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I won a free copy of Realms of Arkania 3 with the download test but already own it, so grab it here if you don't have it yet!
I would love to rob some riches and give to the poor... while it's on promo... ;p
I'd really love to get my hands on Post mortem from this w-e promo,

Thank you :).
Any of the Atlantis games would be apprecieated :-) Have a nice weekend and amazing black friday shoppings!
Moto Racer 1 or 2 (preferably the second) is all I want from the current Anuman promo.
If anyone is feeling generous i would like to play any of these games:
I have a deep desire to complete my play through the Syberia series.

Please gift me Syberia 2.
If anybody is willing to gift me Shadow Warrior, I'd be so grateful. You'd make me happy after working my crazy Black Friday shift from 12 am to 9 am!
If anyone's feeling generous, I keep hearing all this stuff about Hotline Miami, and I can't afford it, and it's killing me. I'd really like to play it.
Any of these :

Return to Mysterious Island ( where's the sequel GOG ? )
Still Life
Still Life 2
Post Mortem
Amerzone - The Explorer's Legacy
Atlantis: The Lost Tales
Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis
Atlantis 3: The New World

Thank you .
I would give thanks this weekend for , [url=]Moto Racer, or Megarace. ;-)
EDIT: Kindly gifted to me by Smogg :)

A sci-fi RTS with epic space battles? In a promo? Definitely my cup of tea!

If someone could gift me Haegemonia Gold Edition, I really would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance to any generous soul who wants to grant me this wish. :)
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keeveek: I'd like to receive Resonance from current promo, if you have this exact game left in your gift code, you may as well pick me, to gift it :-)

Check your PM!
Licurg: Moto Racer 1 or 2 (preferably the second) is all I want from the current Anuman promo.
check your pm
Smogg: check your pm
Did :) Thanks for Moto Racer 2.