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Startrail: Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I see where the developer is coming from as well. Guess they didn't want copies circulating beyond this temporary period.
It is more than a sentiment, and I see where the DEV is coming from for new acquisitions of the demo, but it is foolish to try and rewrite history, as many already have the demo downloaded, and the only ones who missed out are those who hadn't yet downloaded from their library, which would be a somewhat limited number.

It's like they are trying to pretend it never existed. Tell that to all the downloaders. Just silly really.

Your library should not be meddled with, except at dire need or at request from yourself. History has its place, and if the demo was good enough to provide in the first place it shouldn't be removed from those who already grabbed it to their library. I just cannot see the benefit of doing that, as most gamers know it is just a demo and not the full game, which could be quite different.

In a very real way, you had a rarity in your library which was just stolen from you.
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Not to be "that guy" but is there any way we could move this discussion to a different thread to keep this one clean for any new demos being released? I absolutely agree that it's an issue that needs to be addressed but it does make it a bit harder to keep track of things here.
Good idea, so let's continue the subject there:
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New Demo:

Holomento (Demo)
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Hedon Demo

P.S. If you had Timberborn Demo in your library, but didn't download it, don't forget to download it while you still can. The last update files still exist.
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Hedon Demo

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New Demo:

DV: Rings of Saturn (Demo)