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Ophelium: Steam started selling soundtracks without needing to own the base game. Maybe GOG is going that route too?
that'd be cool!
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Astrox Imperium updated to 0.0092

- Fixed galaxy tooltip format bug for short box.
- Fixed bug preventing teactical display until dock in sandbox.
- Fixed UI layout for widescreen in sandbox panel.
- Fixed clipped text on mission objectives panel.
- Fixed leftover msgbox bug showing after death of pilot.
- Fixed inactive mercs getting morale bonus for mining actions.
- Fixed inactive mercs getting morale bonus for combat actions.
- Fixed bad spelling on market mouse over for ammo.
- Fixed ECM module bug with skill stats.
- Fixed item duplication bug with max station storage and merc.
- Fixed inventory capacity bug when moving all refinery to storage.
- Fixed sandbox resource respawn slider min to 0.0
- Adjusted playtime calculation with gamespeed option.
- Adjusted ship load code for better performance.
- Adjusted text format on mission objectives panel.
- Adjusted base modtools UI scale size.
- Adjusted mission overview tab button icon to X.
- Adjusted drag code for dialog box for better performance.
- Adjusted missile module code for better performance with structures.
- Added new laser module ammo effect, and optimized asset.
- Added resizing ability to the dialog panel.
- Added ability to drag resize dialog window box.
- Added changing layout of dialog window for narrow view.
- Added detachable mission overview window.
- Added drag and drop to mission overview window.
- Added resize ability to mission overview window.
- Added Expanded Mining Silo structure.
- Added Advanced Mining Silo structure.
- Added 2 new models for new silo structures.
- Added new info and details into welcome tutorial.
- Added new min max mechanic for the dialog box.
- Added new Small Laser Platform defensive structure.
- Added new Small Missile Platform defensive structure.
- Added new Small Energy Generator structure.
- Added ability for structures to target raiders without provocation.
- Added ability to import an old pilot into a new game.
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Commandos 2 - HD Remaster

1.10 (19 February 2020)

Fixed: Overall performance is highly improved. Further improvement is ongoing.
Fixed: Issue where sound would disappear after loading a save game.
Fixed: Performance issues in “Castle Colditz” and “Is Paris Burning?” missions.
Fixed: Cursor now displayed correctly in building interiors.
Fixed: Lama and Gurkha now use rope ladders correctly.
Fixed: Amount of sleeping pills in inventory is now correctly displayed.
Fixed: Readability of font used in the notebook while playing in Polish.
Fixed: Minor spelling and grammatical issues with in-game texts.
General improvements to gameplay, visuals and masking.
Additional bug fixes and polishing.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers also updated)

No changelog
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Just had a update flag for Heroes of Hammerwatch. no changelog on gog yet.
this is from steam
Patch notes for version 103

Added missing blueprints for new Moon Temple items.
Fixed issues where you could stuck in great threat rooms in both act 1 and 2 in Moon Temple.
Fixed an issue where you could stuck behind the door at the last boss in Moon Temple.
Fixed some flickering tilesets in Moon Temple.
Fixed imp spawning with an offset that could place him in a wall in Moon Temple.
Fixed First Aid not healing the correct amount.
Corrected mercenary remedy tooltip.
Added some missing language strings.
Fixed XRay rendering on projectiles.
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Zombie Night Terror

Patch 1.5 (24 February 2020)

- New Languages : Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese
- New Unity version that should have better performance
- Some bug fixes that were found during porting the game on Mobile & Switch
- The game size has been drastically reduced, from 1,5 GB when released to 1 GB on version 1.4 to around 500 MB on this version!
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AI War 2
Version 1.332 The Extragalactic War Nears (February 21st, 2020)

- Fix a bug where the popping the nanocaust beacon could kill your flagships (thanks to Democracy for reporting)
- Fix a bug where the remains of Logistical Command Stations were still granting vision (thanks to Puffin for reporting)
- Units that spawn things on death won't spawn if the unit wasn't fully constructed (thanks to Puffin for reporting)
- A lot of balance work on the extragalactic war units of the AI, although their graphics are still temporary at this point and their stats are not fully where we want them to be.
Standalone installers updated (1.328 ⇒ 1.332): 24 February 2020.


Not For Broadcast [InDev]
Update (24 February 2020)

Good tidings to all,

The Week 3 Patch is here! Level Select has now been added!

Have you ever wanted to replay a segment to really nail that A+? Or perhaps you're a content hunter, trying to find all the branching stories hidden in Not For Broadcast? Or maybe you just forgot what exactly happened in Segment 2 of the second Broadcast and want a refresher.

No longer will you be shackled to the tyranny of starting a new game to play a level! No my friends, we have unlocked the power of something infamous, throughout all genres of gaming: the ever-saving Checkpoint.

Now, when you go to load a game, you will find the current checkpoint is loaded, and all previous unlocked checkpoints available to load as well. So feel free to keep one profile, jump back, change your choices and play forward to see those consequences...

(Please note: While this will not interrupt any existing progress you have, these checkpoints will only be saved for gameplay after the Patch. The save data has been altered, so it is not possible to go back to levels played before this Patch dropped without starting a new game.)

While implementing this, we have also updated your save game overwrite permissions, so those pesky Prologue profile names will not prove a hindrance to creating your epic story. Yes, we're thinking of you J3r3myDonals0n_Lover47. You go for it!

Finally, as well as some nips and tucks in terms of typos, we've also cut down the size of save game files, which wile not as problematic now might have been ungainly down the line.

As always, if you have any issues or feedback, let us know in the discussions on Discord! Now go out there and be the best damn broadcasters you can be.

Have a peaceful night, NotGames
Standalone installer updated: 2020.2.12a ⇒ 2020.2.21b.


B126 (14 February 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum here (three consecutive posts).

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

B126 (Hotfix 2) (23 February 2020)

- New Russian translations by ZNC.
- New Spanish translations by Tordo.
- War correspondent fixes in French localization.
- Beard, complexion and voice customization options weren't translated in the summary panel.

- Convoys with escort carriers could expand their area radius indefinitely in some cases.
- Fix for a square artifact that was appearing around the hatch on the conning tower under water.
- "Scrollable view modes" setting was disallowing to zoom camera in and out in the orbit view. It wasn't intended.
- Water could turn pink for some time, if many torpedoes exploded and multiple ships started to burn simultaneously.
- Sunk ships weren't listed in the assignment summary after ending a free roam.
Standalone installer updated (B126 (Hotfix 1) ⇒ B126 (Hotfix 2)): 24 February 2020.


Zombie Night Terror
Patch 1.5 (24 February 2020)

- New Languages : Chinese Simplified, Korean, Japanese
- New Unity version that should have better performance
- Some bug fixes that were found during porting the game on Mobile & Switch
- The game size has been drastically reduced, from 1,5 GB when released to 1 GB on version 1.4 to around 500 MB on this version!
Linux standalone installer updated: 1.4.4 ⇒ 1.5; Windows & Mac not updated yet.


Standalone installers updated 24 February 2020 with no changelog:
- Besiege: V1.0-11012 ⇒ v1.01-11100.
- The Blind Prophet: 1.14 ⇒ 1.15.
- Dead Cells, and both its DLC: 1.7.5 ⇒ 1.7.6.
- Heroes of Hammerwatch, and all its DLC: 102c ⇒ 103.
- Overland: 742 ⇒ 745.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Astrox Imperium: b 0.091 ⇒ b 0.092.
- Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [InDev]: 0.60c ⇒ 0.65b (changelog posted here).
- Commandos 2 - HD Remaster: 1.09 ⇒ 1.10.08.
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It seems Master of Magic has been updated to add both the Community Patch as an option and compatibility with the new DLC available, Caster of Magic:
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A Legionary's Life

Update 1.3.1 (24 February 2020)

There is a further indicator for Feints and Shield Attacks. It shows the overall chance of full success (that is, the combined probability to pass both the primary Skill check and the Resist check).
When the chance to hit is extremely low, attacks will succeed only partially. The target will be Grazed instead of being Hit, and the damage will be reduced to 30% of its value. Weapon Skill values above 35 will progressively reduce this possibility. The victim's lack of Stance will also make this occurrence more rare.
Bull's-eye shots are only possible when the chance to hit is at least 50%.
The mechanics of how javelins can break shields has been reworked.
First javelin throws (the text-based ones) have been revised. Direct kills are only possible if your chance to hit the enemies is good enough.
Stance damage for successful Charge attacks reduced from 80-100 to 60-70.
Stance damage for successful Knock attacks reduced from 64-80 to 48-56.
Stance damage for failed Shield attacks of any kind reduced from 30-60 to 20-35.
Stance damage for successful Shield Push attacks against the phalanx increased from 16-20 to 24-28.
Knock attacks are a little more likely to hit.
Min damage of all weapons increased by 3.
Max damage of all weapons decreased by 1.
Handiness of Gladius Hispaniensis - type V raised from 51 to 53.
Damage protection of quilted linen cuirass increased from 7 to 8.
Torso Cover of pectoral plate increased from 35 to 40.
Torso Cover of back-and-breast plate increased from 50 to 57.


When a character with low Virtue tries to speed up his career by removing the opposition and fails miserably, the Game Over is properly handled.

Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Patch 1.4.94 (25 February 2020)

Full changelog

Conglomerate 451

CONGLOMERATE 451 - Release Build 1.1.0 (24 February 2020)

ADDED an option to change the volume (and turn off) the Ego's Voice.


FIXED an issue that regenerates the enemy's SHIELD using some attack effects
FIXED an issue that generates missions without the target items
FIXED a crash during the first boss fight (tutorial)
FIXED an issue that prevents to show the correct plugin text descriptions
FIXED an issue that consumes more battery than correct amount if the player clicked too fast in the LOGIN interface
NOW there is a battery in the lab's hallway during the tutorial mission, in case you used all batteries during the combat


FIXED some small issue with the interface in the Research Lab
FIXED some small mistakes in the localization (German, French and Italian)


Now the Agent's names are displayed into the HUD during a mission

Jupiter Hell

Patch 0.8.9 (24 February 2020)

Full changelog
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If you should ever have any problems regarding the GOG downloader links, don't expect GOG to help you - even though it is about web pages giving you 404 error. A user complained about several GOG downloader link pages not working anymore and I contacted support. Here is the reply I got today:

"The GOG Downloader is not officially supported by us anymore, thus we don't fix any issues that occure with this software or provide any support. We suggest to rely on the offline installers instead."
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Armored Brigade

Update 1.056 (25 February 2020)

• Fix: The Mission Editor scenario list didn't scroll to the correct page after returning from an edit mode.
• [engine] All AI formations, pillboxes, and obstacles can be placed and locked in the Mission Editor. Now it's possible for the scenario designer to plan the AI side defensive positions.
• [engine] Mission objectives have an adjustable timer. An objective cannot be captured after it has timed out.
• [engine] The AI counter-attack system has been tweaked. The counter-attacks are more aggressive than before, and the base chance can be adjusted for every scenario in the Mission Editor.
• [scenarios] Add new scenarios: 'Battle of Inkeroinen' and 'Elastic Defence'.
• [ui] Improved planning tools: The player can draw colored lines on the map and attach text to the map markers.
altho teh dying light dlc is still borked on old galaxy, gogie really need to clean-sweep their website offline installers for 'em:

Dying Light: Harran Military Rifle
Dying Light: Harran Military Rifle - Patch (1.13.0 to 1.14.0) 1.14.0
Dying Light - 5th Anniversary Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Godfather Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light - Harran Inmate Bundle - Dying Light - Harran Inmate Bundle (Part 1 of 2) 1.25.0
Dying Light - Harran Inmate Bundle - Dying Light - Harran Inmate Bundle (Part 2 of 2) 1.25.0
Dying Light: Rais Elite Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Gun Psycho Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Gun Psycho Bundle - Patch (1.13.0 to 1.14.0) 1.14.0
Dying Light: Harran Ranger Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Harran Ranger Bundle - Patch (1.13.0 to 1.14.0) 1.14.0
Dying Light: Volatile Hunter Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Volatile Hunter Bundle - Patch (1.13.0 to 1.14.0) 1.14.0
Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle - Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle (Part 1 of 2) 1.25.0
Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle - Dying Light - SHU Warrior Bundle (Part 2 of 2) 1.25.0
Dying Light: White Death Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light: Vintage Gunslinger Bundle 1.25.0
Dying Light - Retrowave Bundle 1.25.0

wut a total mess
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WRATH: Aeon of Ruin was updated to EA_1.2_(36393) which brings the first content update from the roadmap. Here's the changelog taken from the not-so-drm-free-gamestore.
Greetings mortal. Are you ready to die?

No more waiting around, WRATH Content Update #1 is NOW LIVE!

• 1 new map for you to explore
• 1 new artifact for you to use
• 1 new foe for you to slay
• and much more...

Full changelog:


• 1 new level, The Gardens
• 1 new enemy, The Wretch
• 1 new artifact, Confounding Attar
• Updated enemy encounters in The Undercrofts and The Mire


• Added support for 4096x2160 resolution
• Added UI mouse sensitivity option
• Added framerate cap options


• Fixed player only being able to carry one coffer key at a time
• Fixed player being able to shoot while journal is open
• Fixed some user settings not saving when game is closed
• Fixed bad texture filtering name
• Fixed Drowner's Apparatus overlay camera clipping and z-fighting
• Fixed items dropped by enemies getting stuck in walls and surrounding geometry
• Fixed items sometimes not coming out of coffers at the correct angles
• Fixed invader attacking even though view to player is blocked
• Misc fixes


• Improved enemy AI
• Added a "load menu" bound to F3 by default
• Player momentum now slows gradually when crouching
• Decoupled Shrines and Soul Tethers. The prevents situations where the player will lose a Shrine save by returning to a Soul Tether placed before the time the Shrine was activiated.


• Further improved enemy AI
• Add date and time information to saved game menu
• Overhaul Coach Gun alt-fire
• Overhaul Fang Spitter alt-fire
• Overhaul Item pickup sounds
• Tweak the Executioner to be more manageable
• Add option for screen flash when picking up items
• Improve feedback of artifacts via screen elements and sound
• Performance improvements and optimizations
• UI scaling improvements
• Create Cyst pickup models that are distinct from Cyst projectiles for greater clarity
• Expand support for various display resolutions
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Astrox Imperium: b 0.092 ⇒ b 0.092a

No changelog.
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Ghildrean: It seems Master of Magic has been updated to add both the Community Patch as an option and compatibility with the new DLC available, Caster of Magic:
Master of Master Classic installers are not downloadable, GOG Ticket #563079.