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Hi guys, I'm re-posting. I would really like HOMM3 if anyone is feeling generous :) I adore this game, it was my first original, and the CD blew up in my CD ROM some years ago. Fantastic game, and I recommend it to any true TBS fan (it's the best game in HOMM series)!

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Fragger: This is a pretty awesome thread. =P
Here's my list of games that I would really love to have on GOG!:

Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition...
Check your PM.
From the current promo:
prince of persia the sands of time
rayman 2!!! <33
the settlers 2
might and magic 7
something :)
I'm craving some combat helicopter simulation action. My wishlist: and [url=]Apache Longbow. If you're feeling generous, PM me. Thanks in advance.
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Divinity 2
if anyone feeling generous I would like: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Gabriel Knight 2:The Beast Within Phantasmagoria Carmaggedon Silver Resonance Spycraft:The Great Game Nexus:The Jupiter Incident Contact me by PM
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Quick re-post with promo games:

-Far Cry
-Heroes of Might and Magic 2
-Driver : Parallel Lines
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Rayman saga for me (re-post ) :P
I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could gift me the HoMMV bundle that is currently on sale. I had limited funds for this week and went with supporting Larian Studios and i gifted my copies of Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity as they were extras. If you do gift me the game please send me a message with something you would like in the future and next pay day I will repay the favor.

Thank you.
All that I want from the current promo is the HOMMV bundle

If anyone's feeling in a generous mood, I would really appreciate it

Thank you!
grynn: Oh thanks a lot Cowboy Bebop, you're my favourite anime along with Samurai Champloo :D
You're welcome. Those 2 are some of my favorite anime along with Trigun and Evangelion (mostly because latter 2 introduced me to anime).

Did anyone get the Total Recall joke? My favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is Total Recall but my favorite quote of his is Get to da Choppa!! Recently, he wrote an autobiography titled Total Recall where he talked about (among other things) his affair years ago with his maid that resulted in a son and having an affair with another actress while dating Maria. I felt sorry for her when it came out in the news after so many years and then he wrote about it. I spread the love by gifting a game but one could say that Arnold "spread the love" too.

Eh, maybe the joke wasn't that good. Anyway I hope you enjoy the game :)
A little re-post from the current deal:

- Ghost Recon
- Rainbow Six

Thanks for reading ;-)

Well, it's happened again. Another great promo and no money to buy any of them. Which pains me because I have very fond memories of all the following games.

I would really like:

Might and Magic 6-Pack
Heroes of Might and Magic 2
Heroes of Might and magic 3

If anyone could gift me any of these, my heart will sing with joy and my nostalgia muscle will love it too. :)
I really want to get XIII
and Driver: Parallel Lines from actual promo.
Fragger: This is a pretty awesome thread. =P Here's my list of games that I would really love to have on GOG!:
Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition...
K_1269: Check your PM.
Woohoo! I've been wanting this and those others on here for a while. Just haven't had the spare cash. =P I'll have to edit my post to pull that one out of the list.

Thanks a lot for the game!!
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