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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has been update to 1.3.4c.590

Unfortunately, while the offline installer is updated, there's no patch to upgrade from the previous version, so the entire (huge) game has to be re-downloaded.
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Pathfinder: WotR now at version 1.3.4d.593

(This is a hotfix)

With this particular game, whenever a new patch comes out, it might be a good idea to wait a day or two in case there's a critical issue that results in a hotfix the next day. (I've noticed that this has become a pattern.)
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The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos

Updated to version 1.2.3


Patch 1.2.3 is available now!

The list of changes may contain spoilers but we try to avoid them as much as possible. The issues listed below did not affect all players.
Here is a list of changes:

Odgar now teaches blacksmithing up to "Skilled" level (only for militia)
Yezegan now teaches potions brewing up to "Master" level
Fixed Detlow, Weigar and Garos teaching conditions
Fixed an issue where some potions recipes would not be displayed as "(Known") in inventory
Fixed an issue in "For Connoisseurs" quest where Tomas would pay incorrect gold amount as reward
Fixed an issue in "In extreme conditions" where player would not receive any reward
Fixed an issue in "Nobody gets left behind" which would be blocked after starting "Without a trace" quest
Fixed an issue where eating apples and meals with apples would incorrectly calculate strength bonus
Fixed many typos, especially in Polish version (thanks a lot @Myszax!)
Fixed other minor issues

Please remember that updates do not force you to start a new playthrough! You can load your savegames and continue.
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Lacuna: Prologue

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure) & V. 1.3.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer, Lacuna: Prologue)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:


- Added more camera shake & controller vibration throughout the scenes
- Moved away flying cars that were distracting in some scenes
- Stairs in Lower Precinct apartments are now opened up after finding the apartment
- Mitigated brief FPS drop in prologue panic sequence
- Adjusted volume of some music tracks
- Implemented a few missing sounds
- Various other small fixes & improvements

- Investigatable texts now scale with camera zoom
- Investigatable UI canvas now scales with text length
- Outline Mode tooltip is no longer truncated by screen border
- Pulse on Cell's home tab is now set more frequently & accurately
- Weather icon in Cell's home tab now reflects actual weather
- Added Assemble news widget to main menu
- Improved legibility of Asian fonts using drop shadows
- Added missing color-coding of bank statements in Chinese
- Walked distance in Cell home tab no longer causes a line break when long
- Added Malaysian translation company to rolling credits
- Fixed some typos in German and English localization

New art assets
- Added a number of new commercials (incl. sound design)
- Flying cars now have a variety of colors (used to be all blue)
- Added proper benches to CDI HQ rooftop
- Thompson now holds up contract when referring to it
- Implemented dedicated 'get shot in the back' animation for Williams
- Improved animations when Rattlesnake Farms door is blown open
- Neil now leans against the wall in appropriate places
- Computer screen in Drovia is now animated (+ new portrait)
- Corion Church guard is now seen coming out of hiding
- Added various 'get tied up' & 'tie up' animations throughout scenes
- News & cigarette machines now have their own frames in the levels
- Visually improved various static & animated sprites

Fixed rare/minor bugs
- Train acceleration & deceleration are no longer FPS-dependent
- Player can no longer get stuck by sitting down in train right before scene change
- Player can no longer get soft-stuck on the stairs to Catherine's roof
- Fixed incorrect render order of an agent in Corion Church
- Added animations for Receptionist handing Neil the universal key card
- Assigned a missing portrait for agent Kumar during Handover scene
- Added new kneel animations for Laura in Handover scene
- Fixed jittering of sprites during (most) slow camera movements
- Fixed a bug where player could clip out of Mrs. Moore's apartment
- Fixed a bug where camera would zoom incorrectly outside Lila's apartment
- Fixed a bug where Neil wouldn't put away his badge properly sometimes
- Fixed a bug where player was able to get up from bed early before Gary's call
- Fixed a bug where Matuna Harbor door would not visibly open up
- Corrected a line being said by the wrong person in Matuna Harbor
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Janosik - Highlander Precision Platformer has been updated, on Windows and Mac, to 1.7.16 (from 1.7.0 I believe)

Linux is still on 1.7.12

Edit: Just noticed I misspelled the game's name, so it's time to fix that.
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Trek to Yomi

Update to 1.006

Full Patch notes
- Fixed a rare bug with saves where the player was losing his progression
- Fixed bug with the wrong scale and player spawn in sequence at Chapter 7
- Fixed Sanjuro`s weapon hitbox
- Fixed Spearman encounter where AI attacks player during his introduction
- Fixed animation of Aiko in Chapter 1 when her model occasionally slides
- Fixed bridge animation in Chapter 5
- Fixed walking on the destroyed bridge in Chapter 3
- Fixed walking on the fence in Chapter 7
- Fixed bugs related to Bo-Shurikens
- Marksman and Archer can no longer perform a kick in the infinite loop
- Various fixes of hint display across the whole game
- Improvements to descriptions and localization polish
- Improved stability of AI logic causing improper behavior or occasional crashes
- Improved setup of a collision on characters
- Removal of unwanted menu slider flickering
- Removal of unwanted camera flickering
- Added audio feedback for changing volume settings
- Improved functionality of V-Sync option with different framerate caps
- Various fixes for incorrect input recognition
- Various crash fixes on different platforms
- Fixed puzzles in Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
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Project Zomboid
All installers updated to 41.71

(text too long to post here)
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Skabma - Snowfall

Updated to 1.0.67-GOG (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:
Patch Notes for 1.0.65


This patch contains some bugfixes along with with some performance optimizations


- Motive bleeder optimizations


- Fix TaskListSummary Gamepad Scrolling
- More Cloth reliability fixes to ensure proper behavior when skipping cutscenes
- Remove using PlayerConstraintsNode in enemy actors
- Add NavMeshObstacles in Forest at Sunna-Gaisa lake
- Spirits walk glitchily when walking into TarPit source
- Fix hole in invisible walls.
- Fix AirVortexes causing trails to teleport when changing attune targets of the same type
- Add extra collider to RockDoor puzzle
Patch Notes for 1.0.67


Main focus is in the quality of life improvements such as new cameras in corridors between levels. Also included a bunch of bug fixes.


- Added cameras in corridors between levels for easier navigation
- Added pitch randomizations in Northern Lights attack
- Added music to Stallu Hunt areas
- Added “Heal” and “Camera Mode Switch” to Control Layout


- Removed tar from last outlook situation
- Moved fire so that a bunny collectible is accessible
- Changes in Location Notification audio and Task Failed audio
- Changed Northern Lights color
- Changes in in-game credits
- Minor changes in cutscenes
- Move “Player or Pawn?” achievement unlock place and minor changes to a cutscene


- Fixed Áilu dying during respawn, resulting in zero health and Áilu not moving
- Fixed “Ready for the Winter Village” achievement
- Fixed Cloth not resetting properly when actors are teleported
- Fixed Reindeer Calf sliding downwards if pet multiple times
- Fixed floating or wrongly placed foliage
- Fix Corridor Camera setups
- Fix Invisible Wall placements
- Fix floating rocks
- Fix an important landmark missing later in the game
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous now has version 1.3.4e available in the offline installers. (Again, no update flag.)

(It's possible this version may have been obtainable via galaxy, but it's just now that I've noticed the offline installers being updated to this version.)
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There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension

Updated to v1.0.32 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Best Month Ever!

Updated to 1.0.0_020 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
PATCH 1.0.1

Hello, Friends!

The recent premiere was truly a huge event, wasn't it? You gave us a lot of support, shared multiple comments, gifted us with invaluable feedback, and what's most important, you fell in love with Louise and Mitch!

We are actively listening to our community and fixing reported bugs and problems - here comes the first Patch 1.0.1!

Check out what's changed and tell us how it works for you!


- Added the graphical settings: High, Medium, Low,
- Added V-Sync option,
- Fixed Achievements: "Fast. Not Too Furious", "Student Becomes the Master", "I Have Seen Everything".
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Master of Magic Classic
Windows installers updated to CMFW 1.04.02

• Fixed bug : When 30FPS mode is enabled, the game was stuck in an endless loop when a Magic Vortex was moving.
• Fixed bug : "At most 3 vortexes can be controlled by each player!" fails to get displayed when attempting to cast a fourth Magic Vortex spell, causing the game to crash.
• AI players are now able to raise or lower their tax rates by more than one level per turn.
• AI players will now raise taxes when their income is negative as far as it provides a relevant increase in income even if it means high unrest rates.
• When disbanding units due to gold, food or mana shortage, the AI will strongly prefer disbanding units outside cities instead of units in city garrisons.
• Save slot names are now stored in Savename.INI. This should allow keeping the save slot names when moving your save files between computers manually, and should prevent loss of slot names after future version updates.
• Keys.INI can now recognize the Backspace key. ('BACK')
• Pressing the Backspace key on the overland screen autoselects the units that moved previously.
• Apprentices now require a Magic Market in addition to previous requirements to build.
• Apprentices now have 1 melee attack instead of 2.
• Fixed bug : Enemy Stealth units are visible in the city view screen
• Optimization : When loading scripts, comments are removed in memory immediately, instead of being skipped during runtime. This should speed up the processing of scripts.
• Optimization : When loading scripts, labels are removed in memory immediately, and their position stored instead of being searched for during runtime. This should speed up the "Call" script commands.
• Optimization : Variables are no longer accessed through linear search. This should make scripts significantly faster.
• Fixed bug : Evil Omens had a 150/150 = 100% modifier instead of a 150/100 = 150% modifier since the modding option for it was added.
• Fixed bug : Pressing the Done button affects all units in the current stack instead of only the selected units.
• Fixed bug : When the winner of a battle lost a high value unit, they gained a fame and the other player lost a fame instead of the other way around.
• The "No Trading" score modifier cannot be selected while "Against the Worlds" is active, as it would be impossible for the human player to trade in that mode.
• In automatic combat, when undead are raised, each unit consumes (cost*(resistance+9)/18) undead budget instead of "cost".
• This effectively means no change for resistance 9 units, double cost for resistance 18, and half the cost at resistance zero.
• Fixed bug : When the automatic combat score modifier is enabled, attacking a player and breaking a treaty shows the monthly report window covering the "cast spells" combat decision window.
• Updated the effect of the Abundance spell.
• New effect : Enchanted city's maximal population is raised by 7, but to a minimum of 18. Overfarming penalty is eliminated.
• Fixed bug : The diplomacy bonus based on attacking a mutual enemy was able to trigger regardless of the amount of enemy units killed.
• Fixed bug : The AI sometimes casts direct damage or save or die spells on targets that would take no damage/have zero chance of being affected, when no target exists that would be damaged by the spell.
• First Strike is no longer capped at dealing at most 24 damage before the enemy can retaliate.
• The following units now have Negate First Strike :
• Behemoth, Great Wyrm, Death Knight, Demon Lord, Great Drake, Sky Drake,
• Beastmaster, War Monk, Golden One, Amazon, Priestess, Paladin, Necromancer, Black Knight, Chaos Warrior, Chosen
• Supernatural now has a minimal damage of one third of the original damage instead of the less intuitive (damage-5)/2 formula.
• Chaos Spawn maintenance cost is now 5.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No Changelog
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Updated to 20220519_1.5.1.r46707 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Hotfix 1.5.1 is here! Crashing fix, translation improvements, and more!

It’s good to see you again, detectives!

With Patch 1.5, we have implemented many things. Unfortunately, some new issues sneaked into the game. Finally, the new patch arrived, and we can wave goodbye to the recent crash issues all of you experienced; sorry for keeping you waiting! We fixed especially Turkish and Korean translations. Once again, thank you for keeping us reporting all the bugs throughout Steam and our Discord channel. We still appreciate your support. Among all the minor bug fixes we also increase the performance on slower PCs. Please let us know if you see an improvement.

Complete changelog:

- General improvements to the Turkish and Korean translations, including adding missing lines and formatting fixes
- Fixed a crash that could occur during the transition to another level, for example, when entering Tree of Knowing in Knight's Code
- Apartment: extended the length of tracks played on the Jukebox
- Apartment: the playing song's status should now update correctly after loading a save file
- Fixed a crash related to codex entries with unavailable links
- Performance on lower-end PCs was slightly improved
- Low City: fixed an issue with Robot Rick being invisible on lower-end PCs
- Knight's Code: the Player's Character won't be blocked after being reprimanded by "Honey Guide" anymore

We appreciate your patience and support! Bear with us, because we still didn’t say the last word regarding post-launch support. As always, feel free to join our Discord channel for further details.

Till the next time <3
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BROK The InvestiGator - prologue

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:
PROLOGUE 1.15.5 (May 17th 2022)
- Fixed : Saving the lines of dialogue already seen (was broken since 1.15)
- Fixed : Pressing ALT to guard with keyboard didn't work well
- Fixed : Weird jump for Tribot cop
- Fixed : Hitting the tribot cop in front of pharmacy, losing fight and hitting it again would not make the fight trigger again
- Fixed : Tribot cops lasers could hit the hand sign in Border Post and other objects which lead to issues
- Fixed : Changing special effects in options could cause reclicking immediately which made the game softlock when exiting menu
- Fixed : Taking the sticker ad from the poster would remove all the poster
- Fixed : Quick special attack could be triggered under certain conditions while in the air, causing issues
- Fixed : It was possible to cancel the delay between attacks like uppercut by pressing pause
- Fixed : Stall merchant depth
- Fixed : Collision 2nd screen of nightmare didn't prevent to go out of bounds
- Fixed : It was possible to transfer food to another save by jumping and loading the save before landing
- Fixed : If we were hit while falling from high, we would get the fall damage later when doing a normal jump
- Fixed : If doing an uppercut in a specific position, we could get stuck in Sin's bathroom after the fight starts
- Fixed : Clicking on "switch mode" button or the interface while in keyboard mode
- Fixed : Time spent displayed before credits indicated a wrong value
- Added : View progress/rooms in virtual arena
- Reduced timing to 2 seconds idle when in keyboard mode (instead of 3) to go back to mouse mode automatically

NB: The method for calculating time spent in the game has changed since 1.15 so it's possible the old save files indicate a wrong duration on the save slots.
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