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If anyone is feeling generous, I would like to play any of these games from current promo:
Gangsters: Organized Crime
Thank you.
I'd love you forever if you would gift me some Hitman: Codename 47.

if anyone has 3 bucks to spare for a soul reaver 2 that would be asskickin awesome
The Witcher and The Witcher 2 are the only games I am wanting to play right now since I never actually got a chance to.

Thank You
I'd very much appreciate anything from the Square Enix promo, as almost all of them are on my wishlist.

Specifically, my 2 most wanted are either the original Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver or Tomb Raider 1+2+3 if anybody would, please.

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The Witcher EE would be awesome to get while it's on sale :D hope someone gift's it to me :(
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Decivre: I've been trying to get a copy of Vampire: The Masquerade: Redemption: Too Many Colons. That, or maybe the second Neverwinter Nights game. Or Retro City Rampage. But I really just want Vampire. I miss that game.

Thanks go out to rawmilk905.
Me tooo, Bro, me too - I have still a hardcopy, but this doesn't even install on my all new superduper-compo
Hello, does anyone perhaps have a spare key for D&D Dragonshard? My hardcopy doesn't even install :'(
In the current promo, I am gazing longingly at Pandemonium & Conflict: Desert Storm.

Thank you for thinking about it....
I'd love one of the Thief games... never tried them.
Happy Birthday, dear me! 29 already...

If you can spare a gift to me, any of the following will make me happy:

- Terminal Velocity
- Dark Eye: The Chains of Satinav
- Strike Suit Zero
- Capsized
- Daikatana

Thanks and may the Supreme God of Heavy Metal bless you all!
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If you guys have an extra key/gift for The Witcher EE,,,it would be awesome to have it :D
If anyone has a spare key for Urban Chaos from the current promo and has no use for it, I'll help to use it :-)
If any one is feeling extra generous, I'm quite interested in Anachronox in the current sale. Thanks :)