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Spellforce Platinum looks like a really awesome game, I would love a chance to play it.
Post edited February 05, 2014 by pimpmonkey2382
Flatout 2 would be very cool, loved the first game and the second one seems to be praised even higher!
Oh, and I´m still interested in Long live the Queen, both games would definitivly worth a few playthroughs for me!

Thanks for reading,

Silver is currently 2.39, if somebody feeling generous. Thanks
Got everything, thanks community!
Post edited February 01, 2014 by DrOblivious
low rated
all, i want is postal 2 or postal 3
highwaytohalo: all, i want is postal 2 or postal 3

Here you go!
DrOblivious: I'd really love a copy of Thief 1 or 2, and while the sale is still on , Painkiller or Desperadoes: Dead or Alive would be great
Check your PM :)
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If anybody out there could gift me the gog versions of the following games,I would be grateful...
1. Spacechem
2. The Incredible Machine Mega Pack

Thanking You in advance,
Would love a copy of Silver if anyone is feeling generous, please consider other requests ahead of mine.
Thanks amigos
If anyone feels generous, I will accept with joy The 7th Guest+11th Hour from the current promo.
I had those games on my Steam wishlist, but I read that Steam versions are bugged.

I can't buy those because my CC is sadly empty, thanks anyway!
I too would love the 7th guest/11th hour deal thanks all. :)
Man, back when I had a computer shitty enough to run the seventh guest, I had a lot of fun with that game.

I've been thinking about buying it and/or the 11th hour for a while now, but since they're dirt cheap right now, maybe someone else can! (please)

And if you don't feel especially compelled to reward a complete stranger for putting in barely any effort to convince you to purchase blatantly unnecessary luxury items for them, how about a spooky song for some spooky games? (again, please):
Would like the 7/11 Guest series sale.

Also, I'm giving away a Velocity Ultra Steam coupon before it expires.
Since there's only 1.5 hours left, a copy of Aquanox 1 or Spellforce Platinum would be greatly appreciated.
I've been waiting for Deadlock II: Shrine Wars to become available on I'm strapped. A copy would be very much appreciated.