Game demos worth checking during the Spring Sale

Remember the feeling of getting home with your gaming magazine, ripping open the plastic, and pulling out that sweet, sweet demo disc? While it may be challenging to find a demo disc in 2021, you can still get that good feeling of trying out a game before you buy in on GOG.COM!
With the Spring Sale on GOG.COM, you not only get a chance to snag some awesome deals in our many gaming collections, but we also have many games available that you can try out to see if they are your style. It’s also a great way to try out games that might not normally be something you’d be interested in!
We’ve collected 11 game demos from over 20 available in the Soon to Bloom collection for you to try out. You can learn more about each of them below!

11 great game demos to check out during the Spring Sale

Backbone Prologue – Put on your detective hat and start your journey in a noir roleplaying adventure. The game features 2.5D pixel art environments and classic point-and-click gameplay.
Shores Unknown: Arrival – Love turn-based RPGs or just simply want to see what the hype is about? Shores Unknown: Arrival lets you build a team of mercenaries in a decision-influenced, narrative-driven adventure. On top of that, if you love the game, you can transfer your save when the time comes!
Dorfromantik Demo – Do you like games that let you build villages? Do you want a bit of strategy thrown in? If so, this game is for you! You’ll get a stack of procedurally generated tiles to start, and from there, you can continue to expand, with some tiles even giving you quests!
Kathy Rain: Director's Cut Demo – This game is for pixel-art lovers that also love strong narrative-driven stories. With 4,000+ lines of fully-voiced dialogue, this point-and-click adventure follows a journalism major dealing with her troubled past and the mysterious death of her grandfather.
The Longest Road on Earth Demo – In this game, you’ll get an engaging visual novel set in a unique pixelated black-and-white environment. The Longest Road on Earth is all about experiences, whether exciting or mundane, and encourages players to stop and smell the roses.
A Space for the Unbound - Prologue – Explore rural Indonesia in the 90s in this side-scrolling pixelated adventure and exploration game. The game tackles such complex subjects as depression, anxiety, and relationships.
TASOMACHI: Behind the Twilight – Want to explore an abandoned town populated only by strange, cat-like creatures? TASOMACHI gives you the chance to do that while you repair your airship and clear dungeons.
Forgotten Fields Demo – This adventure narrative game is about the story of a writer struggling with writer’s block. But more than that, it’s a story about appreciating the present coming to terms with the passage of time.
Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood – Blending visual novel and puzzler, this game tasks players with reliving a seven-day period and making tough choices that will lead your hapless Munchkin troupe through dangerous woods will evading a hungry wolf.
Aground Demo – Looking for a mining and crafting RPG that takes you from the ground to the stars? Aground blends unique visuals with quests and building and crafting elements to deliver the total package!
Sunblaze Demo – If you love platformers, this is definitely worth checking out! You play as Jessie, aka Sunblaze, undergoing superhero training. Bright, pixelated visuals complement the theme very well, and the game seamlessly takes you from level to level, allowing you to game more and wait less.
There you have it! 11 awesome game demos that we’re featuring during the Spring Sale on GOG.COM! With over 20 demos available, there is almost certainly something here for everyone. Make sure to check out the Soon to Bloom collection, and remember, the Spring Sale runs until April 5th, 2021, at 1 PM UTC.
What do you think? Plan on downloading any of these demos? Let us know down in the comments!