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Seb369: Hellish Quart / Demo `20
Delisted from catalog. ((
Carradice: So nice to see so many demos. It seems there is being a revival of de demos.... Very helpful in an ever more competitive market.
Demonstration of a true story : )

Adding to the list. You were quicker Detective! : ) Thank You!

Seb369: Hellish Quart / Demo `20
JackknifeJohnson: Delisted from catalog. ((
Unadding from the list. Kind check. Thank You!
and I am grateful for a Carrion Demo : )
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The "The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante" personal approach to multiverse... free chapters!
high rated


Thanks Matterbandit(chat), Thanks Solar_Dome(post), and thanks JackknifeJohnson(post on the forum) for keeping your eyes and gears on it.

and We got one more demo!


...Becastled Demo is gone... should stay
...Cartel Tycoon Demo is gone...

There are 3 books of Eschalon and the first one is Free Eschalon, classified as Free Chapter.

There are 14 Ultima games, 3 of which are Free
classified as Free Chapters of Bigger World

and then again We got Free Comic Book
in form of the promotional app, classified as .... ? New Category! Promotional App : )

aand, how come? We got an unlisted Demo of


To celebrate 95 Demos on I have prepared 3 full lists for the first three Players
(remove 95 at end)

Thank You and Have Fun! ^
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Great initiative, thanks!!!
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You are welcome!

After doing math again I found we have here 99! Demos with today`s

---> The Tenants - Free Trial <--- Great!

and adding Shadow Warrior Classic Complete as a Demonstration Version of future Redux and Series, a Free Chapter

Same situation with POSTAL: Classic and Uncut a Free Chapter in Series

We are approaching 100 Demos!
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Nice that GOG is mentioning demos for upcoming games in the front page! The demo revival seems to become a stronger thrend.
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This is extraordinary! .
(...)Spring is finally peeking through our windows, and along with its arrival comes sunshine, the smell of flowers, and... awesome game deals! The Spring Sale on GOG.COM brings you hundreds of discounts, new additions to the catalog, and the latest demos of upcoming games. Hurry up and check it out before April 5th, 2021, at 1 PM UTC.(...)

and it is sold in United Currency! ;)
There were official attempts to promote Demos but this One is Massive!

To celebrate 100+ Demos, a good looking bouquet of new games was brought to the table by
(...)[i]There's one more special treat that we have prepared: the Soon to Bloom collection, featuring over 20 demo versions of upcoming titles. Give them a try and wishlist games like Backbone, Dorfromantik, Kathy Rain: Director`s Cut, System Shock, The Tenants - Free Trial, Timberborn, and many more!
The Spring Sale on GOG.COM runs until April 5th, 2021, at 1 PM UTC.[/i](...)

I would be quick for Demos too if I were me, and I am, added to collection already.

The following 11 titles are new to the list.
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome to the stage
8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure / Demo `21
Backbone / Prologue `21
Dorfromantik / Demo `21
Forgotten Fields / Demo `21
Kathy Rain: Director s Cut / Demo `21
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood / Demo `21
Shores Unknown / Arrival / Demo `21
Space for the Unbound, A. / Prologue `21
TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight / Demo `21
The Longest Road on Earth / Demo `21
Timberborn / Demo `21

Thank You! ^

As a single post can handle about one hundred links I need to split the list into two first posts, 0A to L and N to Z.
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Happy to see you're keeping this thread alive, Seb369! :)
Carradice: Nice that GOG is mentioning demos for upcoming games in the front page! The demo revival seems to become a stronger thrend.
I agree! It is nice to see demos get great attention during this current Spring Sale. :)
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time flies like free fruits : )

bye to The Tenants Demo,
New Demo Arrived!

Gamedec / Demo `21
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DEMOS! I love it! :)

Back in the days as the GOG-MIXes still existed.... *coughing-in-gog's-direction* ... I had created one where I collected links from all over the internet, where one could find and get demos for the games on gog.
It was called "There's even a demo" or anything like that, some of the older GOG-Users might remember it.
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Cheers Gamefood, In many cases demos contain something that the full version does not, like some location, npc, item, path, solution and it is still part of a game therefore only Demo+Game is a full experience. I like when Demo differs from a full version.
Your Jin brought you here and your effort must have an impact as there never were so many demos in the history of this game store as it is now. :)

Thank You Matterbandit and Solar_Dome for keeping an eye on it,
I must admit that often I`m few days behind the schedule.


one hundred and eleven titles here
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