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Thank you greeklover for Painter's Guild, and my anonymous donor friend says thank you for Murdered: Soul Suspect liamphoenix :)
Thank you, heartburnron, for Dawn of War 3! My friend will appreciate it, too. :)
Thank you very much, innerring and zeogold, for The Whispered World game.
Many thanks to swr2048, kbnrylaec, skimmie and zeogold !
Thanks zeogold and swr2048 for Dead Rising 2. :)
Thank you, muntdefems, for A Druid's Deal.

Always nice when you see something that's on your wishlist here :)
Thank you anonymous donor for the donation of Hearts of Iron III Collection !

Thank you liamphoenix for your donation of Apotheon !

Much appreciated :)

Big thank you to zeogold for keeping up with this giveaway for so long - lot of work goes into this !
Many thanks to zeogold and an anonymous donor for Beholder!
Thanks to zeogold and Aramandur!
Thanks to SeeJayGamer and zeogold for 12 is better than 6!
zeogold, I have one proposition. Could you edit your current huge post with games you have? It would be much easier to know what games for this moment are available than checking every user's post.
thank you zeogold and anonymous donor :)
I see the shiny new list, but I'm instead curious about a title on the old list.

10,000,000 looks like a combination Match 3/RPG and I'm curious how that even works...

So may I humbly request that one please
Big, big thanks to the1robert and triock for Sleeping Dogs and Merchants of Kaidan! And as always, all hail zeo!
low rated
Mind if I give a warm cozy home to either Offworld Trading Company or Tropico 5 (in order of preference)?