee is at home.
* Employees immediately quit work and go home if their health value reaches zero.
* The player is able to cure employees by granting them one day off. The employee will return with full health after he skipped one working day.
* Employees now have flexible working times. Working times can be scaled between 6 and 12 hours.
* Added new notifications that support the changes on the employee feature.
* Employees should now work reliably.
* An analytics view has been added to the employee manager to give a quick overview about employee attributes.
* The employee schedule in the manager can now be sorted by motivation or health.
* Employees now have expression effects that show if an employee has low motivation or low health.
* Service employees now have an expression effect that show up if they are very friendly when they take an order. This is also connected to visualize the positive effect on waiting times.
* The player can now actively manipulate the serve order for guests by either using the inspector (by clicking on a guest) or using the new user interface in the sub menu of the menu card manager.

##### Content: New furniture assets

* 61 new furniture assets have been added, including 3 new sets of chairs and tables as well as several new carpets and premium decorations assets like a pool table or an aquarium.
* 29 seasonal assets have been added, including surfboards

##### Balancing

* Motivation and health decrease have been tweaked to be less hard.
* Increased the restaurant storage capacity to 200 kg per shelf.
* Changing the 'Pizzas per guest'-value in freemode now also affects the capacity of the restaurant storage, the warehouse storage and the suppliers.

##### Bug fixes

##### General

* Graphs in charts should no longer reactivate if a chart is updated and graphs were hidden by the player.
* Repositioned a hydrant standing on the street in Rome.
* The pizza cart restock button no longer increases in costs with each time the inspector is opened.
* Fixed a bug where employees wouldn't return to work if they went on sick-leave after 30 days of play time.
* Fixed a bug where employees were working from inside of their apartment, which kept the restaurant open for 24 hours.
* The notification that informs the player about empty storage of the pizza cart should no longer be triggered multiple times.
* Fired mascots are now removed properly from the minimap.
* Players can again switch between restaurants in the restaurant balance.
* A bug that prevented triggering achievements when finishing a game in Berlin or Madrid has been fixed.
* The first brand achievement is now triggered correctly after creating a new brand and doesn't check if the game is in first start mode anymore.
* The restaurant storage effect for bad ingredient quality has been fixed and should look as intended again.
* The employee inspector now updates correctly when a selected employee is fired.

##### Known issues

* The campaign currently lacks explanation for the new employee features.
* Carpets can currently be placed through walls.
* Cornered room dividers can currently be placed into tables.
* Sometimes the player doesn't get a initial restaurant branch in free mode even if the checkbox is set.
* Mascot stops working at 12 am.
* Some of the new dynamic missions are not balanced evenly and might be too hard.
Wizard of Legend

#### Update 1.033 (19 June 2018)

Hey Everyone!

We're back with another patch and this time we've added a familiar NPC to
Lanova Plaza that will help you randomize your runs through the Chaos Trials!
Also, we've added French, German, and Russian language support to the game!

This update also includes a few minor tuning and quality of life changes:

* Obsidian Cascade: This arcana is now much more fluid to use and activates / exits roughly 20% quicker. The signature has also been tuned and is easier to aim, has a tighter spread, and throws 17 daggers instead of 15. The cooldown for this spell has been increased from 5.75 seconds to a flat 6 seconds.
* Tomi, Ward, and Mimi will now only speak to you once per scene before making their services available to you. This was mainly so you don't have to keep skipping through dialog when trying out various magical artifacts.
* Fixed a few minor bugs involving some unforeseen edge cases with a few of our relics.

That's all for this time!Cheers!
high rated

Games included in this batch:

· Brigador: Up-Armored Edition
· Brigador: Up-Armored Deluxe [Premium]
· Ghost of a Tale
· Pinstripe
· Real Myst [removed on Jun 18, 2018]
· StarCrawlers


[Part 1 of 2]


A game has been removed: Real Myst


Brigador: Up-Armored Edition has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian *TO* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 505.0 MB *TO* 534.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.35 *TO* 1.4

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 508.0 MB *TO* 537.0 MB --- Version *FROM* v1.35 *TO* v1.4

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 501.0 MB *TO* 567.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.35 *TO* 1.4

Patch 1.4 (19 June 2018)

- Freelance variants for all Campaign missions are now purchasable, allowing free loadout selection
- Added pilots Bulver and Aunup, who fight only Corvids & Loyalists
- Added pilots Vocc and Poquet, who fight only Corvids & Spacers
- Added pilots Black and Rem, who fight only Loyalists & Spacers
- Added pilots Ka and Haapala, who fight only Corvids
- Added pilots Tsunoda and Armbruster, who fight only Loyalists
- Added pilots Saraf and Parrot, who fight only Spacers
- Added Broadsword, Canary, Moray, and Juke as playable vehicles
- Increased movement speed of all Ultra mechs by 1
- Increased Huss shielding from 150/125 to 200/150
- Increased Kettle forward speed from 7 to 8, linear damping from 2 to 3, and turn speeds from 120/180 to 160/180
- Increased Praetor forward speed from 6.75 to 7.5, forward accel from 25 to 32.5, turn speed from 105/130 to 115/140
- Reduced Praetor chasis rotation speed by 15
- Increased Dorothy and Mongoose shields by 25
- Reduced Sledger upper height from 0.895 to 0.7
- Reduced Fence upper height from 0.911 to 0.65, radius from 0.65 to 0.5
- Revised Fence hitpoint values from 100/75/100 to 50/75/125
- Revised Tinker hitpoint values from 650/150/150 to 525/200/175
- Reduced Nickel overshield from 250 to 200
- Increased Treehouse overshield from 150 to 225
- Increased Dragon speed by 1, reverse acceleration from 6 to 15, linear damping from 2 to 3.5
- Revised Dragon hitpoint values from 600/125/225 to 450/175/300, turn speeds from 60/140 to 70/120, reverse acceleration from 15 to 10, reverse speed from 6 to 5.
- Increased Quill forward speed from 6 to 10, forward acceleration from 7 to 12
- Changed Quill boost speeds
- Increased Hadhrat trample and tankrush models from heavy to superheavy, speed from 6 to 7.5, turn speed from 100/140 to 130/150
- Added impact delay for Crambo rounds to prevent self-damage when firing at point blank range
- Slightly increased Faker AoE damage against environment, will now 1-shot defense batteries on direct hit.
- Completely revised the EMP special ability, longer cooldown but longer stun and much larger AoE
- Increased EMP projectile penetration from 3 to 30

- Understanding the Brigador engine much better has allowed us to refine the environment lighting both for performance and aesthetics:
- Completely revamped in-game lights and lighting
- Freelance runs now have varied lighting
- EMP ability now disables lighting over a much larger area
- Increased duration of Thunderclap's beam effect from 0.041" to 0.07"

- Added Chinese and Italian localizations
- Fixed bug where restarting a mission replaced world lighting with the menu preset
- Fixed bug where the diamond stat pips were replaced with (?)
- Reset unpurchased asset lighting to the original dark silhouette (pre-restart bug)
- Added a copy of Kennedy's face prior to Solo Nobre's invasion
- Fixed bug where hitting ESC between missions abandoned a run
- Fixed hitbox for citylit_16_0000 street light
- Rearranged ordering of Corvid heavy mechs in Intel
(Full changelog)


Brigador: Up-Armored Deluxe [Premium] has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian *TO* Audio and text: English. Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian


EVERSPACE&trade; has changed


* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Size *FROM* 5.3 GB *TO* 5.1 GB --- Version has not changed (



Ghost of a Tale has changed


* Files removed: Windows installer, English (parts 1-2)

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 1 of 3) --- Size: 1.0 MB --- Version: 705

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 2 of 3) --- Size: 4.0 GB --- Version: 705

* File added: Windows installer, English (part 3 of 3) --- Size: 1.6 GB --- Version: 705

Patch 7.05 (19 June 2018)

- Some UI dropdown menus don’t close (and reopen) properly.
- Some characters in German don’t show up.
- Some plates in the commissary float a little above the tables.
- Music volume is sometimes too loud after reloading a save.
- Rare issue with blowing up a brisance after it’s been hooked up.
- Some sectioning issues when climbing on the rampart’s crenelations.
- The sleeping rats’ colliders (in the barracks) are not active.
- The collider for the lid of the shore chest is missing.
- White (untextured) walls in catacombs corridor near the Great Hall.
- Bees nests erroneously appear as items in inventory.

- Improved performance on the shore.
- Improved textures quality.
- You can now start a new game without having to close and reopen the app.
- Pressing the RB/LB in the Lore UI now loops categories.
- The new item marker “*” in the inventory now ignores consumables.
- You can now change the game’s language on the fly (without having to restart).
(Full changelog)

high rated

[Part 2 of 2]


Pinstripe has changed


* File removed: 1.0.4 (Cloud Save)

* File changed: Linux installer, English --- Name *FROM* *TO* --- Size *FROM* 352.1 MB *TO* 368.7 MB --- Date *FROM* Mon 26 Jun 2017 12:13:41 GMT *TO* Tue 19 Jun 2018 08:59:43 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.0.4 *TO* 2.1.0

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Name *FROM* pinstripe_en_1_0_4__cloud_save__11582.pkg *TO* pinstripe_enUS_2_1_0_21614.pkg --- Size *FROM* 350.9 MB *TO* 368.7 MB --- Date *FROM* Fri 23 Jun 2017 14:36:01 GMT *TO* Tue 19 Jun 2018 14:23:36 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.0.4 (Cloud Save) *TO* 2.1.0

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_pinstripe_1.0.4_(cloud_save)_(11582).exe *TO* setup_pinstripe_2.1.0_(21607).exe --- Size *FROM* 427.4 MB *TO* 472.1 MB --- Date *FROM* Wed 05 Jul 2017 14:38:38 GMT *TO* Tue 19 Jun 2018 07:19:44 GMT --- Version *FROM* 1.0.4 (Cloud Save) *TO* 2.1.0



StarCrawlers has changed

Patch 1.1 (19 June 2018)

- The Hotwire Update is live and it’s FREE. Originally intended as DLC, we’ve reworked and integrated all of the content from Hotwire into the base StarCrawlers game as a free update for all players. Here’s what’s inside:

- Hacking is now a fully developed and separate system that works alongside the base game.
- Datajacks will now spawn on randomized missions allowing access to the virtual Wire network which connects all of the systems of the map you’re on.
- Using your Deck, jack in and ride the Wire to encounter 35+ new enemies and discover 25+ new abilities exclusive to hacking.
- The Hackshop in STIX sells Programs and Utilities to beef up your Deck and tackle the toughest denizens of the Wire.
- Enemy programs guard the Wire and change depending on the type of network, security rating of their nodes, and other factors to give a different feel to each network you hack.
- New hacking element types (Security, Corruption, and Deception) each have their own enemies and program types for you to unlock and use both in hacking combat and when interacting with nodes.
- Nodes in the network control security doors, alert levels, contain loot data, and more. Hack your way to the Core and crash it to bring the system down and stick to the megacorps.
- Now that hacking is live, more hacking specific content is in the works (and will arrive Sooner™)!

Additional Patch Notes for v1.0.4

Tip Jar
- We’ll be supporting ongoing development of StarCrawlers with free updates and content patches by adding a Tip Jar button to the title screen. If you enjoy the Hotwire Update and want to see more of it (and new stuff!), please consider showing your support with a $1 tip!
- Tipping confers no in-game advantage and never will (but we’ll think you’re really cool) and amount may vary in your local currency.
- If the Tip Jar bothers you, simply click the Hide Tip Jar button and you’ll never see it again.

- Fixed a plot hole that could allow a certain character to randomly appear on the final mission (despite your refusal to work with them earlier in the story).
- Firing the Prototype allows it to be rehired from the STIX bar - possibly. It may wander off and do its own thing if it feels like it.

- Sped up animation of Showdown crosses on target when stacks are greater than 3.

- Unsupported resolutions checks are no longer ignored on Linux as a workaround - as such, you may need to adjust your resolution and reset your preferences if you are playing on Linux with a non-3:4 display.
- If you encounter issues with your resolution on Linux - please let me know your distro and native resolution in the forums so I can support as many as possible.
- Double typing on text entry is still a known issue - Unity has not patched it. Investigation continues!

Other notes
- Fixed additional elusive typos.
- Minor bug fixes and QOL improvements.
- Known issue (non fatal) with event entering hackshop for the first time that can cause a sentence be skipped.
(Full changelog)
high rated
Seven: The Days Long Gone

#### Update (19 June 2018)

* NEW: Crab boss additional sounds.
* FIX: Sonic Trap stun reaction fixed.
* FIX: Added making noise to grenades.
* FIX: Stun Dart will stun monsters as well now.
* FIX: Stun Dart will deal a small amount of damage to aggro the guards.
* FIX: Sleeping Particle will properly disappear now.
* FIX: Longer wait for attack time for daggers attack 1st animation.
* FIX: It's no longer possible to switch places with Friendly NPCs using Flash skills.
* FIX: Issue with Globetrotter achievement being unlocked too early fixed.

#### Update 1.1.0 (19 June 2018)

**New features:**

* Added Survivor Mode!
* Added new achievements for Survivor Mode
* Added Ansel SDK integration (more about it below)
* Added quick save/load - default F5 and F9

**Smaller changes and balancing:**

* Constructed streets now more easily connect to already existing street net
* Rebalanced amount of starting resources and resources on frostland for Refugees and The Arks scenarios in easy and hard difficulty setting.
* Hunters will now have to rest for a few hours after coming back from the hunt. It will no longer be possible to send them to other work immediately.
* Added blocking other panels by in-game menu
* Changed extraction rate value for all pickable resources - replaced potential value with all employees by actual value based on efficiency
* It is now possible to bind keyboard shortcuts to Fast speed and Very fast speed commands
* Increased precision of the gathered Steam Cores amount to 2 digits after comma
* Added emergency shift trackers to pickable resources


* Fixed conditions for Saviour and Iron Saviour achievements
* Fixed certain endlog variations that didn't display properly when Cannibalism law was passed
* Fixed overlapping trackers on frostland (sites, expeditions, transports, survivors)
* Fixed missing recurring consequences of Emergency Shifts. Watch out when you exert your workforce!
* Fixed showing tutorials after loading save
* Fixed a bug causing snow caps to accumulate on buildings that were just built inside heat zone
* Fixed scrollbars in all expedition building selection panels
* Fixed some translations
* Fixed many UI show/hide animations
* Fixed closing notifications on pause
* Enabled notifications visibility on Frostland
* Fixed queuing unlocked resources on resource bar
* Fixed texts serializations - all texts will be in current language, even after changing language in main menu and loading save
* Fixed calculating average discontent for expeditions
* Fixed states (selected, pressed) for many buttons in selection panel
* Fixed current research description text on workshop selection panel
* Fixed displaying prohibited citizen groups on population panel
* Fixed disabled people outside care house count
* Fixed two crashes that occurred in rare circumstances
* Fixed a bug causing upgraded buildings to overlap adjacent streets

**What is Ansel?**

Ansel is a revolutionary new way to capture in-game shots and view in 360.
Compose your screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-process
filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share them in 360
degrees using your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset. That's the theory. In
practice, this tool allows you - among other things - to take super cool, high
resolution screenshots. You can learn more about Ansel on the!

**Don't want to miss future updates?**

If you want to stay up to date with all the updates - be sure to follow us
there:Thank you for the ongoing an totally awesome support!

Stay safe, warm and remember...

**The City Must Survive!**
Niche - a genetics survival game

#### Patch 1.1.4 (19 June 2018)

##### New Features

* New paw gene (Wings) to jump over obstacles, swoop and sit on trees
* New island (Whale Island)
* Blue Birds can now be attacked if your animal can fly
* New horn gene (Antenna) for weather prediction
* New head gene (Purring Head) to heal surrounding pack mates
* New head gene (Beak) which gives digging and collecting ability
* New tail gene (Scorpion Tail) which makes animals venomous
* New tail gene (Fin Tail) which gives high swimming ability
* New tail gene (Peacock Tail) only works for males and attracts wild females
* Lots of new trees! (Palms, Acacia, Mangrove, Asp)
* Call when sitting on high places to attract wild Nichelings
* Day Counter

##### Improvements

* Spiky body babies can't be picked up by blue birds anymore
* Leeches die when they attach themselves to toxic body creatures
* Armored body is impervious to leeches
* Damage from cacti and thorns depends on defense (3+ defense = no damage)
* Added different assets for travel ports (which show difficulty of new island)
* Digging paws now give digging +2
* Oak Nuts can now be smelled
* Lowered default animal texture resolution for players with less than 4GB RAM

##### Bugfixes

* Arctic Ram Foxes now die of old age
* Camouflage should now work with more fur color and grass combinations
* Fixed several bugs when loading a savefile
* The Animation when moving an animal should not loop anymore
* Normal Blood Clotting can now be mutated
* Identical Twins achievement should be awarded correctly
* Globetrotter / Homecoming should not be awarded too early anymore
* Clams / leeches no longer spawn on land
* When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can be blind
* When restarting with the same bloodline, animals no longer can have the same immunity genes
* Filtering for tail genes with spiky body now shows results
* There should not be multiple digging buttons on an underwater field
* Skeletons should now also appear on tree stumps
* Visual fixes for poison fangs
* Fixed Berry bush savannah double attack icon
* Family tree can now be opened during the tutorial correctly
* Survive in cold climate requirement now only requires temperature -1 instead of -2.
* Toggling the UI on and off should not disable all notifications anymore
* Typing 1, 2 or 3 as the animal name should not toggle the senses anymore
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Unforeseen Incidents to version 1.6 (Linux only)
-> Cultist Simulator to version v2018.6.k.2 (Linux only)
-> Railway Empire to version (Windows only)
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