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Hi, everyone. Welcome to GOG Mafia game #65

The game is over. Town and Neutrals have won!

This is a game of forum Mafia. Please don't post here unless you've been directed here from the sign up thread or PM, or were otherwise told by the mod that you should post here. Exception: anyone may make a single bump post if a player asks for it in the admin thread. You may also use an alt-user to make a bump post. The bump post should contain no game-relevant information.

Direct any queries you may have to the the the General Discussion and Administration Pages or to me via PM.


0. Lifthrasil is the moderator for this game. If you have any issues, contact me via PM.

1. Cryptoclaiming is forbidden.
(In short, cryptoclaiming is having everyone fullclaim in some sort of, preferably nearly unbreakable, code, which makes it all but impossible for the mafia to win.)

2. Betting among players is strictly forbidden.

3. Real Life issues and situations should and will always take priority over what happens in the game. If a player presents a real life issue as a reason on why they need a bit more time or are temporarily unavailable to partake normally in the game that reason should be accepted and respected by everyone else (including the mod). Everyone should always treat real life problems/situations in a gentlemanly manner and never try to make accusations or gain leverage in the game based on that. If these issues become too overwhelming the incapacitated player should inform their mod and ask for a replacement as soon as possible or if they are unable to do so the mod should take steps in finding a replacement for them. Everyone should be playing the game for fun and treat each other with the necessary respect. Therefore we shall always assume that every real life reason for inefficient participation in the game is 100% real and has to be taken as such. We shall also count on everyone playing the game to show proper respect and sportsmanship to their fellow players and the mod by never abusing this "free pass". If someone is caught taking advantage of everyone's good will they will be immediately allowed to find another place to play forum mafia.

4. This is a game of lying. Players are expected to lie. No statement or promise a player makes within the game has any force outside the game. As an example, a bet offered in a game is not something you can collect if you win (see also Rule 2). An exception to this is Real Life issues, as per Rule 3. Don’t lie about those!

5. Have fun and enjoy the game. While shouting at each other is expected in a game of Mafia, please remain civil to your fellow players.

6. Please bold any questions you have for me, so it's easier for me to see them.

7. Discussing this game outside this thread is prohibited. Both among players and with others.

8. Do not edit your posts for any reason. Remember there is a forum feature that automatically merges posts made within 10 minutes. There is also a forum bug which prevents your post from appearing sometimes when it should appear on a new page. Making a second post in this case after less than 11 minutes can cause your post to be merged and appear edited.

9. If you die, stop posting in this thread. A single "bah" post is allowed. Your "bah" post should not contain any game-relevant information.

10. You are expected to make a post at least once every 48 hours. If you need to be away for longer, please let me know in advance. Posting more often will be appreciated by your fellow players.

11. Please do not directly quote your role PM or any other communication with me. You may paraphrase the content, but do so in your own words. Simply changing "a" to "the" is not considered paraphrasing. When in doubt, ask me first.

12. You may discuss the (paraphrased) flavour of your role PMs, or any technical details that are related to gameplay, but you may not discuss technical minutae that are not gameplay related. For example asking someone if their PM mentions them allowing to target themselves is OK since it's gameplay related. However asking for the exact spelling of their role, or the timestamp at which PM was received is not.

13. If you do something intentionally in a way that goes against the spirit of the game, you will be penalized. When in doubt, ask me first.

14. Breaking rules, depending on the severity of the infraction, can get you modkilled at my discretion. Getting modkilled can be hazardous to your health and usually means you lose regardless of whether your team wins or loses. It's also bad in general. Please don't get modkilled. Please read and remember the rules to avoid mishaps.

15. Once a majority votes for a player, that player gets lynched. No amount of unvoting is going to help them.

16. If no majority vote is achieved before Day ends, then no lynch takes place.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------

Notes on the game:

The game is The Shining themed. It takes place some time after the events in the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film. No, you don’t need to have seen the movie. All you need to know is: the hotel is abandoned and reputedly haunted. That makes it a perfect spot for a spoooky weekend among teens on a dare.

The game is divided into two Phases. A ‘Day’ phase during which everyone votes on a lynch taget and a ‘Night’ phase, during which no posting in the game thread is allowed and during which Night Actions (like Nightkills or Power Role actions) take place.
Votes are a central game mechanic. A valid vote has to be bolded and stand in a separate line by itself. Like so:

Vote Bookwyrm

You can unvote by writing

Unvote Bookwyrm

But you don’t have to. A new valid vote will override a previous one. You can also vote no-lynch, if you think that not lynching that Day is a good idea.

Sample role PM, Town Vanilla:

You are [Sasha Thomas], a normal teenager (Town Vanilla). You've joined this expedition on a stupid dare - as you all have. But you sure as hell won't be the first to back down! No matter how scary things get.
Powers: none. Your only power is your vote. Use it wisely.
Win-condition: you win when all dangers to Town are eliminated.

Useful link:
Check the above for mafia information

List foolish teenagers (players):
1 trentonlf - killed N2 - was Laurie Strode, Town Vanilla
e gogtrial - lynched D2 - was Alexa Gradie, Neutral Haunter, inhabiting the body of Carter Horton
4 Pooka - lynched D3 - was Jack, Mafia Role-Cop, inhabiting the body of Ray Wilkins
5 SirPrimalform
6 zazak09 - replaced by Yogsloth
7 GameRager - lynched D4 - was Lloyd, Mafia Barkeeper
8 JoeSapphire - killed N1 - was Shorty Meeks, Town Vanilla
9 Carradice - lynched D1 - was Alexie Gradie, Neutral Haunter, inhabiting the body of Clear Rivers.
10 Cadaver747 - killed N3 - was Cindy Campbell, Town Light Sleeper
11 microfish
12 Genocide2099 replaced by A_future_pilot


Pre-game roles discussion:
Neutral chat:
Observer thread:
voting tally sheet:
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Return to The Stanley Hotel

This was a really stupid idea. But then, you all are teenagers. You are entitled to doing stupid things and it sounded fun at the time. Someone, you don’t even remember who, brough up the idea of celebrating a second Halloween in spring. Something about the European custom of Walpurgis Night. You also found the perfect spot for that. Not far away, there is an abandoned hotel in the mountains. It was in the press some time ago. Some murders occurred there and now it is supposed to be haunted. THE perfect spot for celebrating Walpurgis Night and only a decent hike away. So you all dared each other to spend the weekend there - and 13 of you agreed to do it. 13! If that isn’t perfect for a spooky weekend?

Yes, too perfect. Now you are here in the hotel. The moment you arrived, a freak snow-storm broke loose outside. A snow-storm! At the 30-th of April! But that’s only where things started to go sideways. What is far worse: the haunted hotel is actually haunted! Strange things are happening. Especially when the Lights go out, which they do from time to time. Then you all see … things. Things that scare you. Things that try to possess you. You all felt that. But you all resisted - or so you thought. When the lights go out the next time, you all run and hide. But when the lights come back, you find one of you gruesomely murdered. And somehow a painted portrait of him appeared on one of the walls. Along with a little plaque reading:

Bookwyrm is dead. He was Bobby Prince, Town N0 Fluff Victim.

You don’t really understand what that means. But you know one thing: someone among you is possessed. Or several among you? You have just one way to survive this: decide who is the most likely host to these scary ghosts that haunt the hotel and throw them out into the snow-storm. Better them than you! And when the lights go out, you all hide in separate rooms and lock the door. Perhaps that will keep the possessed killers away! You can only hope … and pray.


The game is now on! You may start posting!

@OP This is not a vote.
ZFR: @OP This is not a vote.
who da mafias?
lol broken setup
Lifthrasil: At the 30-th of April!
I think it's clear from Lift's flavour that 30th means we have 3 scum and 0 neutrals.
NK me on N1! I dare you, scum pussies.
Ghost of Jack Torrance reporting for duty. Whoops.
ZFR: lol broken setup
Show me on the doll where yogsloth hurt you?
Lifthrasil: At the 30-th of April!
ZFR: I think it's clear from Lift's flavour that 30th means we have 3 scum and 0 neutrals.
This makes me think you're SK.
ZFR: NK me on N1! I dare you, scum pussies.
This makes me think you're mafia.

either way:
vote ZFR

RVS? Pffft! :P
Joe and gogtrial in a game... together?

Doublevote Joegtrial.
I have a PR, scum mofos.

Did you hear that? I HAVE A PR!

You better NK me.
I feel like this working from home thing is going really well. My productivity is through the roof!
Why don't we just wait here for a while... see what happens.
hi, i'm jack sparrow. and i'm a nerd.

if my barber doesn't come back to town, i might be stuck as a sparrow for my life.
SirPrimalform: I feel like this working from home thing is going really well. My productivity is through the roof!
Wow, I'm also working from home and my productivity tanked. For this reason alone, I shall

Vote SirPrimalForm